Classic Content Unlocking in December


lol, as if. you simply accept the phase introductions as-is, no questions. any reason for that? if your answer is “lol because thats how it was originally”, i ask you to honestly describe as many similarities between the current state of the game and 2004 world pvp. do you honestly recall multiple 5-40 man raids of level 60s hunting down literally everyone in literally every contested zone at this point in the game upon initial release?

the answer is no. there was no BiS gear (the term didnt exist back then), fights were organic and random, there was like a literal handful of lvl 60s at htis point and they didnt have raid gear that allowed them to 1-shot everyone below them. battlegrounds should have been unlocked in august, the past week just shows why.


Cool. Let’s get a classic pvp section for the forums, too. :smiley:


As soon as you post on a horde character your opinion is invalidated.

World of Warcraft no World of Hordecraft.


Please stop rushing classic content. I want to play this game and not have all the phases out before I even reach lvl 60. This is becoming utter nonsense.


That sounds awesome


Happy to hear we will have battlegrounds for the holiday vacation. :blush:


#nochanges 4Head. That’s some real false advertising on your behalf blizzard


Lame. I came back to classic specifically for world pvp. I transferred to an alliance dominated server specifically for world pvp. Back in 2005 I hated when bgs were released. And this time you did it even earlier.


Some of us are on an alliance dominated server BY CHOICE because we want world pvp chaos.


This is partly true. Some of us transferred to an alliance dominated server for world pvp however.

According to the polls back in mid august on server discords like stalagg, it appeared like an even amount of alliance were going to be playing. If I had known how bad it would be I would have went alliance.
So I just transferred to heartseeker, alliance dom server.


Just want to pop in again and state that large imbalanced servers with one predominant side raid crushing the other faction is not the fault of the players, but rather the company who couldn’t be bothered to regulate it’s server populations with any foresight or common sense.


Any news on Key rings?


Shame on you blizzard for releasing BG’s so soon.

I can see this backfiring.

The horde who are in the 1hr+ bg queue will be out rampaging more than before - lmao.

Then what happens? All those who are getting farmed on PvP servers will come back and QQ more for rolling on PVP and will be demanding caps on factions in the world


Please open paid character transfer from PvP to PvE. Opening BG can not solve the problem.

I did not expected PvP like what was happening last week, being camped from flight/boat every time.

Those hordes complaining about short wPvP period are pathetic. Ally players are not monsters, they are real people. Please think about their experience.

Now I realized that I don’t want PvP like this, please let me go to PvE, I would like to pay for my wrong choice.


This guy gets it!


Please blizz for the love of god, keep BGs like there were for 90% of vanilla… DO NOT Implement battlegroups, let servers have an identity, a community. I want to see my servers alliance and develop rivalries and respect I don’t want to vs random mares well be NPC style alliance.

Battlegroups can come later, for now please preserve server communities, thats what vanilla was all about.


Well done Kaivax


Meet me in a BG, if you can get to 60 by then.


Pvp lasts forever. I’ve been playing the same wsg / ab / av since 2005 (all the new bgs in retail suck). Pvp is the true endgame.


I get that, so the most logical solution is more servers; which is absolutely fine.