Class Set Feedback: Warlock

Where was Hunter’s blue post?

It is incredibly frustrating and disappointing to see that our tier set bonuses for affliction/demonology are still bugged going into the first half of mythic raid testing. Destructions set bonus remains clunky and feels awful.

Having no communication from the development team is just unacceptable. Even posting something like “hey we’ve seen your feedback and are still discussing it internally, we just got back from break and you should see something in a build or two” or “we have no plans to change the set bonuses” would be better than the complete radio silence we’ve received since PTR went live.


Agree with Hooyah!

Another patch. Not a peep on Warlock Tier Set Bonuses

Destruction’s also seems to never proc. At least in my experience. Feels more like a 5% chance than a 20%.

So we have had 2 tier sets with broken portions and one that’s essentially not there at all if you aren’t lucky on RNG. Really hope to hear something soon.

EDIT: Damn, I summoned it!

Greetings, warlocks!

Thank you for your patience and apologies for the wait with regards to an update on the tier set bonuses coming in 9.2. We’ve been watching the discussions happening on and off the forums surrounding the Warlock bonuses and appreciate all the feedback provided.

We’ve made some changes to the tier set bonuses that should help each mesh better with their respective specialization’s toolkit. Without further ado, here are the changes you should see in the next PTR build:


Set Bonuses:


  • Malefic Rapture’s damage is increased by 15% and each cast extends the duration of Corruption, Agony, and Unstable Affliction by 2 sec.


  • While Agony, Corruption, and Unstable Affliction are active, your Shadow Bolt has a 20% chance to make your next Malefic Rapture cost no Soul Shards and cast instantly.



  • When Malefic Rapture extends Absolute Corruption, it instead causes the target to take damage equivalent to a tick of Corruption.


  • Drain Soul’s chance to proc a free Malefic Rapture was increased from 4% to 10%.


Set Bonuses:


  • Call Dreadstalkers has a 100% chance to summon an additional Dreadstalker.


  • Your Hand of Gul’dan has a 15% chance per Soul Shard to summon a Malicious Imp. When slain, Malicious Imp will either deal Fire damage to all nearby enemies of your Implosion or deal it to your current target.



  • No changes.


  • Malicious Imps no longer grant a Demonic Core.
  • Malicious Imps no longer grant a Soul Shard when slain.

Note: Malicious Imps granting Soul Shards created a huge reliance on addons to maximize their potential. Rather than having value potentially lost, the throughput of this set bonus has been moved to the Malicious Imp’s damage and uptime.

  • Malicious Imp’s on-death damage has been increased by 388%.
  • Malicious Imp chance increased from 5% per Soul Shard to 15% per Soul Shard spent.


Set Bonuses:

2-piece NEW

  • Every 10 Soul Shards spent makes your next Chaos Bolt or Rain of Fire free to cast.


  • When Rain of Fire or Chaos Bolt is freely cast, you summon a Blasphemy for 8 sec.



  • This bonus has been changed (see above).


  • No longer summons a generic Infernal, but now summons a Blasphemy.

  • A Blasphemy behaves as a normal, Rain of Chaos Infernal would (this won’t change tuning or numbers).

  • If a Blasphemy is already active and would be summoned again, its duration is extended instead and does impact damage at its current location.

Note: We’re extending the duration rather than summoning additional Blasphemies to make sure this bonus remains reasonable in terms of performance and readability. The impact damage on extension is to ensure extending isn’t a value loss.

  • Blasphemy grants Rain of Chaos, if talented, for its duration.

Several bug fixes have been made as well and those will appear in the next PTR build. We appreciate all the reports as they’ve been immensely helpful in tracking down and fixing issues with the tier set bonuses. Thank you for your feedback and we look forward to seeing you in Zereth Mortis!


Thank you for listening to some of the major pain points here - i fear destro will still be kinda underwhelming due to CB’s tuning. but this is loads better than the initial version.

or ya know - get a little crazy and drop infernal to a 2m CD as well…

i suppose this 4p opens the door to ROC shenanigans and could have a singular blashphemy infernal out for a LONG time if you god roll


Thank you for these changes. 1 thing though. Is the Malicious Imp spawned from the Demo 4 set supposed to contribute to Demonic Consumption or not?

