Class Tuning - January 29 (UPDATED)


BoD is more spread cleave damage fights. These cater to the DoT classes. Not so much as a class is OP, the fights are just more aligned with the damage DoT classes deal.

Edit: And Destro has Havoc ability which is why they are so high too.

(Varrow) #115

The Arms buffs don’t feel like enough, I’d also wonder why we don’t see any tuning at the top end?

Balance, shadow priest, and warlock all seem pretty bonkers and will only be more so on Mythic difficulty.

Balance is really pretty darn good otherwise, gotta give props for that. But the 2-3 specs at the top and 3-4 at the bottom are pretty big outliers it seems.

Additionally, what about trinkets? You gave the whole spill in the Q&A about wanting new stuff to actually be upgrades. Why is a 50 item level upgrade Grong trinket a downgrade from the Darkmoon Fathoms trinket? Why is the Jaina Anchor Trinket and Mekkatorque engine trinket less than half a percent better than fathoms at a 50 item level upgrade? Why are raid trinkets so pathetically bad so far in BfA?

It’s not like the Fathoms trinket is OP or anything. It accounts for roughly ~3% of proc damage on most any sim i see across classes that are using it. Raid trinkets could use a bump IMO.

(Perifery) #116

Thank you, now the game is fully fixed.

(Niroe) #117

This deathcoil buff is not enough for unholy to make DK’s competitive in the new tier. More needs to be done to increase unholy ST because these boss fights are not made for frost which is also performing poorly. The deathcoil buff results in a 1.8% ST increase which is unremarkable.

(Tewa) #118

Let’s take a look at the latest tank representation:

Monk: 456
DK: 441
Warrior: 101
Paladin: 100
DH: 31
Druid: 28

Does this seem right?

Monk: 661
DK: 501
Warrior: 174
Paladin: 163
Demon Hunter: 69
Druid: 58

Does this seem right?

Monk: 1,043
DK: 848
Paladin: 300
Warrior: 274
DH: 117
Druid: 99

Does this seem right?

THIS IS NOT BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE JUST PLAYING WHAT THEY WANT AND HAPPEN TO LIKE RED AND GREEN CHARACTER NAMES. Warriors were on the bottom for every fight last tier, you buffed warriors, and now they’re up with Paladins. People didn’t suddenly decide they like brown; they switched to Warrior (or, more likely, back to their Warriors) because of changes that were made.

Monk & Death Knight continue to be 70%+ of raid tanks, put together. DH and Druid continue to be low single digits.

Druids were 20% of the tanks used on Mythic Argus, but are only 2% on Jaina, so far. And that isn’t a number that’s going to significantly change, because Druid numbers were equally bad in Uldir.

The worst-off tank in Antorus was Warrior, but they still had triple the representation on Argus that Druids have on Jaina right now.

(The most used Mythic tank on Argus was, of course, Death Knight, which was 29% of tanks used. But Blizzard seems determined to keep DK’s as the preeminent tank in WoW forever.)

As somebody who’s been tanking since Burning Crusade, this is the worst tank imbalance we’ve had since vanilla - when there was only 1 tank class.


(Kaivax) #119

I’ve updated the OP.

(Orphii) #120

So, we’ve sort of buffed cruddy BM talents and gave MM a straight 10% buff to abilities.

Neat. Let’s leave BM in the dirt until the very beginning of the next expansion (WHEN IT INEVITABLY GETS A HUGE NERF AGAIN) because no one can balance anything…


Un-deniable proof that Blizzard hates Enhancement Shaman.


imagine a world where everyone is playing frost and they nerf fire mage more. :man_facepalming:

(Orphii) #123

Well that’s just not true.


Can we get that 5% back yet?


So BM got almost no buffs, you nerf other 2 specs and don’t even touch warlocks / spriests / boomies ???

I know cali has legal weed, but can you stop microdosing acid.

(Jackson) #126

Imagine nerfing marksman hunter just as it starts to recover to its pre rework state, and is still at 1/8 the representation of BM

(Delritha) #127

It was mentioned that Fury of Xuen is getting it’s chance to proc reduced from 1.5% per stack to 1% chance to proc. Will this also increase the stack size from 67 stacks to 100 stacks to compensate the nerf?

(Mammoth) #128

No tank balance at all? Minimal healer balance? Props for at least making an effort for DPS, but the lack of over changes is concerning.


Chaos bolt needed to hit even harder? Just what?


There’s no Effort being put in anywhere.


First you nerf Blaster Master, now this?

What about thes warcraft logs numbers where fire is down the bottom says to you fire is too strong?

But for Shadow and aff: nothin to see here boys.


i cant believe you done this


Yea…those buffs arent enough. Unholy DK just got a 1.8% buff.

So heres 1.8% of a thanks.