Classic Content Unlocking in December


Says the horde who plays on a horde dominant server, sitting in the back of ganksquads not doing anything because they are terrible at PvP and the game in general…reroll on a minority faction, you’ll change your tune in 15 minutes.


Who was complaining about pacing? Stating an opinion that I wish it was sooner isn’t complaining.


I’m saying I perceiving your post as such. Your post came across as sarcasm.

That’s all.


Ok so you post the difference between honor system introduction and the release of the first set of battlegrounds. The change in talking about is came after Wrath. After Wrath, expansions were released in a fraction of the time, new gear was introduced way to fast and everything was so much easier to get than it used to be. This is happening again. In classic, people are getting best in slot in a matter of weeks. This took months for us to gather our prebis before raids and we ran TONS of runs. I ran 85 Scholo runs before my Shadowcraft Helm even dropped for the first time. Now, everyone has truestrike shoulders and both dal’rend blades in 30 runs. Starting with 1.12 loot table watered down the difficulty of the content and it’s showing. Will be in AQ by April of next year. Mark my words.


Fair enough.


So, at this rate, Naxx before Shadowland’s release.
Intro Pony Tail “You’ve guys have beaten classic, come back and play our level squish”. WE THINK YOU DO…


…The topic is about battlegrounds and the honor system.

But if you’re here to rant about something else, go for it; I can’t stop you.


Wimps. should have let people camp the streamers for another 16 weeks!


well you can make a theorycraft argument that R14 was easier with just wpvp because it was basically last man standing the grind but you are right


Even if BWL comes out in late February, we’ll have had MC for approximately 5 months at that point. I don’t understand why people think that’s accelerated content.


I mean, lets get to where we want to be anyways, that is TBC.


and then you wil have a 10k Q on every single server .
og vanilla full server ca was around 3k , now a low pop server is around 4k , just imagine what would happen


To Those whining about leveling… You have controlled zones early, and dungeons to carry you to 60.

BGs will take the World out of World of Warcraft.

Let me guess this is a reaction how Asmongold and his minions were whining about world pvp on Faerlina … are they getting catered to … wtf?


Good grief, I really don’t get you guys. What a horrid decision/reaction.

Your company specifically expressed regret that BGs diminished WPVP way back in 2005, yet here you are, once again pushing the game down that same road WAY too quickly.

(Aryxymaraki) #116

This is really a massively unnecessary rush.

Not only rushing out BGs much faster than planned, but also the elemental invasions?

I’m very disappointed in the team that made this decision. (Which I do not necessarily believe is that actual Classic development team. They seem like they know better than this.)

This is an important point to note as well.

Blizzard is punishing casual players with this accelerated release schedule. One of the core, main draws of Classic is that we can take our time and not worry about rushing through it or ‘keeping up’ like Retail forces is to. Instead of allowing us to enjoy Classic at our own pace, Blizzard is catering to the same hardcore elements that they cater Retail to.


“The players”*
*Those who rolled on PVP realms and then cried about PVP


Hey Blizz- make BGs same server only, after the disaster so far it’s only right that Horde face a consequence for stacking servers.


This. Is. Awesome!


Posted on a 41 shaman. Impressed, sir.



Horde players are butthurt because they will lose automatic numerical advantage.

Here is a scenario to consider.

Fly from IF->Menethil. Upon landing, get camped missing the boat four times. Finally able to get my corpse on the boat.

Boat arrives in Theramore. Automatic rez due to zone. Get killed by horde riding around on the boat.

Take rez sick and jump on a flight path.

Land in Thalanaar only to get camped. Eventually corpse hopping up to the Dire Maul gy.

Have been on a two minute rez timer for the last hour.

Get camped into oblivion attempting to get into the instance.

I was in control of a dead character for two hours before finally deciding that the game wasnt worth playing.

I was originally excited about the honor system drop, but found out what exactly that would mean.

Seeing all these horde tears about the subject are incredibly satisfying.