Classic Content Unlocking in December


How is it ruining classic? Please Please explain!


I’m not a huge fan of the rushed content but BGs were something that was really missing from the game! Looking forward to the content!


As soon as you post as Human Paladin your opinion is invalidated.


Hopefully this means AB will come with the rest of phase 3 instead of in phase 4.

EDIT: P.S. So much for me being able to gear up before BGs hit. Oh well. My fault for being slow, I guess. Not complaining, I just thought I’d have more time. I’m overall happy about BGs coming, though. I’m just going to get stomped in my AH greens until I can get the blue PvP set. lol


YESSS!!! Thank you Blizzard!
Rag on farm, Onyxia on farm, was getting bored. You are my hero.


time for people to cry about Pre-mades, win trading, and Que dodging
but at least Wpvp will finally be dead


We can only hope.


Oh, it wont die, it never dies
Until retail


I’m severely hoping that once BG’s and BWL are out people will CHILL the HECK out!

I’m also hoping Blizzard will REALLLLLLLLLY slow down the content release schedule since BG’s and BWL will keep us busy for a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time. I’ll admit, MC is pretty stale for me. Dire Maul never really did much for me either. World PvP is cool but my server has a 70% imbalance, so yeah… I’m pretty excited to not have to deal with that anymore.

(Or if Blizzard delayed phase 3, and instead just put a faction cap limit on each server to allow no more then a 10% faction pop discrepancy and allowed free realm / faction transfers for those applicable servers/factions with a severe imbalance) that would also be pretty cool IMO :sunglasses:

Edit: Honestly I wasn’t expecting to see phase 2 until mid december / January (2020)… Phase 3 around May/June… Phase 4 around October/November… Phase 5 Febuary/March (2021) and Phase 6 around August… And Blizzcon 2021 they announce TBC to be release summer 2022.

But that was just my guesses… Hopefully those aren’t too far off - I figured they would stretch this content a BIT more… My guesses haven’t been TOO skewed so we’ll see… Hopefully they slow down and stay on track.


Ally do group and coordinate, on even numbers we usually make horde roll over (in my experience), BUT (stay with me here) there’s just so many more people faction stacking horde that more and more keep showing up. They’re like roaches.

You can say the imbalance numbers are exaggerated all you’d like, and say we don’t group or w/e, but what you and many others don’t seem to understand is eventually we run out of people to group up with pretty quickly because everyone and their grandma rolled horde “cuz da pro PvP guide sed so”

I personally hope BGs stay cross realm so I can make you eat dirt.


Ya’ll are too focused on how it should feel or how Vanilla felt. Truth is people are better now and much more knowledgeable. Just enjoy the game as it releases. Money’s worth? You’re getting more content and don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth. That makes no sense.


Here they go - caving to pressure again.




Got taken out because too many gankers/grievers (the ones it was designed against) whined/cried that “disincentivized pvp”. Now we have what we see today. 40 man gank squads for lv 48+ questers. Along with 5x the original player cap per server (this alone makes it not authentic in the slightest, whoever disregards this never wanted authenticity in the first place).

They should’ve kept what was in the game manual.

But maybe a few more weeks or when BGs come it’ll die down. Queues are already easing up slightly, people aren’t trying to waste the more limited time they have these days.


Are we talking online pop?


Yes we are. At the beginning of Classic release Blizzard put out a statement saying that “Medium” that we see on Classic today has more players online than even the Fullest servers back in Vanilla.

The status populations you see for Classic are “live” so to speak and thus always changing (when possible) based on people who are actually in-game on the server.


Where is the key chain


What a terrible decision , but then what do you expect from a company who took 14 years to listen to their own customers. #bad


And alongside bg’s will you be releasing the phase 3 crafting patterns (cant have our shaman run wsg without Nightfall) and the most important question - WHERE IS THE KEYRING

I can almost hear the forum outcry from the future about brd/lbrs/ubrs/mc groups not being able to run their groups, due to BWL raid teams storming the mountain - you better go ahead and release ZG early aswell.


It’s about damned time!