Classic access with Live Subscription

Recently resubscribed and bought the upcoming X-pac. I wanted to check out Wrath but it says I need a subscription. Is Classic now a separate sub or is there something going on with my account? Thanks for any information you can shed on this for me.

Just to get it out of the way: Are you logging onto the right retail account? Sometimes folks log onto the wrong account and think something is wrong with their account.


No, it is not separate. A sub grants access to Retail and Classic.

The most common error is that some people have more than one license on their Battlenet account. From the drop down, be sure you are selecting the license with the sub on it.

There are also times that a very recent charge has not finished going through. Check the transaction. If it says pending then it has not finished.

Last, sometimes even if it has gone through, the account flagging can take some time to update - esp to the Launcher. Log out of the launcher totally, close it. Reboot. Then log back into the launcher. That should kick any flagging to update on the launcher.


Thank you so much! Turns out it was my fault. It was on an old account license. I didn’t even notice that. All is fixed now thanks to your information. Thanks again!