Class Tuning Incoming -- December 20

OMGWTF Literally unplayable!! /s

Too far away, like all their spells.

Are you seriously suggesting they should balance around “fights” that last five freaking seconds?

Just dont do PVE. You can make them into a salad in PVP.

Lord this has to be sarcasm. As of now, they have way too many buttons as is.


You’re not serious.

Hoping the 35% Animal Companion thing means that it no longer effects our other talents that summon pets, like Murder of Crows, Direbeast etc etc like it currently does.


Added the below changes to this week’s class tuning update:

Player versus Player

Demon Hunter

  • The Hunt deals 20% less damage in PvP.
  • Misery in Defeat now increased damage dealt to the target by 10% in PvP (was 20%).

How about you nerf those overtuned M+ dungeons instead of nerfing players again and again?


Where is the 30% buff to BM hunter damage?


Bout time.

NOW BUFF WARLOCKS AOE. Destro in particular. I would like to see you, without an Infernal on a 1.5 to 3 min CD, get high AoE… yea aint gonna happen.

Hey guys do “good” AoE once every 3 mins… or maybe every 1.5 mins. While everyone else gets it EVERY SINGLE PACK.

It was confirmed by Ghostcrawler that the majority of the dev team play mages. It sheds a lot of light on their balancing decisions.

They suck at their own game so they keep the class/spec they play relatively strong and refuse to touch it because if they did then they’d have to face the reality that they’re bad at the very game they made.

You people really don’t know.

We are getting out of the 3 expansion systems and borrowed power and stuff and now classes are on a path back to normalcy.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath. It took them ages to buff Frost DK in Shadowlands when we were the worst spec in the game. Hopefully they treat y’all better

The majority of those prior powers are still here.

The only thing different is that we can freely opt in and out. Basically no different than mid to end expansion when blizz drops the barriers to QoL and you get things freely that took a bit at launch.

Please revert the DK Death Strike scaling nerfs in PVP as well!

The other DK PVP nerfs hurt, but are manageable; but Death Strike was severely over-nerfed!

Kiting behind LOS and Bandaging is now more effective than spamming Death Strike, that is totally out of whack! That’s the kind of playstyle a Hunter should have, not a slow plate-wearing Death Knight!

While wearing full honor-gear in Solo Shuffle a Fury Warrior lept way-deep behind LOS 50yards from their Healer. My Priest even gave me PI and I dumped every CD into the Fury. I LOST the 1v1!

How does an Unholy DK blowing every CD WITH PI on a Fury Warrior who is totally out of LOS of their Healer STILL lose the punch-each-other-unga-bunga?

I understand that Warrior should win the sustained DPS race if a DK tried to just face-tank them all day, cause sustained-pumping-pressure is Warrior’s only niche. But while CDs are running, or if the DK spends all of their resources on survival, the DK should logically win or survive.

Dampening already hits Death Knights very hard even before the nerfs. ATM I feel like I’m being forced to give up on long-term strategic plays and just go brainless unga-bunga, because every minute that passes in Arena Death Knight gets disproportionately weaker as literally all of my survival tools become useless.

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Was talking about balancing and tuning.

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Quick question, do any devs even play Enh shaman in PvP or do we just get nerfed because someone’s boss had a bad day?

Spriest, DH, Fury Warrior, etc all need nerfs more than we do in PvP, and yet we consistently get nerfed while DH are doing nearly double our damage.

It looks like they’ve binned the Shaman this xpac to make way for Evoker, lots of shaman mains on class discord have rerolled until further notice especially the resto portion of Shamans.

Resto Shamans are severely undertuned and Blizzard decides to go ahead and buff the resto druids :rofl: AND rework 2/3 of their class talent trees while nerfing whats left of the Shaman players.

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Yeah because they should nerf WW Monks ability by 30% that normally hits for around 50-60k while Shamans are hitting people with 150k Elemental Blasts… Hurrrrrrrrrr

Come on guys I was only hitting like at most 220k with the hunt this is ridiculous you are GUTTING our class how am I supposed to kill people now???

By tickling them to death like rets outside wings

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