Classic and Classic HC are proof that a change is needed

Hello everyone,

Over the past few months I have been playing Retail, Classic and Classic HC, and once you play all 3 you kind of start noticing something.

It’s the feeling that attracts the audience.

When I play Classic HC, I do it on fixed days, in a group of 4 friends, and I feel like everytime I go out of a safe area, I’m plunged into a world of dangers, where I have to be extremely careful and be prepared for anything, while trusting my friends will have my back if needed.

Classic still brings the danger aspect, but now I feel like the danger aspect is only about the fact that stuff can kill me, and not exactly about the death itself, since I can always come back. The challenge and the feeling is still good, since I feel like I’m just one more in the vast world and I’m not at all the strongest saiyan around.

Retail feels…different. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, and I go after my 2.5k and all, but the world itself is not the same as in the previous two.
Whenever I summon my dragon to go questing, I feel like a god. Coming out of its realm to rain havoc and destruction on entire villages fully populated.
There’s no such thing as danger. The world is weak. At best, it can pose a minor threat I can solve with 2 clicks in LFG.

Now, I’m not dissing on one to praise the other. I love them all, and I play (when time allows me) them all. I just think this stuff could be used to improve Retail.

There’s a game around, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, that brings the concept of Mythic+ into the world itself.
When you reach a certain level of gear, you can opt to play in a “higher ranking world”, with stronger enemies, smarter enemies (or at least more packed with abilities).
The world become more dangerous, and one simple pack of enemies on the street can mean trouble for your character.
Obviously this comes with better rewards in the end.

Do you guys think this kind of concept could be applied to World of Warcraft in today’s tech?

Would you like to see an option for a “classic-danger-like” retail world with better rewards for world quests/content?

Please keep in mind that I’m not advocating to change retail, but rather to add this option. I think everyone should play however they want… But man, wouldn’t I give my money to play retail with the same feeling I get from Classic and Classic HC…


Nope. Didn’t read nor will play either Classic or HC Classic. I have zero interest in doing that over again.


I suspect it’s less about Classic and more about the four friends you’re playing with. A good group of friends could make a trip to the dentist a fun and memorable journey (especially if one of them is really nervous, heh).

Blizzard can’t make us make friends. If anything, they reward us for keeping our distance.


Why bother commenting? You’re adding nothing. Op is not even telling you to go play classic.

I agree, retail misses a huge sense of danger in the overworld, and has for a very long time, I think that’s my continuous charm to go play classic. I enjoy pushing myself to see if I can conquer a quest 3 levels ahead of me or not. Helps me learn my character better as well.


And therefore you have no idea what you’re talking about, as seen afterwards.


This would be different from every streamer I’ve seen in HC, who only stay in areas they know they won’t die – except for the ones who ventured into caves and were crying about losing their progress an hour later. Do you and your party actually pull mobs above your level that pose a real danger to a group of 5 adventurers?


I play with these same friends on retail and I’m sad to say it isn’t about that.
I agree on all the rest, though.


We do everything that is necessary, but we’re “cheesing”, I guess? I don’t know, we have a tank, a healer and 2 CC DPSes.
We go into caves, orange quests and etc, most of the stuff people avoid, but like I said, we’re kind of looking at the world as if it is one big a$$ dungeon.

We’ve had a couple of scares, but it usually works out ok.


And this is the feel I’m talking about, btw

The world can get us killed and I need companions to be safe.


Could it? Sure.

Would it? Probably not.

History of challenge modes has proven people just whine about it for one reason or another.


So you don’t even play with the danger and trying to say how much better it makes the game


Eh? Since when could group quests and elite areas be done solo?

It’s tactics, not easy mode. Just like don’t go into a dungeon alone.


And you lost me with that bullet sponge looter shooter borefest.


So what you are telling me is that you never played a PvP game before and have not experienced what has existed for as long as the Genre has and you want this 18 year old game to now be that for everyone that has chosen not to play a game like that.

The first MMO, Ultima Online had full loot PvP, every death had extreme pain attached to it. Its the very reason why PvP MMOs are niche. Most people do not like it.

Go play hardcore if thats your thing. Blizzard shouldnt change a thing as the money is right where the game is. PvE.


Change may be needed.

But we aren’t turning back the clock.

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How about no?
the changes we need dont involve going back to terrible game design from 2004.


Classic is easier to jump in and play with friends.

There I said what you wanted to say in less paragraphs. Have a nice day and you are a valued member of the WoW community.

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Stuff like that was why wrath level classic had anti boost code put in in tbcc lol. + 5 levels and xp goes to crap.

Noting its still done. that be power crush xp off quest turn in spam. you want the 5 quest clears fast, mob xp not mattering as much.

also done for the elune awful get 10 items that needs 200 kills to collect them. Mass murder spree speeds those up.

Frost mage pulls, clean up the rest. Frost mage can do this solo. they just pull less. this is what in HC makes frosties easy to grief.

if they tick off someone bad enough they drag extra mobs over. Frosty can handle 3/4 mobs. The griefer brings over 4 more to make it interesting now.

then in dungeons it was sit at the door. once geared at 60+ the boosters at one time were real common.

Solo? classic is not dangerous. Its tedious. Oh crap pulled 3 murlocks. run away!

even this clears up by TBCC. TBCC’s only rough bit is the start. In boosty gear (it was weak as hell for the tbcc boost package) or if you opt to start early at 58.

Kill 5 dudes. and some imps. Issue…the dudes can be by the imps. Make the call there.

By even zanga marsh you go sure bring a friend. Saves me pulling them later.

Why is this…in tbcc one in theory has killed rag the first time. Or its pretend we did as that raid doesn’t pop anymore. Immersive progression. Killed evil elemental, 2 scrub mag’har orcs should not be all that imposing

And by wrath 2/3 pulls can be safe for even non tanks.

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No, instead he wants Blizzard to undo years of progress and make Retail like Classic. Hard pass.


STO did this a little when they introduced the Vaadwar NPCs.
Previously, any NPC would go through a simple set of actions:

  • target the player
  • move close enough to use abilities,
  • fire weapons/use the abilities in its ability list.

Pretty much every encounter was like that.
The Vaadwar however, would also

  • buff each other
  • move to flanking positions
  • Use Crowd control on players

It made for slightly harder gameplay if you were not prepared for it.