Class Tuning - January 29 (UPDATED)


Juuuust got my third blur piece, too.

Thanks guys. God forbid you fix butchery or something, right?


Wow, more huge numbers changes. Increases of up 100%, 150%, and 200% with reductions of up to 1/3rd! I used to think the PTR was for testing so you would catch such power disparities before you released new content, but now I know you use live as the new beta.

(Charax) #163

FIX/REMOVE SEISMIC WAVE, it’s an absolutely trash traits that’s taking up arms traits and ruining gear choices

Striking the anvil still needs a buff.

Mortal Wounds debuff still needs a fix.

(Surge) #164

Can you imagine nerfing enhancement of all specs by 7% right before mythic opens?


(Titansqt) #166

15% chaos bolt damage buff in pvp is an absolute joke, it already takes away half of our health bar if it hits, let alone multiple, let alone if they are also using the on-use trinkets.

Also RIP lights decree, hope they didn’t nerf it because people were stacking that trait, considering it drops from every BoD ret azerite piece

(Kaivax) #167

I’ve updated the OP again - with the 3% damage increase to Marksmanship.


Is Sub deleted yet? I feel like this is just their way of slowly removing it from the game to make way for our Assassination overlords.

TFD needed a nerf but the compensation for it is pretty appalling considering it’s barely midpack and requires very specific fight circumstances to do decently whereas Sin deals with all sorts of things because dot classes rule the roost seemingly.


I feel like they’re forcing us to go MM or SV over BM, I’m cool with SV. But MM is just still boring.

(Lockedheart) #171

how about looking at Guardian sometime?
bottom of the barrel tank needs some TLC…

there is such a huge gap between them and the like of war/bdk/monk


35% damage reduction to Searing Dialogue trait is going to hurt our AoE damage in M+


Did you guys nerf Enhancement just by looking at bloodmallet data? We aren’t even an overperforming spec, based on world of logs? What the hell?


I’m not understanding the nerf to TFD on Sub Rogues. The spec is already quite a bit weaker than the other 2 and it was propped up into some form of competitiveness by TFD.

It be nice if sub was given an identity more than “the spec you bring for that one niche fight”. They were big on Zul and I’m sure they’ll be big on Oppulence in Mythic, but where else do you see them outside of certain M+ dungeons? If you’re nerfing TFD please do something for them in return (something that isn’t replicating shadows as it doesn’t fit).

(Varrow) #175

I don’t really understand this at all lmao.

You buff druids and warlocks (???), shadow priest is completely untouched.

You gut enh shaman (what lmao)

Arms and Unholy still seem pretty trashcan. Arms gameplay still has massive issues and huge downtime.

Can you at least tell us WHY you thought locks and druids needed buffs?


Where’s the compensation for both Shaman specs, Sub Rogue, and Fire Mage?

Honestly I’m still trying to wrap my head around why you’re nerfing “Champion of Azeroth” when it’s literally only available on 1 piece of gear at 355IL. Like did you do your job after quickly looking at sims/bloodmallet? Or do you actually have some kind of idiocy to back up these terrible changes?


Please contemplate Feral Druid PVP tuning as well. We’re dying faster than clothies and it’s confusing.


This post specifically focuses on the azerite trait changes (nerfs) that will be affecting enhancement shaman DPS.

A 30% nerf to both primal primer and strength of earth seems a bit extreme. It may be true that our class was pushing out some decent single target DPS this week, specifically when we were able to equip specific azerite trait combos, but I still don’t see how this justifies a 30% nerf on two of our main traits. At the end of the day, these two traits just leveled the playing field, and allowed us to be competitive with the other melee DPS within a raid composition. Unfortunately, what we seem to be seeing now is a “knee jerk” reaction by Blizzard with a 30% nerf.

I remember a similar situation last tier when it was assumed that DH and their eye beam damage was “too much” and it was also put under the nerf bat. Before those nerfs went into effect, they were reverted with Blizzard saying, “we want to take a little more time to collect data before making changes. . . “

That being the case, I suggest that Blizzard reverts the nerfs to primal primer and strength of earth in order to gather more data. Six days cannot possibly be enough time to gather enough evidence to nerf those traits by 30%.

Please revert the changes; both the primal primer and strength of earth builds are extremely fun to play.

Thanks for your time,



I’m convinced the Devs are actually idiots at this point. There is no other reason you destroyed Disc in 8.1, destroyed Sub AGAIN, and then buffed Destruction warlocks who were Already over performing.

The **** are you idiots doing to your game?


pretty sure thats what happened

(Tatiana) #181

That’s a weird way to spell “Beast Mastery”.


After a hard day’s work perusing the top of Bloodmallet sims for all specs, we have this tier’s initial mythic tuning. Solid work lads I’m proud of you.