Classic Content Unlocking in December


Could we get an official answer there Blizz?


What about keyrings?


I consider it a badge of honor to walk around toting my Keys.

primarily because in SM i was the healer and the tank disco’d mid fight and i had to swap to cloth bear, and heal myself, and somehow did not die, dont ask how.

bear tank in linen is like sending winnie the pooh to fight for you.



I am FOR this and I am on a Horde heavy server… Killing alliance in a death ball isnt fun either… the people that enjoy it have serious mental issues.


you know you dont HAVE to Q for BG right?


Can we slow down a bit? Had to beg and wait for years for this content to come back out and now we’re rushing through it so fast it’s going to be gone, yet again. I agree with releasing the BGs cause world PvP has all but shut down ability to level alts or farm for mats. But, let’s not release phase 3 until mid 2020. Give BGs a chance. People are going to be grinding their asses off trying to get reputation for the PvP gear(s) and ranks. Stop rushing things please. We’re releasing content way too fast. Let’s slow down and enjoy the ride.


Blizzard has such a hard on for releasing content early. What’s the point of phases anymore. Just release everything and do away with the phases if you’re not even going to abide by them. Stupid af


You’re supposed to do this:

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Can we get to whats really important, when is BC getting released?

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Hello Kaivax,

Blizzard really rushed the content into making it not like original WoW was at all. Why not just launch TBC June 2020? and then WOTLK in November 2020? So many people didn’t even get to enjoy it. 1-2 months earlier than original would have been fine.

I feel like the majority of players that never experienced what it was like bitd never will now. So many people on my server still do not have there epic mount yet.

Yea, the 20% of ‘Try-Hards’ may and even for their alt but the other 80% of regular players don’t.

Why the big rush?

Just my 2¢


It never took more than being above average in skill, an insane amount of free time and the honor mafia on your faction feeding you honor.

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Too soon. Winter 2020, maybe…I’d like to see a release table that mirrors real-life. Please don’t rush TBC and other content releases. Let us enjoy what we have…


Keyrings. Where are the keyrings?


They’ve demonstrated beyond any shadow of a doubt that they simply… do… not… give… a flying… f.

They’re letting these concentration camp servers die on purpose. It’s over go home. Unsub and tell them why.


Honestly, this is the worst part IMO. I can deal with the garbage fest on my server. I can live with taking a 4 week break until BGs. What’s so disappointing to see is one sweaty portion of the community being so exclusionary and reactive and having Bliz basically endorse it by not speaking out about it.

Anyone is entitled to say anything they want, but this is a private service and Bliz absolutely could enforce the type of language an attitude they want to cultivate. And unfortunately by taking no action they are showing they don’t mind if the community cultivates a culture of hate and disrespect for fellow humans.


can you seriously stop releasing all this content so quickly?
People planned based on what you said was going to happen. Additionally, you are also burning through it too fast.


As long as the honor grind stays the same, your comment will be the dumbest most inaccurate clueless statement made. However, if they’ve changed the honor grind, you will be 100% accurate and on spot on with this prediction.


thats is so wowwwwwwwwwwwwww


At this point, I agree. Can we not race through it though? I’d like to enjoy it for more than a couple weeks.


Shouldn’t affect you if you choose to stay on Classic. I and many other would leap to BC as soon as we are allowed.