Classic dying...yup

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Actually, I wasn’t referring to any specific comment. Just making a general observation that in fact, tone is not always obvious in written discussion.


Tone isn’t, no. But his words were, assuming someone actually read past the title.

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Oh I agree. Retail is dead and has been since last year. Every once in a while, for shiggles, I fly all over. I rarely if ever see anyone else and if and when I do they aren’t even on my server. CRZ wouldn’t be necessary if retail server pops were healthy. They aren’t and most retail servers are simply ghost towns, except in the expansion areas.

My Classic servers, on the other hand, are full to bursting, 24/7 and I always see people everywhere. Happily they are all on my server and not imported window dressing.

Server communities are starting to form and it feels great to play WoW again.

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Again, I wasn’t referring to any particular post.


Okay, going off your 1st post here… in this case, it was very obvious he was being sarcastic in the OP


I mean

Sometimes my Canadian sarcasm can be to advanced for some. Its a talent we are all taught in school as part of the classes.

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Again, just noting as a general rule that in written comments, tone is not always obvious. Again and for the third time, I was not referring to any specific comment.

I agree that Classic servers are thriving, not dying.


1080p or 1440p?

Curious what your setup is.


Okay, cool.


Ok this is fine and well, but my retail server has been around since Nov. 2004 and yours since last Tuesday :wink: (joking) Im not going to type anything even more obvious, you get the idea. Ofc Classic is lively, we’d be forked if it wasnt.

Be careful what you wish for or better yet state with such certainty. We don’t want either game to die, and Classic has not stood the test of time. Lets talk in a year.


Your retail server has also been dead for months.


Really cute. I play both games, in retail on a full server, and its full. Same as in Classic I play a low pop server, and its low pop. Its not rocket science.


Thats not your server. Thats cross server and sharding.

Last time i was on thrall it was dead.

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I would like to see the retail game rolled back to MoP; new dev team and no more Diablo3-Wow hybrid online casino garbage.

But for now, at least we have Classic.


Exactly, something Classic will never have. Classic is stagnate and cannot adapt. So it’s in danger for so many reasons.
We need to find positive solutions to the many complaints the player base has, before they just up and quit.


Classic will be fine. It will last longer than current bfa.

We has vanilla pservers for the last 15 years with the same hundreds of thousands of players.


The true vanilla experience.

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You are correct. Vanilla has been happily played by many on pservers for years.

In fact, its popularity is what got Blizzard’s attention (as well as being motivated to protect its IP).


Yes, but 1) private servers are free and 2) they over tune the mobs so they are more challenging. Private server Classic is harder and slower. Fact. Ask anyone thats played them.
This is another thing that needs to be addressed, this Classic is “boringly easy”.



“It’s SooOOoooOOOoooOOOoo good! Mai single cure purformance is gud for gaimeingg!”