Thank you so much for the feedback! The Destruction set looks much more consistent with that single 2p change, can’t wait to test it on PTR next week.

Hugely disappointed in the changes to the Demo tier set. It’s such an incredibly boring change. The previous version of the 4pc gave so much Core procs and shards that it felt great and even started skewing us toward not having to play Night Fae.

Both the 2pc and 4pc (in most cases) are literally just ignorable damage increases now.

Glad to hear about the changes. Looking forward to testing!

Initial impressions are a bit worrying for the balance between the specs still, but Destruction certainly looks like it will feel a lot better to play (even before the 4 piece bonus!)

Definitely surprised to see the DS proc rate for Aff go all the way to 10% though, fully expect it to be the sole choice on the talent row again at that rate. I know many players prefer that, but it was nice to see Nightfall as a competitive option for a bit there.

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thanks for feedback ! thanks for making some of the changes suggested ! which means yall were reading our posts :slight_smile: demo was already good just buggy on ptr…im huge on affliction so thanks for drain soul 10% so i wasnt forced into shadow bolt which feels horrible…destro way better less rng. i dont want to push my luck but im still praying yall are also paying attention to tuning because lord knows affliction and destro need some ST tuning they are both very under tuned at right at the bottom…thanks for what you have done already and hope some of that class tuning promised comes next!

Thank you for taking this feedback seriously :slight_smile: It really is nice to see some of the changes are exactly what a lot of us were hoping for.

I’m hoping to see some class buffs so demo doesnt solely rely on PI to get higher in the charts, affliction is again competitive and that destruction name doesn’t lie and it actually destroys it’s enemies quite effectively.

I love the class tier bonuses, but the biggest worry I have to them is that without them, the class isn’t strong enough to compete for spots in groups. (That goes for all, not just Warlocks) Something to keep in mind for the future. Thanks Blizzard!!

Hey there!

I just want to preface this discussion by saying that I am very thankful and appreciative that the dev team has put so much time and work into fixing all of the tier sets for every class, but with the newly changed Warlock tier set I wanted to bring some big problems that this will have for pvp. Therefore, this post is mostly focused on ARENAS

Just to give a little bit of a background on me as a player, I am a 2500cr Warlock in arena but I have also CE raided since Nyalotha and have multiple rank one parses so I am very familiar with both sides of the game, therefore I will provide feedback that I think will benefit both aspects of the game!

I believe that the majority of the tier sets issues come from the 4piece, so I will start with that one and the easiest solution.

[4] While Agony, Corruption, and Unstable Affliction are active, your Shadow Bolt has a 20% chance, and Drain Soul a 10% chance to make your next Malefic Rapture cost no Soul Shards and cast instantly.


With the current state of Shadowlands PvP, the first row Affliction talent ‘Inevitable Demise’ has encouraged people to avoid both Drain Soul and Nightfall because Inevitable Demise is the option that provides the most for the player in terms of offense and defense.

Therefore, as an Affliction warlock in PvP you are never casting a Shadowbolt or Drain Soul in arena because of the plethora of other options available to you.

Why do you never cast Drain Soul or Shadowbolt?

  1. You have one school of magic, so generally you cant afford to be interrupted, because your defensive wall, mobility and dots are all on the same school and sometimes you need to press them in a pinch. The class also relies on kiting and mobility as a defensive and both of those abilities (Shadowbolt, Drain Soul) require you to be stationary for a long time to get value out of them. Being crowd controlled, interrupted, or kiting will make the overall value of the tier set very low.


An easy solution would be to add a Drain Life clause to the [4p] set bonus, so that way it benefits the Inevitable Demise talent and it would keep it the same in PvE because you rarely press that button in PvE content. The tier set could read something like this!

[4] While Agony, Corruption, and Unstable Affliction are active, your Shadow Bolt has a 20% chance, Drain Soul and Drain Life a 10% chance to make your next Malefic Rapture cost no Soul Shards and cast instantly.

