Class Tuning Incoming -- February 7 (Updated)

Well, what do ya know? They say devs don’t listen, but I know some bears that are gonna be real happy with this.



Good start, but after shooting MM in the foot for no announced reason I really hope they take this chance to buff the spec out of the use of steady focus. It is the worse spec to use as MM and really shoots it in the foot for raid.


Tooth and claw still needs to reduce magic damage but does not


Awesome thanks. I don’t play druid, but there’s more coming soon I’m sure.

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The PTR forum has been updated to 10.0.7 and first draft of the notes are posted. Shamans in particular are getting a number of changes. I suspect more tuning will be added over time.


Ooh thanks, I’ll go look

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You can announce you’re gonna help Marksman anyday now :slight_smile:


This is a start, but survivability still has 2 major problems even with this.

  1. layered defense against physical damage - Bears have armor, but we don’t have a way to outscale armor + block or armor + % based defensives of DH
  2. These buffs do almost nothing for magic damage, which is almost all of the big damage this season and our major issue.

I like the idea of being able to spec a full armor build, however Bear will still be very vulnerable to magic and our new talents you gave us are still a combination of dps losses, buggy mechanics, or DRs that don’t affect magic (as we found with TnC)

Appreciate you all looking into this, please keep iterating on this.


needs more magic survivability
bring back mark of ursol.


All three hunters specs are garbage. I’d take buffs to any of them just to have a decent one to play at this point.


What the heck is up with everyone’s forum avatars?!?


Hopefully this isn’t all the changes to Guardian. Making useless talents slightly less useless does nothing to help Guardians druids. Naked prot warriors will still out perform guardian druids even after these changes.


More armor doesn’t solve anything.

The Ursoc’s Fury buff might have been okay… IF you hadn’t done stuff like moved Flashing Claws from the middle section into the bottom, basically making it inaccessible.

The bear’s biggest problems are magic damage (which it still has no defense against, except its major cooldowns), and its horrible and bloated tree.

Please read my analysis here, you might find it helpful.

The way to “open up” the bottom section of a tree is to consolidate and reduce the number of talents. NOT to add more like you did.


Yeah, you guys absolutely need to just combine some of the talents in the middle and bottom of the Guardian tree and make things more accessible in general.

On top of that, we need a baseline magic damage reduction of at least 15%, if not more. Give us some talent or passive that reduces magic damage based on some percentage of physical damage mitigation from armor and we’d be all set.


Hope to see what else is added, but if its 2 good I won’t have any excuse to fall back on when I get one shot :cry:

Hunter buffs when?

MM needs better single target and big survivability boost.
BM needs massive buff to AOE.
SV? Who cares about it… Revert it back to ranged.


We either need Mark of Ursol back, or have Ironfur also add some magic damage protection.

If they can add a splash damage component to Ironfur (Thorns of Iron), they should be able to add a shield mechanic or magic damage reduction.


Brewa I knew you’d be here.

But he is correct, Bears need magic damage mitigation.

Also, looking at these changes, we already are encouraged to take 3/4 paths through the middle section of our spec tree, now with these changes, all 4 paths feel like they are heavily tilted towards our survival.

That, combined with just HOW MANY talents are below the 20 mark, and we are at an amazing loss to be able to actually work with the pts allowed.

A big help would be to combine the beserk nodes into 1, move two talents from below the 20 line up to the middle and chop row 5 talents to 1pters for the same benefit.

This would still make us feel the need to spec all 4 branches of the middle (not sure what to do about that). Between Earthwarden, Tooth and Claw, After the Wildfire, and now you’re buffing the Reinforced Fur line, it feels like you are stuffing our middle full and blowing all our talent pts to try to make up for our base lack of mitigation.

Please try speccing yourself and see if you can pick up enough talents to actually feel sufficiently tanky, because I’m not seeing it with the current bear tree, even with the changes listed above.


For example, here is a build that leans into your changes and tries to work with them. This is something I wanted to do for 10.0.5 as a full “armor bear”

The goal is for my Ironfur to be long, and strong, and down to get the freak sht on. :slight_smile:

However, I still need Earthwarden, because autoattacks hit like a truck. I still need the survival of the fittest line since Reinforced Fur is buffing Barkskin and I want longer Ironfurs to build up that armor. So even ignoring Maul completely (because we don’t have the points for it and will never use Maul now with this kind of build…), we are still pressed for points going into the bottom section. Between all the Moonfire talents we need to keep up 10% DR that is our only real magic mitigation that we need to spread around manually because it only applies to 1 or 2 targets…

And we need Rage, so we have to go circle and blood frenzy or we won’t have the rage to cast Ironfur for more than a stack.

But ok, throw in Sleeper for a cooldown and Thorns of Iron for damage. Maybe that works.

Thorns of Iron does horrible damage, even stacking a ton of armor, and we don’t have enough talent pts to take other damage talents because we spent it all trying to get enough mitigation to survive.

So what do we do? Explain to us how we can make a spec with what you’ve given that can survive as well as another reasonable tank and do enough damage to justify us being there.

Too many pts, not enough bang for the buck.


For the love of god, get rid of the STUPID build-a-berserk idea. It’s been universally hated since Day 1 of the tree going live in beta, and it’s somehow still there.

There needs to be a hell of a lot more than that done, but that’s the obvious wart on the tree.