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Heartseeker - PVP (Alliance) - NA

Hi there. I plan to host an Alliance guild on a PVP server, which is focused on level 59 PVP. I am hoping this message finds those who are interested in this endeavour, because honestly it will be a long project. Many people will ask why not just do level 60. The simple answer is time investment. I, a person working anywhere between 48 hours and 36 hours a week, and being a married dad (yah that typical twink profile), just don’t have the time to push end game raiding. But what I do have time for is carrying a dungeon here and there on my 60, to pass gear to my level 59 or to others level 59’s, and to do PVP, lots of it hopefully.

I’ve been hard at work in preparation for the Classic launch.

If you plan to play 59, I’ve created a discord channel were we can coordinate ahead of time. I’ve developed a leveling strategy for 59 (on the discord) and a phase by phase plan (on the discord as well) which does include plans for some raiding if there is interest.

Looking forward to the grind. To me it’s about the journey, not the end, and raising hell to 60’s and to the Horde in general. For the Alliance!

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Why 59 though? I mean I understand the desire to twink, but 59 is probably the worst bracket to do it in.


Not OP, but you can rank at 59.

Also get to embarrass level 60s in AV.

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I suppose. And I believe the original PvP blue set has a level 58 level requirement. So you’d be able to get some half way decent gear.

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I think people feel like this group won’t get many BG pops because as soon as a leveler is eligible for AV they will spam it to exalted.

Content is phased though, and people will still want to queue WSG when AV comes out and then AB when it comes out in the following phase. It’s not all about BG’s here. Additionally, people know all too well that people twink lower level brackets 19, 29, 39 and most players will avoid those brackets.

It’s also about world PVP. To me you get the best of both worlds, you can probably kill 90% of the 60’s you come across especially if you do group world PVP, and you will likely destroy everyone in the 50-59 bracket for WSG and AB.

Plus I like a challenge. And this offers what I think is the most likely scenario for a decent opportunity for anyone to shine with 50 talent points available. Another thing is that if you aren’t into doing dungeon carries a lot of good BOE gear is readily available at 59. It may not be your BIS but still very close, in some case BOE gear is BIS.

And there is a risk of XP gains. To me, that is part of the excitement, you have plan out your character, aim for reasonable goals and if done right you should never have to worry about exploration XP. That’s why I think there is so much flavor in Classic, it’s the real distinction between twinks. Some twinks will have a piece of gear and you’ll be like damn, how did he get that/those.

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Makes sense.

But me personally, if I decide to twink I’d probably go for the 39 or 49 bracket. Like you said, the lower the bracket the more twinks.

But really, I’ll be making probably at least 2 60 “twinks”.

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I think it’s pretty cheesy to twink 59 using a 60. Assuming lvl 58 R10 armor exists, 59 is the best bracket to earn your own gear if you aren’t in a raiding guild because it’s the worst twink bracket. That’s what makes it good.

Edit: If you plan on gearing up before BGs to dominate 50-59, you’re just setting yourself up for a dead bracket. If the other faction doesn’t get similarly geared, they’re just going to do AV and hit 60 to avoid being steamrolled. It only works if there’s a large faction disparity meaning AV/60’s have long queues or there’s another guild on the opposite faction putting in as much effort to gear up, in which case you won’t be dominating 50’s.

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I’ll take that under advisement.


I like your idea. As someone who exclusively plays Rogues, after reaching 60, I’d eventually want to make a twink for each of the PVP brackets. I imagine that 59 would be one of the more challenging and time consuming to accomplish. I’m interested to see what your 59 Rogue’s BiS list looks like, from phase to phase, to see if there’s anything I’ve overlooked on my own charts.

(Petrolsk) #10

Theoretical PVP BIS I’ve ran so far is this, my spreadsheet scores it at 753.75
Darkmantle Cap
Zandalarian Shadow Mastery Talisman
Zandalar Madcap’s Mantle
Shifting Cloak
Zandalar Madcap’s Tunic
Darkmantle Bracers
Darkmantle Gloves
Darkmantle Belt
Darkmantle Pants
Darkmantle Boots
Myrmidon’s Signet
Protector’s Band (58)
Blackhand’s Breadth
Counterattack Lodestone
Precisely Calibrated Boomstick
Dal’Rend’s Sacred Charge
Dal’Rend’s Tribal Guardian

As far as phase to phase I’ve been looking at that as well. The issue is as you can see is BIS is not exactly easy to get. So I’m running multiple scenarios.

Edit: Did a check on my Felstriker values and HoJ (very speculative), I think I was a little off and have re-adjusted the numbers, and the list.


I’m glad I asked about your gear. It only took 13 years, but I’ve finally corrected the level requirements for those Darkmantle and Zandalar items on my armor charts, which I originally thought to be level 60. That really changes up the 50-59 section of my Twink Armor Chart. Let me know if you see any other items I’ve overlooked or listed incorrectly.

(Koushi) #12

I’m pretty sure those had a 60 requirement in vanilla, and it looks like WoWiki only lists those quests as being lvl 58 some time in WotLK.

(Petrolsk) #13

I remember getting the ZG bracers on my level 59 Shaman during the Burning Crusade. I never played Vanilla though. There’s also a video of a guy who got all of the Darkmantle and ZG pieces that were available but this was during WoTLK, the requirements of these quests never changed, just the difficulty in obtaining them. If you look at the change logs on these quests they were never updated only taken out at the Cataclysm.

Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23):Removed
Patch 1.7.0 (2005-09-22):Added

Edit: Zodar, you rock, your website was very helpful for me creating my spreadsheet.


I did some research, and it looks like Petrolsk is correct on both sets being available starting at level 58.

Zandalar Gear - Paragons of Power: The Madcap’s Bracers (Requires 2 Hakkari Bijous, 1 Primal Hakkari epic drop and 10 coins)

  • Archive of Allakhazam (April 2006):

Item: Blue Hakkari Bijou
Requires Level 58

  • Final Words guild website (September 2006):

As always we killed Venoxis with no problems(2ppl dead) and the drops were Primal Hakkari Stanchion for Aerlith(58 priest) on her first ZG ever

Darkmantle Gear - An Earnest Proposition (Questline to upgrade Tier 0 gear)

  • Thottbot comment (November 2006):

From Thottbot By SMKpaladin on 2006/11/24 (Patch 1.12.1)

It seems that the level requirements have been changed, I was able to accept this quest with lvl 58 prior to patch 2.0.

  • WoW Wiki historical pages (November 2006)

Level Obtained
Level 58

  • Wayback Machine archive of Jame’s Leveling Guide (December 2006):

In the Level 59 section (before reaching level 60):

Hearthstone to Ironforge, go to the throne room, turn in [60] An Earnest Proposition at Deliana and get your Dungeon Set 1 bracers updated!

(Koushi) #16

You’re implying the wikis are somehow comprehensive and not wikis.

You were always able to start at lvl 58, but if the mined data was accurate back then, you only could get so far. Looting a token isn’t the same as doing the turn-in either.

(Petrolsk) #17

I’m not implying anything.

(Koushi) #18

Not having a patch change note is hardly evidence of anything.

(Petrolsk) #19

… you choose to believe what you want, I’m not here to convince you otherwise

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So, in my recollection the queue to get INTO AV was sometimes hours long. Have they stated any plans on offering more instances? Havent really looked into it before now…