  1. I think this would be a great change because then it would lead to Malefic Rapture being used more in arena, because currently its usage and impact is very low and the tier set is not useful.

Other Solutions

There are many other ideas that could be used to benefit the spec both in PvE and PvP. Heading into Shadowlands I thought that Unstable Affliction was going to be a tuning knob for Afflictions single target damage, as it is something that the spec is struggling with in the most recent raid tier, as you can look at fights like Guardian on the 95th percentile to see this issue.

Therefore I think a tier set that would center around Unstable Affliction or Agony could both greatly benefit the spec in PvP and PvE and would also return the spec to a damage-over-time monster that it has been in the past.

Possibly returning the addition of the damage buff if your Unstable Affliction is on a target, or centering the tier set around dot damage could be an amazing start!

tl;dr: The affliction tier set relies on spam casting Shadowbolt or Drain Soul which isn’t realistic in current arena gameplay due to interrupts, crowd control and required kiting. Adding a Drain Life clause to the tier set would greatly benefit the spec and add even more to the “damage-over-time, drain tank” playstyle in PvP and hardly impact the spec in PvE.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read the post and great job so far!


This is the christmas present i asked for Santa Claus.

Very anxious to play around this new version of [4] for Demonology, as a 15% per shard chance should make 45% chance per 3-shard HOG, and the increased damage o expiration of mImp will rly make you notice him.

Some players might think of this as a nerf, but that is because the version currently on PTR is bugged, with a 50% chance proc-chance per shard instead of the intended 5%, making it just broken.

The Shard and Demonic Core being removed is probably a worthy sacrifice for more imps being proc-'d and them dealing more damage.

Can’t wait for the next week to test it and provide some more feedback.

Malicious imps should have the same chance to proc a Demonic Core as normal imps do unless Malicious Imps spawn in addition to wild imps and not as a replacement for wild imps from Hand of Gul’dan. Otherwise, this could result in fewer than intended Demonic Core procs and thus hinder more demonbolt-centric builds.

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This is really good stuff to see, thank you. It addresses the pain points in Destruction and Demonology really well. Affliction still feels a little underwhelming and it doesn’t seem like much will change with this sadly.

My biggest fear is still that Demonology’s 2-piece bonus is incredibly strong and will skew player options early on before a full set bonus is acquired, where Affliction and Destruction may catch up eventually. Coupled with Demo currently performing a bit better overall than the other two specs, it does feel like the tier sets might be exacerbating this situation in a raid environment, especially for the higher end.

Still very excited to check these out in the near future, and will personally hold off on any other feedback until then!


And thats how it works, if you cast a HOG with 3 shards and it procs, it summons 4 imps (3 regular wild imps and 1 malicious).

You know i am very biased towards Demo, but with [4] being such a interesting change, i wouldn’t even feel bad if they swapped [2] and [4] places to avoid Demo [2] just overwhelming the other warlocks tier sets.

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Thank you for the changes! The new set interactions look much better. I’m hoping (as most locks have said) that Destro and Affliction are tuned up to be competitive, even demo could use tuning so that PI doesn’t DRASTICALLY change your DPS to the point if you don’t have it you feel like a wet noodle. Destro also being in the state that it is and not competitive in 2 target or ST DPS is a disappointment. If you compare Lock to Mage (another three caster cloth class) the balancing between specs is miles different. Love Shadowlands, excited for ZM and next Xpac, please please please buff Lock so next tier is enjoyable for every lock spec.


Aff PVP Focuses Tier Set Feedback -

  1. Locks are pigeonholed into night fae
  2. Above leads to Inevitable Demise being the de-facto choice. As such Drain Soul & Nightfall are not options.
  3. Having 1 school of magic, lock’s won’t cast shadowbolts
  4. MG doesn’t do any impactful dmg in PVP and is not worth casting risking interrupts. Rapid Contagion and Deathbolt are more bang for buck.

Solution: Give Drain Life a chance to proc 4 piece. With bad luck protection. Locks will at least use free instant cast mg for extending dots