Classic Beta Invites

No personal attacks. just a serious observation. The post CLEARLY states that they had what they needed as of the time of the post… but that they would re-evaluate this number as the beta progresses.

No one said anything about BETA users being removed. As in any past beta… they have stopped invites until people spread out, and they included more content to be tested. Especially level caps.

Blizz is due to increase the level cap Soon™ and I’m sure they will “re-evaluate” the needs for testers.

Current testers will stay in… and push level cap while the new invitees will begin leveling and testing bugfixes that were put in place.

To infer:

We’re not likely to see new invites anytime soon, if at all.

Just doesn’t jive with what they said.

You don’t need to be subbed to play the BFA ptr.

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Isn’t that what BFA is? A test realm?

Hehe. I jest.

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This is the reason WOW turned into what it is today… just like what happened to Ultima Online years before… Whiny kids… so many good games ruined to please the masses of whiny kids…

Streamers = free advertising. If you want WoW Classic to be successful then you must learn to accept the way that Blizzard handled the invite situation. You’re account doesn’t even look like its active very much. Thats probably why you weren’t considered for beta ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I was lucky enough to get a day one beta. I and others have said this several times but tbh I wonder why bothering anymore. It was NOT STREAMERS that got most of the keys. I dont stream. Chat in beta general and in new beta guild was full of people with vanilla accounts NOT FULL OF STREAMERS. And for the record I have had 2 alpha then missed the last 3 betas at all. So yes was happy I got one. I did sign up within about 2 minutes of them making clear it was an additional opt in. I wish thread like these will stop but giving up hope. Streamers are a minority in beta. Seriously - they are.

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Obviously streamers are the minority of the player base… Considering there are significantly fewer streamers than wow players… OP is saying that 9/10 streamers get an invite and 1/10,000 non-streamers its not a fair playing field.

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Got in Day 1 (not a streamer) and have long since been level 30 working on gear/professions.

Warsong queues are pretty awful. Slow and often times Alliance doesn’t fill up.

I got 6+ guildies in Discord almost each night eager to play yet it seems like the beta right now is only ~500-800 people tops?

We should get a cap increase to 40 and invite a new wave or 2.

25 minute queues for WSG is no fun.


account goes all the way back to vanila

Yea, you and around 7,000,000 other people.

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Id do literally anything for Beta Access, i feel like a crackhead checking my launcher every hour even tho i know the invites are probably done.


Then stay tuned… I’m calling it now… new wave of Beta invites is incoming later today or tomorrow.

I have beta access and was invited day 1 but there’s no definite reason as to why. I speculate that because I’ve been playing ALL blizzard games continuously since the mid-late 90s, had an active WoW account since 2004, avid starcraft 2 player, and have had access to every beta since Blizzard has started beta invites, I’d say those reasons may come into play. I wouldn’t say its unfair, nobody knows why certain people get invites and others don’t. It probably just random, or could be random from a pool of the most active Blizzard or WoW users. Either way, everyone is going to play come late August. Don’t sweat it! Its only a beta and the level cap is 30…you’re truly not missing a whole lot.

Oh well those characters are all getting nuked anyway.

It’s not so bad really.

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