Class Tuning in Progress -- Dec. 15

You know the answer to this…

Obviously no.

Still waiting to see the glorious meteor of sub rogue nerfs in the sky. Coming crashing down to earth. The children seeing it and pointing and smiling and laughing as they play in the yard.

Yeah it’s funny because they only have like 5 abilities XD

They need to buff our Rampage by like 10% on top of 5% overall.

Which amounts to like a 7-8% DPS nerf if you’re SUPER Mastery-stacked.

It’s roughly a 350 DPS nerf relative to a class that is simming for well over 5k single-target, at the highest end of currently-attainable gear.

Folks, the class is very much a top five spec even after this nerf and it’s probably in a better spot relative to its competition after this because two of its three most direct competitors also got nerfs.

We have the final PvP adjustments for this week, going into effect with weekly maintenance in each region:

Player versus Player

  • Demon Hunter
    • (Conduit) Unnatural Malice’s effect is reduced by 50% in PvP.
  • Mage
    • Arcane
      • (Legendary) Arcane Harmony may only reach a maximum of 10 stacks in PvP (was 15).
  • Rogue
    • (Conduit) Reverberation effectiveness reduced by 50% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was a 30% reduction).
    • (Kyrian Covenant) Echoing Reprimand initial damage reduced by 50% when engaged in combat with enemy players.
    • Assassination
      • Nightstalker increases damage dealt while Stealth is active by 25% (was 50%).
    • Subtlety
      • Cold Blood (PvP Talent) damage is now properly reduced by effects such as Versatility.
      • Shadow Blades now deals an additional 30% damage against enemy players, (was an additional 40% damage).
      • Nightstalker increases damage dealt while Stealth or Shadow Dance is active by 8% when engaged in combat with enemy players (was 12%).
  • Pelagos Soulbind
    • Combat Meditation Mastery value reduced by 50% in PvP, and duration increased by 50% in PvP.

Any word on Frost Mages? I know a bunch of Frost Mages that went Venthyr who very, very quickly regretted their decisions as soon as they started trying to make the spec work in a raid environment and rerolled entirely or ended up having to gear up for Fire and switch to Night Fae on the fly because it’s the least-bad Mage spec outside of weird Arcane cheese on specific fights.


Those Rogue changes…

YES YES YES YES YES! Thank heavens. I hope you Rogues in WM are camped over and over again.

Lava Burst?

These cannot be the final changes, are you guys even playing the same game??


:cold_face: FROST MAGE buffs?


For this week though. It’s a process lol.


there are frost mages in the game :slight_smile:


Please man hunter pets are dying so easy when focused

It’s completely gutted survival/BM from any chance at being competitive

Also disc priests what on earth


Yeah…these being the only pvp changes does not make sense at all. PvP is really stupid right now.

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I think it’s quite obvious now Blizzard does not care for frost mages and are letting them rot completely. This is just absurd and asinine at this point…


Yikes on the MM changes.

You are nerfing the spec while ignoring the main thing thats been causing issues. The night fae ability is way overtuned for MM, to the point of being 10-16% of total damage in raid fights. For people that chose other covenants, like myself, and don’t have that huge damage from wild spirits, this hurts a lot more.


Nah it’s just base marks

I’m pretty sure kyrian marks would also have been doing extremely reasonable damage too

Another class that has a lot of benefit from mastery

Noticing a pattern here?

It’s really not though. Check the logs of any top hunter raiding. They are all night fae, using wild spirits. With 2 casts (2 min cd so 2x per fight), its pulling 10-15% of total damage for that hunter.

Same with m+ keys. Beside the fact we are already strong in aoe, its being amplified by wild spirits. Instead of nerfing that, hitting the entire hunter kit really does hurt us.

“im pretty sure” isnt backed up by data at all. Literally just look at the logs

There goes marks kyrian pvp lol. thanks for destroying a spec that wasn’t even S tier in pvp. Imma go ahead and unsub. CBA to switch covenants. Terrible system

No doubt it’s the best but I wouldn’t be shocked if kyrian could provide some damage around the mark of 5%-10% more damage

So they would have to gutter stomp wild spirits causes more annoyance with the hunters player base, give it a nerf by a bit and take it down from 15% damage or what not to like 12.5% and it’s still the best or target overall hunter damage

It’s all round dumb still and they should just unlock these idiot abilities so they can nerf them with out people having fits