Classic dying...yup

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Oh please…


A 1.12 experience needs a 1.12 PC.

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If they had of gave me an actual 1.12 CLIENT I would use a 1.12 PC with out any complaint.


I thought you were responding to a different post. That was my bad…


I plugged the dial up modem back in and played classic #nochanges


Its ok. Everyone makes mistakes.


so a massive amount of subs means the game is dying?

troll post.


Why do people insist on making HOOK threads like this? You need attention or something?

Get some hugs from mom and stop posting dumb threads like this one!


Pfff, wows been dead and dying for 15years now, where you been?


… he even makes comments like “due to the massive amount of players”


try visiting stormwind at any point other than reset day when everyone is waiting for ony head to drop.


You need to learn to read and understand sarcasm. Clearly if my fps tanks in a city due to the amount of people in the area classic isnt dying.

Read and comprehend before you reply.


Seriously OP upgrade from the potato. 150 to 6, Jesus. If you lag at all in this game, something is wrong. It’s 15 years old lol.

But yes pops do seem fine on most servers.


Wow you are sooooo amazing. I am super impressed by you! I wish i was like you. I feel so inadequate next to you. You cast a YUGE shadow over everyone around you!

Please be my freind.

Edit: Oops forgot to turn off my Automatic Ego Feeder for Weebs. (Patent pending) Sorry bout that.


It was a sarcastic post. My fps wasnt the issue. Its ti point out classic is doing fine.

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Tone is not always obvious.


Actually it is…if you arent 4 years old and can read.

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Some people are better at expressing irony and sarcasm in words than others.


It’s obvious his post wasn’t serious about Classic dying.


It was a sarcastic post going after all the morons who are saying classic is dead. Its not.

I can go onto my server any day at any time and every major city is packed.

Even darnassus has tons of players in it.