Classic Client Build 51056 is Now Available

Looks like the error was fixed, I see the edit icon so I may have missed what you are referencing originally.

I’m glad I can whisper and invite people again. But is it just me or has the world become a ghost town overnight? SW has a fraction of the people who are normally in it. Goldshire is usually bumping 24/7 and there’s maybe like 4 people there. I don’t see anyone out in the world questing. Is this due to layering? Kind of defeats the purpose of classic wow, no?


I’m looking right now, it is removed.


I am confusion.


yeah same at this point…

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Okay I’ve tried re-writing that one again so it’s hopefully clear-- we’ve removed the option. Your auto-shot should behave like it did before the patch, by default.


But what if we like throwing punches :smiley:


Hello, laddie.
Can you please confirm for the community as to whether or not ClassicEra was recently switched over to a “modern” API framework that might be causing several people lag?
Is ClassicEra now using the same framework as retail?
If not, can you please elaborate on what recent change is causing some players a lot of lag or making the game “unplayable?”


“Hey guys look at all these changes we are making to hardcore!”

you actually completely changed the client, and didnt mention it. You still havent addressed the change to the client for classic.

Bliz rly is an evil company who does whatever it wants regardless of the player base.


Now, now. No need for “evil” name calling in your understandable frustration with recent events. There are real people who work for this company who are just doing their jobs and won’t appreciate that.
What likely happened was that communication of this client switch up was deemed unnecessary by someone at the time, but in hindsight, I’m betting they probably wish they’d mentioned it to the community.

We’d all like more details regarding this matter. Please.

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nice, how about down ranking toggle and the slider for name plates that does nothing (nor should it in ERA)

EDIT: Just want to say when you guys communicate with us we really really really really like it a lot. More is better in this area.


was… was hardcore all a sham to distract us from your plans to turn classic era into retail :expressionless:


“evil” isnt a name call, its an objective fact in this case.

They changed the client over without saying anything becos they know that this version of the client is easier to monetise. they want to bring the wow token into vanilla classic as a way to deal with bots, when all they need to do is have GMs sitting outside Strat or ZG banning each obvious bot. But no, they outsource this now instead of hiring actual GMs to care for their game world.

The dev for warcraft 3 put what blizzard is perfectly. you should look him up. it is a shell of what it used to be that baits nostalgia for money. sure, there might be some nice humans that work there but Bobby still runs the show.

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This x1000000

Companys and governments do this all the time. “Look over here” while making a big change which no one wants (except for those in control).

“hey guys, look how much we care about x group/cause” while not paying taxes and polluting the planet is pretty common corporate practice now.

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Respectfully, please stop touching Classic Era. Ideally, you completely revert this entire patch beforehand. This game needs zero updates or changes, just basic maintenance. Focus your efforts elsewhere.


Timestamp 33:38 is when its discussed. If you participated in the PTR, you would have already known about it. One of the devs goes on to cite game security maintenance for the client shift.

You can claim that’s a hand-wavey excuse, but it wasn’t blindsided.


+1 just change the game back to what it was before Tuesday please. Literally just let classic era exist the way it was and don’t touch it. That’s all we want


Yeah I vote for this as well.
Was a simpler time. A smashing time.
A more populated time.


Please stop changing the classic client.

There is a ton of lag when interacting with at anything random. Sometimes looting is instant, other times its taking 5-10 seconds before things pop in my bag. It just took 15 seconds for an auction house item to even register that I bought it in the UI.

Also, please revert, or greatly tone down the layering. SW is at 1/3rd of its population, IF has like 5 people in it. Questing hubs are ghost towns. It makes era feel dead, when it absolutely is NOT. You could barely see the ground in Stormwind the day before the patch with no UI lag. Now we have layering and theres lag? What?

“Points spent in X talents” at the bottom of the talent window is also blank.

I can pick a role for myself in the top right of the talent window now too??

Did someone just push a prod commit from the wrong repository or something? There are features showing in the UI that aren’t even relevant to vanilla at all.

Really though, the most important thing to me is layering, and the world feeling alive everywhere. Cities, questing, WPVP, etc. Its the life blood of vanilla. If you layer the crap out of us, the game slowly dies. The bedrock of vanilla is/was the community interaction in game.

If this layering was turned on with the expectation of an influx of players due to the PVP changes or something, at least tell us that, and let us know it will be reduced/turned off when the population stabilizes.

In case you need some help, here is a tweet from friggin’ CHRIS METZEN when classic first came out (you know, one of the dudes who helped create the entire Warcraft universe as we know it?):

Its a 19 year old game. Just leave it alone. We want it as is.


This is my biggest problem right now. You want to make a few UI changes? Ok. I guess. But why did they take the WORLD out of Warcraft all over again? It literally pains me to see how empty all of these zones are now when I couldn’t walk 10 steps without running into and interacting with people on a regular basis. And yes the constant lag is a major gameplay buzz kill right now as well