Classic Content Unlocking in December



~Classic Players


This is what I expected would happen. I knew that honor without BGs was a terrible idea.


Well there also wasn’t complete guides telling you how and what to do every step of the way. Vanilla didn’t have a bunch of players that already knew what to do and how to do it at launch either. So yeah content is gonna get expedited because people are blowing threw it faster than Vanilla because of all the resources readily available to players.

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I am on a PVE server with a large PVP community. We could care less about WPVP but can’t wait for battlegrounds. As with Korrack’s Revenge, will we be able to queue with a full 40 man raid group in AV, or will we be limited to playing with only 5 of our friends at a time? The latter makes it really boring.


The ratio issues are what should have been fixed. Not simply pushing BGs out.


Keyring please.


Well if BGs are coming already, I hope you guys don’t wait too long to go ahead and release AB.


Everybody saying Naxx will be out super early…

5 months between launch/MC and BWL.

That will be somewhere around march for ZG probably.

Somewhere around june for AQ…

Probably around next august for Naxx… While its a super advanced timeline compared to Vanilla. Lets face it, we are powering through this content MUCH faster because we -know- what to expect.

next blizzcon lets hope for a TBC announcement (classic+ maybe? but it seems like they wouldnt invest time in their “history” project and just give advance us to TBC…)

Stop trippin. BG’s coming out early is going to be a very large boon for the community as a whole and open the world back up instead of keeping things down.

I personally predicted around christmas. 2 weeks before that is kind of a shock. But based on the time-line of them having released Diremaul isnt much of a shock.

6 weeks for DM.

~12 weeks for world bosses.

~20-24 weeks probably for BWL to drop…

When you look at it that way instead of “ONOEZ THE PHASE ONLY LASTED 2 MONTHS!” its much better…


You guys are so out of touch. The servers are so populated and unbalanaced people cant level. Drop WSG asap, then AV Dec 10th. Then hold BWL till at least mid Feb. This will lead to a loss of subs either way. People wont stop for 3 weeks they’ll just stop playing and paying as their sub tolls at the end of Nov.

Or has the goal all along been to have all classic content out in a year to try to push is into Shadowlands? If that is the goal you really are out of touch.

Also where are bug fixes for classes with broken mechanics?


Finally I will be able to level up in peace again while everyone is on their capital city waiting those silly BGs they all cared for


Can we please get more than 2 weeks notice for BWL coming out? I’m getting really sick of these surprise no warnings content drops.



When BG’s came out originally, it killed wpvp. This phase made the world dangerous and exciting. Before this phase, I could just watch netflix while leveling and hardly pay attention to the game, this phase forced me to adapt my playstyle to take into account the dangers out there just like in the old school MMOs. BG’s are gonna ruin this experience.

Maybe Blizzard should release a hardcore version of the pvp servers without BGs ever being part of the plan.


Go ahead take a look in the forums and tell me the ratio of horde to alliance complaining about world PvP on PvP servers.


Too bad we can’t flag Blue posts for trolling!

I cannot believe that the QQ’ing and whining won, again. Some of us rerolled Alliance to join servers where there is big disparity, just to be able to join in on this!

Why take the greatest possible WPVP ever, and just zip through? Well, at least they didn’t just release BGs today.

This really shows that if people threaten to unsub and/or make a call to action for those who want to demand something from Blizzard to unsub, they can get whatever they want.




Can’t even give us 2 months of open world pvp?


2 months was totally what I was expecting!


I’d take AB over AV tbh.


when :clap: are :clap: the keyrings :clap:


World PvP will still be very active. I’m more “mad” that Blizzard is caving to the minority yet again.

You’ll still get stomped, it will just be in BG’s now.


About the same ratio at which they are outnumbered?

Hey, you disrupted Alliance gameplay just like you wanted… you “won.”