Classic dying...yup

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lol no.

No PC from 2007 would run BfA smoothly. Unless you mean staring at the ground in Elwynn Forest with no one around.


I mean I have an I9-9900 with a 2080ti and I still had rendering issues when the Ony head was about to be dropped in Orgrimmar last Tuesday. There was a boatload of people gathered around the head spawn.


Mine does.

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No it doesn’t, sorry.

What is your GPU and CPU?


Intel eh? There’s your problem right there.

( That and the toilet-tier servers. EC2-Potato-Nano’s / 512k )


Both versions are fine and will be fine.


You’d almost certainly experience server based lag because regardless of how expensive your comp-u-tarz is if a zone gets overpopulated it’ll stress out the server and probably crash it. Especially if the reason why the area was so overpopulated was because the sole reason they were there was to crash it via stuff like spamming AoE abilities.


Pssh, my comp-u-tarz price was the most expensivest.


After 15 years…

After all the private servers…

After the queues to log in this weekend…

people still make threads about how WoW is Dying.

…I suppose they will be right eventually.

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People have been making threads about wow dying before the game even came out of alpha. Its not even worth paying attention to anymore.


I spent like…raises hands THIS MANY on mine so I doubt it’s more expensivest than mine.


Admitting you don’t know how to save a dime. Awesome. Don’t make excuses. You can afford it if you want it.

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Good luck with sarcasm on the internet my friend; it almost never works.


do you guys keep making these posts to keep each other encouraged that there really isn’t much to look forward to for some time?


well classic is for… special people

people that dont mind doing molten core 45 times in a row.

do you. do you.


I think most people are very happy that Classic is here. However the server imbalances on many pvp realms is wearing very, very thin. And as they worsen, even the most resilient players on the “subservient” (yes that is how it is) faction will lose the will to never achieve anything in a few hours play …they will disperse to the 4 winds

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Right now 4K, just because it’s possible and I have the gear to do it. 60FPS solid @4K and it never dips. The system I have in the living room…

I have a different machine in the game room that’s running on a CRT (yes I know they’re old; don’t knock it they look amazing) 1920x1440 21" 4:3 ratio at 200fps

The CRT itself runs at 120Hz, it’s the best one I have from the early 2000’s and looks far better in high speed application than 144Hz gaming LCD’s; more fluid too. (don’t knock it till you try it).

This is the system I typically play WoW on because it just looks so damn good; 4K on the TV in the living room is nice, but IMO the TV is too big, and even tho the refresh rate is ostensibly as they say it it; does not compare to CRT’s at the same refresh rate.


Yeah, its not dying, not anymore than Retail is. We basically have a lot of REtail players and disgruntled people over the PvP state who desperately want it to die out of angst tho.

I haven’t played an MMO that “felt” this alive in a very, very long time. I dont have any figures, but dear god is there stuff happening everywhere you look :smiley:


Well now wait a minute. Im on a 9900KS, the all core 5.0GHZ one, with a 2080 Super, 32GB of 3600 and at 1440p during primetime on Pagle when theres a million people in IF I cannot maintain my full 144 FPS. It drops to around 105-110 FPS. Now thats not “laggy” but thats also not MAXIMUM performance, and thats on hardware that I literally just finished building 2 weeks ago…

WoW’s engine has always been CPU limited. My GPU isn’t ever lifting any heavy baggage when playing WoW.

Server lag on the other hand doesn’t care about your hardware. If Blizzards hamsters get loose, everyones getting disconnected.


To be fair there are pretty dead sides on Some realms. But like myself a lot of them just rerolled before hitting 60 when it was obvious. Back up to 40 30 and 19 again. :hugs:

I just hope for paid trafers so i can use my 50 mage anf her 500plus gold one day. Guess i could just finish leveling and grind pvp reps and honor soon :thinking: kinda boring solo to be honest.