Classic Content Unlocking in December


[citation needed]


Thank goodness. Perhaps this will deter some of the silliness of killing NPCs like griffon masters just to be irritating.

I don’t care how hard you strain your little brain to rationalize it, killing NPCs is not PVP. It is and always will be PVE. If it ain’t a player, it is PVE - duh.

Rewarding PVP Honor points for killing NPC’s is beyond dumb, too.


Looking forward to BWL in January or February. By then many guilds will have cleared MC several times anyways so I’m glad they’re not spacing things out too much. If they keep up the current pace it’s looking like Phase 4 will be out around May-June with Phase 5 probably releasing around late August and lastly Phase 6 around December. I’m just hoping they either release some Classic Plus content like the Emerald Dream zone of legends or they push TBC servers out sometime after.


Are you just going to bubble hearth?


This is just caving in to the vocal minority of whiners who must have been unaware they were leveling on a PvP server until last week.


Impressive, far from that. Impressive PvP is when two opposing sides battle fairly and they go back and forth. Who’s going to win? The suspense from those matches may be considered impressive, worthy, even honorable PvP. Kaivax, there is nothing impressive in this failure. It’s obvious you don’t want to choose sides by the language you choose to use. You say “…impressive…,” then you say “Nonetheless…” You counter yourself and make your post moot. Even using “battle” language to hype this community… is that really necessary. The majority of community members understand and agree that imbalanced, unfair PvP is tearing the community apart. Yet, it takes you over a week to speak to the community. Then you release an “announcement” with fake enthusiasm. Honestly, you have no sincerity. This game is dying. Economies are troubled, pvp is absurd, servers are imbalanced, etc. People cannot enjoy a game that was supposed to be a renewal in the “casual” theme-park mmo, full of glorious wonders and amusements. What is honestly ridiculous is that this supposed “fix” is coming four weeks after these issues are known. Even more disturbing is ignoring the blatant abusive language that have been coming from people in this community. People trolling and harassing others: telling them to quit, that they should have rolled PvE, etc. As well as, the abusive language “go to retail.” We can go on, but that isn’t going to fix anything. So, what are you actually going to do to fix this community. Are you going to sit ideal? Are you going to do what a community manager does? Battlegrounds isn’t a fix, it’s a bandage. So, let’s figure out how to fix the real issue and help us build a better community Kaivax. Because with your help we can.


Stop with the charade and just release all content now.


Cant we are getting more then 10 days notice for a Classic content release. Also, I told you so Blizzard.


You know guys… blizz said they planned on releasing content in a similar order to vanilla, dont recall them ever saying anything about the timeline.


See you all in Naxx in March and at the server closings in July.


We quite wow in July then


PLEASE do something about the faction balances on servers like Skeram (US). It is near unplayable, corpse running over 19 times to get from morgans vigil to BRD.


Very pog m8


this is not about being greedy it’s abount to push pvpers to another place so people can farm.


Not sure it lasts till the “end” of 2020… with this type of speed racer mentality… this will be over by July or August…

Naxx gets completed in the first or second week of release… and people stop playing period… the racers maybe stay around to get tier gear so they can sit in Org or Storm and let the n00bs look at them and they get their “look how cool I am” fix… but I do not see things lasting till Dec of 2020…


Where is my KEYRING!!!


Couldn’t find any confirmation; Will this include the Nightfall BS and other patterns from the Brotherhood Rep?


How about limit server populations? If server population = x, then each faction gets a queue at X/2. Watch how fast the factions get balanced then!

But hey, why bother with that, when you can just put in a BG? There’s no need for world pvp anymore. On my server, the horde won, like on most. Generally the unbalanced side has won. Is there a pvp server with a close to equal population out there?

At least with layers, even unbalanced, there wasn’t an army of the opposition at every FP, at every quest hub, and completely saturated within blackrock mountain, not to mention every square inch of searing gorge etc.

Signed a former loyal customer and shareholder. I have had a recurring subscription for 10 years. You have just blown it. If this isn’t fixed, and fixed soon, I am just going to let it die. Screw buying shadowlands, screw buying anything from you ever again. You screw over your loyal customers, they only want to bring the ship down with them.



Paid transfers please.


AV is fun! I’ve only known the 1.12 version, personally. It’s my favorite battle ground.