Classic Class Choices Competition!

I think hunter being on the low end is shocking, and I was really expecting to see more Paladins. The prove-not crowd and all. I guess I just expected an overall very different result. Like basically the percentages in reverse.

I don’t know 100% yet. I’ve narrowed it down to:

  • Night Elf Druid (was my main in vanilla)
  • Undead Warlock
  • Tauren or Orc Shaman
  • Human Paladin

Warlock because I know I can do it in 5 days /played

Enhancement shaman


(You guys need to read. OP said main only, not ranked lists or alts.)


Paladin for me.


Human arms warrior! :crossed_swords:

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My main is probably going to be a Priest.

I would expect Warriors to be at the top, given their reputation of how strong they are in 1.12.

“This is why you fail.”


Ret paladin though, right?

Druid for me!

I’m feeling a priest or a druid.


Never really raided horde side till WoD, I want to see what raiding with a 2H is like and not wearing plate.


only w classes baby

Druid was my main since BC. I want to start Classic how I should’ve the first time around. Priest tailor alt for bags.

Hunter, because hunters are best class.


BUT. thats to hard!!!

Like many others.

  • Pally - Will tank and heal. Duel leveling
  • Hunter - My main in Vanilla and will level solo and probably first for farming.
  • Druid
  • Mage or Priest

I have a spreadsheet!! And it keeps changing!!

Melee was enjoyable in BFA, but a eral drag in vanilla imo.

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Hunter for me.

A blue faction for our blue text overlord, fitting.

And he was one of the best GM’s I ever had! Long live AIE!

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