Classic Beta Active Subscription?


Do I need to have an active Subscription to WoW to have a chance at getting a beta invite, or is it possible to get the invite with expired game time? Sorry if this has already been asked before, and THANKS for your time!!


(Smallcow) #2

Uh huh. There were words about that.

(Lagspike) #3

From the wording on the beta announcement, it appears do not need a subscription necessarily, you just need to have time on your account (meaning timecards/wow tokens/cancelled subs with time left are okay)


Cool, thanks for such a quick reply I appreciate it!

(Hammerziet) #5

I think you can get invited, but need an active account with a subscription type to play the game. Can be a WoW card or token as well.


My account is inactive at the moment, and shows no beta access. Is it possible that if I were to reactivate it I’d have a beta invite waiting for me, or did I need to have it active when the wave of invites went out? Tricky question not sure if anyone knows?


(Nikaas) #7

They worded it extremely vaguely and don’t want to clarify.
This makes me believe that you don’t need active sub to get an invite but you need active sub to play it (once you are invited).
I think at some point (after new subs hopeing for beta stop) they will use invites to entice even more new subs.


Someone posted a screenshot from a GM stating the account must be active (subscribed, token, game card, etc) to be eligible to receive a beta invite. It was from a post on the Classic Reddit.


absolutely no chance


You won’t get into a wave unless you are subscribed, it’s a prerequisite.

(Rözen) #11

A CM specifically said you must be subbed. If you have time on your account then I think that qualifies.