Classic dying...yup


Yeah…it’s so dead. That’s why my frames go from 150 to 6 when I enter a major citydue to the massive amount of players.

Even out in the world I see a few dozen people in every direction.

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I strongly recommend a PC from 2009 or newer, this would help a lot.


I mean …I just looked at stormwind had around 900 different players in the city. so.

and walking through the trade district id say nearly all of them were in that part.

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Yeah I don’t have that problem because my PC is new enough that even if there were 3000 players in the trade district I would not have any sort of lag.

All my setting are maxed and there are a just unreal number of players in town… However no lag.


<–been using the same pc since BC came out.

and no dont’ tell me to get a new pc. i would if i could afford it LOL.

Though my pc is on max settings and still runs BFA smoothly.


They killed the game on purpose. Just unsub. My server completely dead

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WOW, now that’s a die hard machine you got; explains the lag too.

Modern system are no kidding 1000X more powerful in terms of what you can expect from the game performance.

Maybe not literally 1000X more powerful but the increase in performance is no joke orders of magnitude.


You clearly didn’t get the sarcasm in the post.

It might of gone over your head.

Classic isn’t dead. My server is literally packed 24/7 every day off the week.


Thats because it doesn’t look like sarcasm…


It does…pretty easily. If you actually READ it. Although some people are slow.


Nope, doesn’t look like sarcasm. You have to realize you are typing words on a screen. How you are reading it in your head is different than the way the rest of the world reads it. You need to be aware of that. We can’t hear the speed and tone of voice at which you intend it to be heard. Has nothing to do with people being “slow”.


Sir this is Arby’s. Do you want to order or not?


This is incorrect information.

I have a Vega 64 with a Ryzen 2700x and get 37-50FPS in Org on Fearlina during the day with maximum possible settings and render scale 200%.

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something is bust on your PC dude, this game runs on a Ti 85…


You need to learn to read than. The “tone” is reflected in the words and how they are written. It’s literature 101. You learn it pretty early.


Context clues, my dude.


Yup it be dying alright everyone gone back to pservers, game not worth $16.50 AUD a month.
They had 1 job to do when classic was made and they couldn’t even do that right. They same they don’t have the vinialla version and they had to remake the game, ftw a company that don’t keep old data files on first game they created is a fail company and should close them selfs down fail on blizzards part big time.


Nah, everything runs just fine. WoW just isn’t optimized.

I built this for VR and it plays even the most graphically intense VR games which are rendered twice just fine.

WoW pushed to actual max settings is a huge load on a computer. You just don’t have the graphics at actual highest settings.

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I am talking about Classic WoW, please do not mistake me as talking about modern wow, Modern runs differently in crowded areas.

Classic on the other hand runs immaculate.


So using my PC from 2006 is not recommended for the true Classic experience™?