Class Tuning - January 29 (UPDATED)

(Urioh) #22

NOOOO not like this

it was supposed to be a Garg change from 3 to 2 mins and increased damage from rp from 2 back to 1

:frowning: :rage: :frowning:


I hope you’re contemplating not nerfing resto druid in pvp. Maybe consider buffing Disc. Remove the new idiot trinkets. Don’t blanket nerf azerite traits by 50% try balancing them instead of being lazy.

Just some suggestions.


No Hunter buffs at all?


What about WW monks?


Meanwhile warlock has two specs in the top 3 haha nice


No Shadow priest nerfs? wow im actually suprised

(Gurthäng) #28

Most of our talents need some love theres only one viable build for raids, but thats happening to all classes.
Also 20% isnt enough something around 40% woud put it in the right place.

(Neocamp) #29

Agreed, no BM changes is absolutely ridiculous. You expect me to believe that you are actually looking at the data and not just throwing darts at a board? Freaking unreal.

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I don’t think you realize how big of a nerf that is to druid in pvp…

We keep 3 hots on the primary target usually, 3*6% is 18%… 18% reduced healing minimum… With nourish we are often keeping all 5 hots up… 30% reduced healing.

Rdruid is not dominating the ladder in any way right now.


And Efflorescence is not something we use in pvp often…



Could you clarify what you mean by this? Effect of Mastery: Harmony reduced by 6%.

The changes aren’t on the PTR and I don’t want to be incorrect. My read is that our base 4.8% mastery will be reduced to ~4.5 and each point of mastery will cost 6% more. Is this correct?


Also you forgot to get rid of the stupid warmode alliance welfare 400 gear. You’re trying your best to kill off the game


For resto what do you mean by 6%?
Is it if i have 10% currently i will now only have 4% or is it a 6% nerf of what the percent already is so 9.4%?

If its the case where you end up with 4%, does bliz have a reason they are starting a balance change with a nearly half nerf to our mastery?


My guess is that it’s a 6% nerf to the mastery effect, not an additive nerf to mastery ( I hope). So I’d expect that if you have 16% healing bonus from mastery now, you’d have 15% post patch. Our mastery stacks additively with hots so for 3 hots using the previous numbers it would be a 2% nerf to healing output.


Thats what i am hoping it is


Learn to manage runes/rp and you’ll be ok. Fdk feels fine on my 360 fdk


The 20% buff to Death Coil is appreciated. But its not enough. That needs to be about 40% to make a noticeable improvement.


The thing is, our mastery is naturally additive… we put up more than 1 hot… Alot of the time I have 5 hots up on the other teams target, it stacks… This is a gigantic nerf in pvp.

Even if it’s 1%, it’s a 5% nerf overall for someone like me who spams nourish to keep people alive… and you must SPAM nourish sometimes to keep people alive.


It’s not even quite that much tbh. On your armory you have 18.64% mastery effect. With 5 hots pre vs post nerf that’s a healing multiplier of 1.932 vs 1.876. 1.876/1.932 is a relative nerf of 3% overall healing. So it’s not quuiiiiite as extreme as you’ve made out.

With that said, I’m not going to sit here and pretend that rdruid pvp nerfs are justified.


Yeah, that’s my issue… they’re nerfing Rdruids in pvp with this. Furthermore, you’re assuming that it’s some math nerf instead of a straight 6% nerf to our overall mastery.