Classic Connections forum bugged? Please FIX

Can anyone enlighten me on how the Classic Connection forum is supposed to work?

I don’t see ANY other posts besides my own. Either no one else has posted in the 6 hours it has been up or it is severely bugged. If the forums purpose is to allow people to reconnect wouldn’t it stand to reason that we should be able to SEE EACH OTHERS POSTS?

Don’t get me wrong. I think its great that I can see my own post. I just don’t need a forum to reconnect with myself. I have other methods of doing that.

Well it hasn’t been up long.

But yeah I think the forum is decieving, might even scare people away because it ‘looks’ empty.

But as you probably know, you navigate from the Blue Post through old school server selection which brings you to a hidden forum just for that Server.

Not sure why they didn’t just make top level threads for each server. It would look cluttered but that might be better than looking empty.

EDIT: OR maybe its bugged… IDK.

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I really think they are bugged. It would be nice to find friends from back in the day. Has anyone else experienced this?

You have to go through the link tree in the thread that Kaivax posted.


Doesnt work for me either. Only thing I can think of is maybe you have to post your info to see others? Either that or yeah, bugged.

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Same. It looks like i can see the number of people that have posted on the right hand side of the server names, but when i click on the server, only the blue post shows.

I checked several servers and they are all the same. They need to fix viewing rights I’m thinking.

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Yea I posted my info but all it did was allow me to see my own post. But not anyone else…which is pointless.

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That number on the right = how many times it’s been viewed.

Forums not bugged… just not many ppl have used them yet.

YW, good day.


Its bugged. Im not the only person out of over 1k views that have tried to reply.

Ok yeah, they are bugged now… was fine for me b4 I went to sleep.

Unless… nobody really has posted lol

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Yea, uh huh. SURE.

Yea, they are bugged now.

I don’t know why you’re so upset about this.

I literally just posted on an alt to a post and it showed up fine. It works fine.

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Do you see anyone elses posts? No… So what is the point of having a forum if you cant see anyone’s posts but your own? Do you understand how a forum works?

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Did you click on the blue post and follow the links?

Turn it off and on again!


I haven’t posted in my original server yet, but I see another person’s post. Doesn’t appear to be bugged for me.


No problems with us on Steamwheedle.


But I see other players posts. What server are you trying to look at?

Cause I’m seeing others posts on quite a few of them.

Example: Alleria Alliance Reconnections

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I am looking on Alliance pvp Shattered Hand and cant see anyone elses.

I can see number of replies, but some realms have no posts, and some have less that it says, for example says 5 but i only see 2 or 3 posts. And no posts on some of my old servers.