Class Tuning Incoming -- March 28

IKR! I’m done!

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Still traumatized by Xelnath, I 'spect.

can u buff frost mage plz. I wana be stupid OP like on my monk.

Idiot. They’re still incredibly strong even with these nerfs.

I see you forgot the Guardian buffs on your list. Let me help you there.

Guardian mastery scaling increased by 150%.
Ironfur now grants 4% magic DR per stack up to 4.
Every 3 TnC Mauls grant 1 charge of Survival Instincts.

Added clarification to two notes above:

  • Demonology
    • Demonic Strength now increases the damage of Felstorm by 300% (was 400%). This does not affect PvP Combat.
    • Dreadbite damage reduced by 10%. This does not affect PvP Combat.

reason for the nerf? demonology isnt exactly the meta class in AoE department


Any clarification coming on the rest? (why the nerfs? where they already are settling back down since the fixes to bugs. They really make no sense, aside from maybe BM and RPAL.

Any word on nerfing Judgements of the Pure PvP talent? Or wake of ashes stunning all demo pets every 30 seconds for 5 seconds?

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Because they tune based on Power Infusion logs.

Right? Did they even read ANY of the posts? I dont think understand if they were PvP or not was even the concern at hand. Imagine that was just intended as a fat middle finger to us. :confused:

If demo is so far ahead in Aoe why are they right in the middle for council?

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Ret is still dominating PVP. These nerfs did nearly nothing. Its unbelievable. Unsubbing until you’ve removed Judgement of the Pure.


Okay cool, uh any other clarification and justification you’d like to share? Maybe regarding hunter nerfs after we just lost the Bow that actually made us a class?


Can we get some clarification on the PvE side of the Demonology nerfs? The Warlock community, including some of the best Warlocks we have, are extremely confused over the PvE side and it feels like the nerfs are being based on logs at the start of the week which were inflated because of bugs that have since been fixed.

None of the data we have after the bug fixes shows any justification for nerfing the AoE output of the spec. They’re still mid pack on fights like Council in the raid and Demonology has progressively fallen down the list in M+ content where having a strong AoE profile is required. Demonology also trades off having a strong single target for what AoE it does have to set it apart from the other two specs that blow it out of the water on single target power, and Destruction has already overtaken it at AoE power.

It just seems odd nerfing a spec that’s middling at single target but does okay at snap AoE but it’s not even the strongest spec at said snap AoE, with that going over to Warriors and Devoker.


Why are you making the nerfs not apply to pvp? Demo lock is one of the strongest specs alongside bm hunter and ret paladin. Like what? They 100% could and should receive at least minor nerfs.


Feels like the nerf application should be reversed. Apply it to PvP but leave PvE alone. Applying it to PvE and not PvP is just baffling.


Those would be fine to implement imo. But i’d really like JoP fixed asap and wars looked at too lmao.

Just bugout/kill the tyrant, super easy.

nerf warlock, really? warlock is a s class?