Class Tuning in Progress -- January 12

class balance is a problem yes but not the main problem.
the main problem is that the whole game is a chore, World Of Timegate.
People are already insanely bored, fixing class balance wont change much, its already too late.

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They’re amazing in both maybe he just hasn’t touched that spec since MoP?

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Imagine comparing a %20 healing pot to a freaking self ress, people like you don’t use your brains often huh? If you have one.

breaking news:

fury warrior buff wasnt enough :slight_smile:

I love how you talk about everything but broken Paladins, way to be biased lol.

WW is crazy good in pvp and Pve do you even play your class? People need to stop with the biased crap. You’re running serenity and using keefers sky reach over Whirling dragon punch and invokers delight, maybe you just don’t know your class.

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If you have a position Sir, Id gladly discuss it? Ad Hominem does not strengthen your comment…

You’re comparing a %20 healing pot that removes curses and diseases that’s on a 3 min cd to a literal self ress. Self Ressing should never be a thing in arenas and the fact that blizzard blocks out any Cd ability over 5 minutes ( LOH, Army of the Undead, Shaman self ress etc) but make an acception for any night fae player running podtender which is a 10 min cd ?. You can defend that broken mess all you want to, I’ve noticed the usual ones
Including yourself defending it are night fae and run it themselves so obviously you’re going to be biased no matter what. If you die in arenas you should stay dead and that’s that, you don’t deserve a second chance.

It removes bleeds thats the big thing, and its a cheat death mechanic many classes already have one if talented.

Ugh I keep seeing the first part of this thread’s name and getting excited then realizing it’s an old one.


How is it a cheat death? You make absolutely no sense. You know how simple it is to reapply bleeds and curses ?. Let alone that %20 is not a lot and the healing is reduced going against any class with a heal reduction debuff ability ( mind games also eats it up). Keep defending your broken ability bro lmfao, can’t argue with the bias indenial. It’ll be removed from arenas eventually so you baddies can stop being carried by a self ress.

A RET PALADIN calling for DKs to get nerfed. Awww someone mad that a DK spammed you with Chains of Ice that one time in a skirmish so you couldn’t rofl one shot him with 14k templar verdicts? Sad

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Does blizz even know SV hunters exits? lol. First, nothing for new expansion and then just not looking at it not even once since the beta.


Blizz clearly has just picked 1 DPS spec for classes with multiple DPS specs to make sure are functional and didn’t even bother trying to balance the others.


Betaweavers. We are a live test benchmark for how to improve other healing classes and then we become…
Genericweavers. We have no identity, it keeps being relocated into hpals and disc priests. But we still have thruput and that makes us…
Parchedweavers. Such punishment for doing our job with all the rusty buttons at our disposal.
Mistweavers. Are near extinction.

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Destruction needs it the most!

frost mage needs another 3% bump on damage and a serious (15%) bump on the shield/ it’s still a one and done deal.

They know it exists. They’re just trying to get even with the old RSV Hunters.

“We didn’t care about your spec, so we replaced it when a spec we care even less about.”

It’s the ultimate slap in the face.

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These changes are from a month ago…

oh lol… it was linked on my discord a few hours ago… gg…