Class tuning this coming Tuesday 1/23

What are the opinions on what’s coming and are you going to switch to an alt because of it.

I’m disappointed DHs didn’t get buffs.

I have felt quite strong in keys simply because my AoE is insane, so I already didn’t mind my middling ST. I think Ret paladins are going to be absolute monsters on Tuesday.

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I think the changes are mostly good. Not as ambitious as I would do, but it’s not bad.

Rets prolly gunna be busted tho.

Isn’t this, overall, about a 5% damage increase?

I don’t know what people have simmed out or tested; I’m stoked for free extra ST damage.

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Ret buffs for my birthday!


I’m mainly just playing my ret paladin right now so any increase in their damage is a good thing to me lol.

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shakes empty wallet because no pve warlock buffs

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The 30% nerf to plate wears and the 35% buff to cloth wearers is baffling to me. As if disc priest wasn’t already stupidly resilient…

I could kind of see them buffing warlock damage reduction in pvp though-- Was playing against a pretty geared panda-aff-lock in AB the other day, and that guy got WRECKED.

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what you talkin bout?

odd, big buffs for 2 button chart topping ret pallies, and DK get bread crumb buffs, i think they forgot a 1 infront of that 4%

I’m happy for the buff.

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shadow priests needed a buff.

Hefty buff for Shadow. Love to see it.

Eh none of my specs or main is touched so meh. No feeling either way.

Now i can play my SP again

other than the ret buffs i like what i see