Classic Content Unlocking in December

??? Bump. I think they definitely forgot.

Early December… has come and gone. When are we getting a BWL announcement timestamp?


Bumping for truth in advertising.

I agree, if the phases are this short, why bother. Just release it all now.

There’s only two reasons I could understand for why they haven’t told us when bwl is releasing.

  1. They dont know
  2. Their so afraid of announcing things due to push back and rage culture they’d rather wait until the last minute to announce it and then put the forum notifications back on do not disturb mode.

But whats more forgivable, they aren’t reading our posts at all. Or their reading them and they don’t feel the need to respond.

In their defense, they never specified WHICH early december.

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I doubt it. I think the announcement was pushed back for whatever reason, and they were hoping that WE forgot.

its almost January and still no timestamp for BWL and DMF?

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Id rather they manned up and stopped caring about the ragers. They are such a minority.

We’re in January…just the time stamp, please!

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Bump for super late timestamp.

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When is BWL?

Would love to know just a date.

Blizzard is there anyone home? Helloooo


uhh still waiting in jan…


Give us a date please. The joy of Ony and mc is dwindling. Pvp is a joke. Lots of people are loosing interest in the game…

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All the raids are a joke compared to retail, your guild wont be slowed down by BWL.

I will now use my Jedi mine powers on you… you will give us a date for bwl and you will give me three months of free subscription!!

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Bump for promised timestamp.

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Any word on this yet?

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