Classic Content Unlocking in December




Blizz needs to give us the pre nerf version. Some of my best AV memories were going to bed… waking up and joining the same AV with some of the same people. Summoning the Lords and pushing the bosses.

The nerfed version was so garbage, how fun is it to leave your cave… ride your mount to cap GY’s, ride to the boss and win. There was no pvp. It was strictly a race to get the enemies boss down before they killed your boss.

I’m playing Classic for the OG experience that I’ve missed so much. Don’t rob from me what I came back for bc of the QQ babies that want their blue items fast.


Hey look, a special snowflake.


Glad I didn’t fund an arcanite reaper. At this point you may as well wait and grab an ice spear for free.

-Drain on Steam/Youtube


Just putting in my 2 cents.

BG’s opening next week. All for it and MC/ Ony farm plus BG rep grind will keep people busy through January at least.

Save BWL until at least February please