Classic Content Unlocking in December


You killed Blaumeux on purpose by letting already outnumbered ally leave in droves before imprisoning the remaining victims in a corpse walking simulator. I canceled my sub after having every single boat, every single instance, every single high level zone being camped by raids of horde.

You killed it. It’s dead. This isn’t a game anymore. Enjoy watching these one faction servers slowly die, clearly you don’t care. Let me know when you allow for server transfers and maybe I’ll come back


While I love battlegrounds as much as any other player with a competitive mind-set, I think pushing content out too quickly is a slippery slope. Blizzard is only able to hear the cries of the small percentage of players who live on the forums to complain about everything that does not go their way. I think it is safe to assume that the majority of players are very content with slower content release as originally planned, and that pushing out content too fast spells an early demise for the Classic community. “They think they want it, but they don’t” comes to mind. What we don’t want is the cries and complaints of the very small percentage of the population to control the future of the game. They will have an issue with anything and everything, you cannot make them happy. Stop trying. What we would like to see is things that were promised to us, like “Key rings” and “bug fixes” and all the little things that add up in frustrations. Remove spell batching or decrease it significantly lower than it is, it is horrible with the infrastructure of today’s computers/internet speeds and just feels really clunky and bad. Fix all the little bugs that add up and focus on making what you have perfect before releasing more content. Stop making up excuses for bugs that blizzard doesn’t want to fix or doesn’t know how, and then tell us “working as intended.”
In closing, I like millions of others love this game, and have since it’s original release. I like most of the population do not get on the forums often, because instead of complaining about every aspect of the game, I play it. Stop making excuses, and stop feeding into the bottom feeders on the forums. I hope that these words reach the appropriate people. Thanks!


Next forum complaints will be horde BG que times… still waiting on character/faction transfers


This is the most tone deaf post I’ve ever seen. What you’ve done to the realm population balances so far on the majority of pvp realms has been a nightmare for many of your customers. Just don’t care eh?

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Say goodbye to world pvp then, not sure why they keep rushing through Classic, maybe they have to announce TBC servers at next Blizzcon or something…

While I like and want BG´s, I am very disappointed about xrealm pvp, it just doesn´t work and completely takes away the effort to gain ranks on your own realm.


You think 2-1 horde-alliance population ratios on top of servers having 3 to 4x as many players as real vanilla isn’t going to kill wpvp?

So instead of 5 griefers in your zone like in 2005, you now have 20 griefers due to 4x server population. But then due to far larger faction imbalances it’s actually like 40 griefers from the dominant faction camping everyone in the zone till they log.

A hard core wpvp server will only work if they implement FACTION BASED QUEUING. If there’s only 4,000 alliance logged in then only 4,000 horde can log in, and the same if a server has a population split the opposite direction.

Anything less will result in a death spiral with the heavily outnumbered faction quitting. Then the pvp server will turn into a pve server with only 1 faction existing.

This will then encourage horde to reroll alliance so they don’t have to wait in a queue if they’re a real pvper, and not just a min-maxxer who only cares about having the absolute best pvp racials.


Good to hear. Many people would have quit if this wasn’t done. Thank you for listening to them.


Do you seriously think this will help on servers where the faction imbalance created by Blizzard is 70/30 80/20? If you do, then you are living in fantasy land. Those server imbalances are why this problem exists. Releasing BG’s will not solve this problem.

It also doesn’t help when people such as yourself run around congratulating Blizzard when you have no clue of the issue at hand.

If anyone is on a super imbalanced server and is willing to re-roll, Earthfury is 50/50 or close to it.


I play in the 15% or so minority on a PvP server and have loved wPvP. I’d prefer a delay in BGs.

It may not be a majority opinion, but when I chose a PvP server I wanted massive battles and having to watch my back. I didn’t expect any guarantee my faction would be dominant.


It’s laughable how many people here need and think early BG release will save them from wPvP.

I’m in the small minority of my PvP server, Org is owned by Ally, auctioneers are constantly dead, every FP is camped by 20+, the Ally sit on Org bank and move everywhere in massive raid groups that descend everytime someone reports a single Horde player in an area. It will most likely never be possible for Horde to kill a world boss.

This is what I expected, to a degree, from a PvP server. There is no promise of balance, or that your faction will do well. There is PvP, a sense of constant danger, and need to plan things out to get through content/farming. If wPvP isn’t what you expected, you really should play on a PvE server.

From my experience the gank squads and raid camping are substantially worse than vanilla, but it is part of PvP. I’d love it if there was better balance and a better chance for each side; however, even in it’s current state it is an unique experience that will never be replicated again.


I do understand the issue and so does Blizzard. Read the forums. People didn’t start playing classic to have a bunch of highly skilled pvpers camp graveyards and flight paths thus creating a unplayable game. I don’t care if it’s pvp server.

It gets to the point where people are violating the spirit of pvp servers and disrupting zones. The spirit is to pvp on the occasion that you run into another player while questing etc, and or to join grouped conflicts that are already occuring. Battlegrounds will alleviate the problems on imbalanced pvp servers for sure, even if it doesn’t “solve” it.

That being said myself, I play on a PVE server.


You call sitting in a raid of 40 killing 5 people skill?


Shame that got ditched, be kind of neat to have people dishonorably gank themselves off into an outlaw faction hated by horde and alliance alike, i’d have gone s step beyond NPC’s and had them appear KOS to players of both factions as well.

Though they would probably need some kind of outlaw camps
or some place they had access to vendors etc, unless they could just use the neutral locations


you’re not going to get ranks running around in a raid of 40 all day


As some people literally sit in areas they can’t leave because of hours long corpse crawls. This has been a mess for everyone, and everyone will have different expectations. Not everyone can be happy. But Bliz is not dictating that you must play this content at the pace at which it’s released. They are providing this content in the hopes that people who are actually having an unplayable experience right now are able to resume somewhat normal activities.


Exactly !!!


So glad the bgs are coming.
Anyone complaining about this are just scared cucks that dont want to have to do bgs against their own lvls to stay competetive with honor, theyd much rather sperg lvl 50s with a raid group of 60s lmao


It will be over way earlier, I’m pretty sure I’ve said it before: Classic for them is just a way to bring people in for Shadowlands.


there is no power gap that this worsens. in fact this probably helps fix the power gap, considering casual players likely are the ones getting wrecked by the PvP raiding parties, and giving them some bgs alleviates casual players ability to level or PvP fairly.

on the term of speed though, I don’t think everything is being sped up, just this was a particularly glaring problem. Im sure we will get raids sooner than we did in Vanilla, but that’s just the way it goes.


Doubtful as they said they are open to the possibility of going TBC. Which most likely means they will given the success of Classic.