Class Tuning - January 29 (UPDATED)


Probably a nerf since efflo is unreliable, and mastery matters a lot on M+ (on full HPS builds, not on DPS builds).

(edit) voulk says its buff for raids net healing

Resto’s tank healing is something that makes resto a bit unique compared to disc priests (they are really weak at it), and this is directly affected.


I am indeed. I would be shocked if it were additive. On the other hand, Gladiator’s Maledict exists…


Looking into Dk from a fanfare perspective. Frost is centered around playing with Breath of Sindragosa. Leading to a lot of downtime or extremely harsh punishment for using the ability then getting targeted with an ability. For it lowers the time BoS can be active due to lacking runic power gains. Leading to very little output for two minutes of pure down time.

Unholy. When legion was in full swing unholyfelt very weak until their Tomb of Sargares set made their army sync perfectly with the legendary shoulders. However now unholy has a weaker form of Dark Arbiter, no legendary, and low hitting abilities. Death coil is not cast enough for a flat 20% really to mean much or help lift unholy from the bottom five of the logs. Unholy needs a lot more help mostly in regards to the Azerite traits.


Whaaaaat, come on : no WW monk nerf this time ??
After killing 80 % of our dmg and abilities ?
Wooooww, thank you ! that means we have one week or two to enjoy the ashes you left us, before one of the geniuses in your team decides it’s time to go back at it again/ What could it be next time… hmm let’s see : ToD > done, Self healing > done, aoe skills > done, overall dmg > done… what could we do boys ? i mean come on ! find a WW monk nerf quick


any feral buff’s cause we still do no dmg

(Sifu) #47

Aren’t UH doing absurd AoE damage and one of the best arena specs in the game right now?


Mastery is more important than efflo in many situations. We don’t need further nerfs.

(Charax) #49

Good, arms was way behind everyone else but 8% is too small compared to what we gave up for dmg (healing/utility)

Rend isnt a nesscary thing to change, it’s not competitive vs 35% execute phase.

Mortal Wounds still needs fixing, and has been needing fixing since 8.0 It needs pandemic effect

Previous execute nerf needs to be reverted, can’t execute phase properly at 20% refund instead of 30%

Striking the anvil needs a buff, the utility of earilier MS is great but the trait is bottom tier.

Please remove seismic wave trait as well, its a dead trait and its blocking too many good azerite choices. Or undue its previous nerf, it was a great trait when it was good since it required positioning.

Too many azerite gear in SoD are fury friendly and only 1 of 9 are good for arms, its bad, do some ring fixing.

(Zoumz) #50

The absurd aoe thing is a very niche thing, you can’t do that 99% of the time.
Pvp balance isn’t done the same way as pve, I’d take all the unholy pvp talent for pve if that was a thing.

You might want to see


Out of many PVP seasons, this is by far the hardest for restoration druid healing. Our hots barely heal regular damage and nourish/regrowth spam are no where near viable in higher ratings. I really don’t understand what goes on in the pvp tuning meetings. Most of the restoration druid PVP talents are never used. I really hope they don’t just like buff lifebloom by 10% and call it a day.


Holy sh*t tell me about it … Make Cyclone baseline great again ! So we can atleast try to have some diversity


Nonsense Tinder, they won’t just buff lifebloom by 10% and call it a day.

They’ll buff it by 12% and then call it a day.


I just want to clarify, is this out of season april fools joke ?

No nerfs to dot casters ?


Volk, can’t you see they’re trying to take down the real threat first. Resto druid.


This would make me soooo happy!

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Gonna go ahead and point out things I strongly believe need to be buffed/fixed for Unholy:

  1. Scourge Strike needs to be fixed so it hits Explosive orbs.

  2. Harbinger of Doom talent feels very underwhelming compared to Soul Reaper, I would suggest buffing Harbinger of Doom here.

  3. Gargoyle, as previously stated, needs love. I would say its CD needs to be reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes, and increased damage from Runic power from 2 back to 1 like Urioh suggested.

  4. Magus of the Dead, Harrowing Decay needs fixes/buffs. Could allow more choice of Azerite traits or open some new talent builds.

  5. Unholy Blight off the GCD and possible damage increase or CD reduced from 45 sec to 30 sec.


That would be a dream come true


Need info on Guardian Druid. When are they not gonna be garbo.


8% damage on ST abilities isn’t going to fix the drastic nerf done to Execute a few weeks ago, especially considering that Fury was ahead of Arms before that nerf(the fights in Uldir just favored Arms in terms of the amount of 2 target and execute heavy fights). The problem is, there’s too much down time with Arms, it sucks having to rely on auto attacks to generate the vast majority of your resource so you can do damage.

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You legitimately want people to stop playing this game. Specifically healers. GG