Classic beta is an accurate recreation, that's why I won't be playing


OK… Bye.


Wah wah classic is too hard wah wah
I actually have to worry about ammo as a hunter? Wah wah the game is more immersive, engaging and unforgiving? Wah :(((( I have to actually try and have more rewarding experiences because of it :((((( where is lfr and my free epics???

(Kalfou) #122

Loving that classic community feel.


Best of luck in BfA, no reason you shouldn’t enjoy that style of WoW if that’s what you prefer. Happy to hear Classic is accurate though!

(Bananaynay) #124

I feel you.
But I personally can work myself around downgrades of a gameplay. I like challenges, especially in my favorite game of all times.
One thing I can’t bare is — old graphics, so if they will make me toggleable option which will turn MY perspective on things visually better, I will frolic through all hard stuff with more joy than just look at ugly 256x textures of my character AND try to remember where do I need to get that stupid completely hidden little crystal near the demon table in barrens.


Vanilla was full of know it all technicality squabblers. But their our squabblers. At the end of the day, we’re all friends.

Some people hold grudges and are petty and miserable, but I don’t think that’s the majority.

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Alone for bear butts I would have to kill 50 to get 10, yes with a buddy we have to kill 100 to get 20, but we’re not competing for tags, we’re chatting, we’re getting kill XP, we’re working on the rest of the quests from the hub, and we may end up running a dungeon later.

I don’t see anyone as an inferior player or dead weight while leveling. Even if they’re not uber-pro, if they’re not actively causing issues, they’re helping.

My Squishies/Tanks LOVED hooking up with a Tank/squishy (or anyone really) while questing.


And? What’s the point of your post, and why did you write it to the Classic forum?

It’s obvious that Classic was not made for people who can play 8.2 but to players who no longer play WoW from the beginning. So im not sure what relevance you think a post about a retailer telling that he won’t be playing Classic (that everyone including Blizzard already knew) has to a Classic forum.

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I think I said it before, but the beta forum isn’t taking new posts from players.

I know I said this before, I’m posting my feedback. That’s waht beta testers do.

FWIW I spent a few more hours playing in beta today. Parked my druid at 10 and Rogue at 9 warrior still at 6, but I got a green 2h for him on druid so that was nice. It’s not like I’m not playing the beta, I just probably will have had my fill by the time the beta is done. That much less time playing retail classic.


“There’s no new content.”

Really, guy? You knew this going in.


Thanks OP, all feedback that’s constructive is valuable.

Even the most hardcore fan doesn’t truly know until they get in and run around. I know for a fact after so many years of ingenuity in many MMO’s where once new systems becoming standard (including addons etc.) that it will be a shock to the system for a lot of players new and old.

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Oh no the microaggresions are unbearable; someone doesnt like classic

(Kalfou) #132

Making up fake quotes now?


You love the classic community feel yet you’d rather be part of a game that has almost zero community? People barely interact with each other. Everything is rush rush rush for meaningless reward. But you do you. I’ll be enjoying a game where the journey is the reward and people are actually interested in playing an MMORPG.


Are you that desperate for attention and/or head pats that you’re still here pumping your almost entirely worthless post?

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Didn’t say that either. I had a good guild in Vanilla, that was my good community. There were still plenty of toxic folks in the mix back then.

I played druid, and I had a UBRS key so i did that run a lot. There was a trinket there that was BIS for a lot of melee DPS, and I was lucky enough to get it on a run where the melee had it already. I used to get whispers from random players that inspected me and saw my trinket and would tell me I should be ashamed of myself for stealing that trinket from someone who clearly would put it to better use than me.

There were personal beefs and feuds and harassment between players, plenty of stupid toxic crap going on. It wasn’t all roses.

I have a great guild now too, a big active community. I don’t need to look to the past for that.


If you think it’s worthless, why not ignore it? It’s a nice new QoL feature the forums have…


Yeah I’m just making stuff up.


Odd comment from the guy that wrote a giant post about he’s not going to play classic…and is still here pumping it on the classic forum desperately seeking someone who will tell him how correct he is.

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The correct response to the OP:

Cool story bro.

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Yes, you were.