Classic Beta invites still rolling out it seems

(Zaela) #32

Sweet, guess I better check when I get home from work. 7 am couldn’t come any sooner if I got invited :crossed_fingers:

(Mokrawr) #33

No screenshot but it will be on the launcher where you select the account for WoW just above the Play button.
It will appear at the top of the list where the PTR option is, in the
“under development” section.

(Zachaios) #34

Got it. Thank you. All I see is “PTR,” so I’m not one of the lucky ones.

Thank you for the clarification. I was looking for a tab on the left or something.


If you have no clue about game design, sure.

(Ramsay) #36

Awww :disappointed_relieved:

(Ravens) #37

if you actually seen the beta or tried it out yourself, it’s not the same classic vanilla wow. it’s the modern client, but just crammed with the vanilla content.

So it’s essentially the Modern api being made to run the original Vanilla content, code, etc. so there’s potential glitches galore to find. Some examples of bugs, include missing water, missing textures on some mobs, hunter pet bugs (i.e. pet doesnt return to your side when you set them to passive, just stands there), missing weather effects, and so much more.

(Nobully) #38

oh good grief.

of course it’s not the same.

if it was the same, it wouldn’t require testing.

it’s amazing how people manage to take everything with a grain of salt, until it’s something sardonic… and then they choose to be literal about it. :roll_eyes:

(Ravens) #39

These forums are for serious discussions only. Serious Business Inquiries Only.

(Ramsay) #40

I was trying to be funny but it backfired on me. Mr Nobully gets it.



Did you start playing wow since vanilla. If not when did you start playing because it seems that only people who played during vanilla gets to play. Ive started playing in BFA and I hate the game but want to play classic so bad because it looks so fun. Has anyone got to play the beta who started in BFA.


Been playing since 2005 and still no beta invite sucks!


2004 account here, still no invite. Does anyone know if they are still sending out invites at this point or I have to wait for the stress tests to get a chance to play?

(Kypookins) #45

I just checked the forum again, still not in. I find it the fastest way to check:

Are you able to make a new topic, or even reply to someone else’s post?
If not, you are still not in Classic Beta.

That is how I found out I got in the BFA beta, before then finding the server in the launcher (with the email coming something like TWO WEEKS LATER!)

No way to tell. If it was like BFA, it was just basically random (except for uber guild/streamer, etc special invites.)

(Kalfou) #46

Thats not really true. I was in he beta for 2 days before I could post in the beta forum, and even then i can’t post on my normal posting toon.

Also, it seems the flow of new people has dried up for now. I’d guess the next wave won’t come until after the stress test.

I would also guess that participating in the stress test might increase the chances the selection bot chooses you. It’s obviously a weighted semi random selection process.

(Alacer) #47

Yeah same dude. 2005 account… No invite, yet.


Hope they keep sening invites so hypes have fun dude !!


I hope invites are still going out i really do i got into the stress test so imma level every thing to lvl 5 haha. So i hope youre right my friend!


just saw on my launcher it says for me ‘beta & stress test: wow classic’

does that mean I only have access during stress test or also the beta as a whole ?


only the stress test, which is in about 2 hours.


i would like to know the same thing or if beta invites will still be going out