Class Tuning Incoming – July 25

So did they nerf Brewmasters because they’re the least-common tank in key levels 7 to 13, the least-common tank in key levels 2 to 6, or the least-common tank in key levels 14 and up?

(All three are true, by the way.)


Nope, they did that because someone internally either hates BM or on paper it is viewed as ‘strong.’

I just provided the obvious rules lawyered excuse as to why stuff post M20 fails to pass the ‘we make everything playable’ as far as stats are concerned. Can’t take that data from above M20 and use it against them when its not actually counted in the numbers in the first place.

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I’m just… OK, they don’t care about balance in keys higher than 20. Let’s assume that’s true.

So what DO they care about? It’s obviously not balance anywhere else, either.

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Buff Holy Priest damage and healing! Also buff fade’s damage reduction for Holy only by like 110000000% and give us instant cast salvation with 2x the initial healing and make the renews from it last 2x longer, and give us a talent from SL night fae that makes overheals absorb.

Essentially, you didn’t do any more tuning over the weekend, and got brow beat by players in this thread. So, you just canceled the BM PvP buff, that did jack all anyway, so you could say you did something? Okay then.

It’s clear you are NOT listening too the Hunter community in the slightestEnd of Season one you buff the class too compensate for a weapon then turn around and say nope too powerful DESPITE many classes being ahead.
The community has constantly asked for better survival and offered countless threads of feedback all IGNORED.
I can play a mage get absorb shield of 100k+ a group shield 2 heals and another shield with cold snap.
Hunter defensive’s are weak long Cds and completely ineffective.
I could be more patient and forgiving if this was a new game but with 20 years of data and testing behind you this expansion class tuning is a utter joke.
Nearly every 2 weeks something is either nerfed or buffed or ignored,its no wonder players are dropping off if you say your listening but really arent.

When i play a mage,spriest or ret i look at their survival compared to a Hunter and the dev team is simply ignoring a whole community.Perhaps if you stop removing the things that work and the community are happy with you wouldnt have so many issues with all Classes.

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Does the mind trauma change make you able to steal up to 9% stacks from one target? Or is it limited to 3 stacks per target still? It doesn’t specify… Guess we’ll find out later today tho after reset

None of the tank tuning makes any sense. Druids are currently the highest damage tank and got no damage nerfs while monk did. Warriors are the worst damage tank and blood the second worst, but blood gets a bigger buff than prot warrior. It’s just silly.

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Blizzard is outsourcing their tuning to, that’s all. And their “tier lists” which show Brewmasters 20% higher than Guardian Druids, even though sites like warcraftlogs are bear tanks top to bottom when looking at DPS numbers.

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List your own key. I have a couple portals as a SV Hunter where I do more than enough damage to clear. Anything past 20s is not on Blizzard’s radar since it is comprised entirely of people fighting solely for internet points.

It is difficult to be invited, but not impossible.
However for them to invite you is very rare, usually they would prefer the meta class whether you like it or not.

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Did we just skim over the very first 4 words of the post or what? I didn’t know I could be uninvited from my OWN key. That’s probably a bug and should contact CS.

People need to get through their heads they don’t need the “exodia comp” to do content almost 1/3 as difficult as the top groups.

Like it or not, that’s how many pugs work today… you can even see several LFs in the search engine, literally 80% of 20-25 ask for it (Druid Guardian, Hpally, Aug evoker, Fire mage and Spriest prefer) or others are more daring saying “Only the classes already mentioned”
It’s just sad, you only have to build your key and nothing else

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It doesn’t matter that they don’t need it. It makes things easier and people tend to follow that path of least resistance. Very few people are willing to challenge themselves more than they need to for the exact same rewards, unless they themselves are the ones playing an off-meta class and they have some attachment to it.

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Retribution Paladin Single Target talent build is not good at all, very, very weak! AOE is awesomely fun and good damage out puts. Just constantly let down by ST, unfortunately.

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Arena sucks when Hunter is OP.

With Brewmaster often considered the worst tank regarding survivability by the community (if not also in reality) it is odd they would be nerfed in damage. As I understood current tuning (after recent tank buffs and nerfs) most well played and geared tanks average close to one another in damage when survivability talents are prioritized, but can vary greatly from one another when damage talents are prioritized. Such as similar gear and buffs on a Blood DK may provide 30k DPS less compared to a Protection Paladin and the DK cannot heal a party member to full every few seconds. While damage matters in high M+, utility matters quite a lot. Who holds agro easiest at the beginning and throughout a large pull, and can heal the group, and handle all the affixes, and cleanse teammates poisons and diseases, and pass out fall damage or physical damage immunities, and bring a battle rez, and be immune to all negative effects and incoming damage every few minutes, and a constant 3% damage taken reduction buff for the whole party or raid, thats a prot paladin. If Brewmaster had only the survivability of Protection Paladin and damage of protection paladin it would still leave the team at a disadvantage, and it never even got the survivability.

It doesn’t help that a chunk of Brewmaster’s higher damage potential depends on you NOT playing for survivability. Like deliberately keeping yourself in high stagger for Training of Niuzao, etc. (And thereby making it the healer’s problem, just so you can do more dps.)

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The Prot paladin equivalent is the opposite. Due to normal abilities and augmentations by talents, nearly everything a Protection Paladin does in an effort to keep their damage high, increases their survivability. They can sacrifice some damage as needed to heal the party or pass out blessings but if only used as needed it’s a smart trade, because teammates that are alive are most useful.

Brewmaster is in bad need of a rework, on many levels.

They tried to address some of it regarding button bloat this patch (since Brewmaster has the worst button bloat in the game), but then they nerfed and undertuned 2 of the new talents so barely anybody even takes them.