Class Tuning: Zero for Fury?

Seriously? C’mon Blizz, at least try to hide the fact that you don’t want Fury to exist anymore. Arms is getting a 2x increase on one aspect of their tierset and three pretty chunky talent buffs.

Why are we being ignored? It’s been how many days since a single Fury update?


Honestly at this point i’m not supprised the devs don’t seem to care about us at all.

It just plain sucks i’ve spent so long on this class that i’m not even supprised by this any more.

I am happy that Arms got some buffs, but is it enough?

As for Fury, Uncap us Blizzard, let us compete. Get your heads out of your A$$.

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The Retry, which was already ahead of the Arms, received much more. And then the utilities are always missing… Incompetent!

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They didn’t scroll far enough down the list to see Fury.

I think fury is pretty strong, but I think it needs to excel more in 5 target cleave situations. That’s our niche and certain specs still outdamage us in 5 target AND have uncapped AoE.

To be fair, I’m always happy to see buffs when it’s needed. However

Seeing Arms get buffs,


And then Fury get absolutely NOTHING, NOTHINGGG,

That gets me tilted


Arms is probably still going to suck. They released their tier set horrifically undertuned, and then it’s going away in Season 4 anyhow. lmao

Fury is pretty fine. I don’t like our zenith is on a RNG legendary (that I now have), but to say we’re doing bad is untrue. Having out target cap increased, or giving us some other utility, would be nice, but DPS-wise we’re alright. We’re also incredibly sturdy.

Also, this got me. We’re doing fine in high fairly high keys, and Mythic raiding–probably better than we have since BFA.

You mean the AM changes that are exclusive to PvP?

I think he’s trying to incorrectly imply that fury is at the bottom of the dps charts and that by monitoring class performance, blizzard didn’t scroll down enough to see fury struggling so didn’t buff fury.

But fury isn’t at the bottom and is performing better than every class that got buffed, sooooooooo.

Fury have decent damage if played right but comparing to other melee classes that have better damage and utility options we are nothing. Ok we are sturdy as hell, we have a nice single and 5 target damage but thats it, look at rogues and dh with tons of damage and utilities on their kit or compare us to ret pallies that have uncapped aoe, lots of utilities and a not so bad st dmg after buffs…

Bad joke, I meant didn’t scroll down the DPS list to see fury’s ST damage at 3rd from the bottom.