Class Set Feedback: Shaman

In this thread, we’re gathering focused feedback on the Shaman class set, coming in Eternity’s End.

Please note that initially in the PTR, class sets are a work in progress and will undergo substantial design changes in the near future. We’ll let you know the details of those changes as they are developed, both here in this thread and in our Development Notes thread.

Thank you for testing Eternity’s End with us!


Restoration Shaman Set-Piece feedback:
I’m excited to adapt my playstyle to the 2 set, but the 4 set (Spirit Link Totem reduction) feels like a pretty weak and unrewarding to me. I’m assuming partially due to how strong the 2 piece set bonus is (not sure). I would love to see if the 4 piece could be tied to a throughput option or any option at all that feels more interesting and maybe tied to buttons that feel more rewarding in all types of content. Even something as simple as replacing Spirit Link Totem with Healing Tide Totem and moving the bonus crit on chain heals down a bit. Looking forward to 9.2 either way, thanks!


Also healing cooldowns in raid are scheduled. No RL is going to schedule a cooldown based on a %chance that it will be up in less time. This won’t affect usage in raid at all.


The 4 pc Resto shaman tier set reducing spirit link CD is very weak and needs to be tied to a different ability if this is the design choice. Typically SLT is assigned, so random cooldown reduction is not helpful. If the bonus is tuned in a way where you can consistently get a 2 min cd on spirit link it could potentially be ok but seems excessively mana intensive and fight dependent for that even to be marginally useful.

If changed this should aim to at least add some throughput to the 4pc. Comparative to the Holy Paladin 4 set which is a similar mechanic this 4pc falls far behind.

Additionally, the 2pc idea of incorporating chain heal back into resto shaman rotation is good in theory but the mechanic of having to chain heal off of a person you just used riptide on is less that ideal. This lowers the time of a reactive chain heal and takes time to setup which will lead to excessive over healing reducing the value of this bonus and the associated crit. I love the idea of bringing chain heal back I just believe that other activation methods could be used. Such as simply gaining the increased crit chance when you gain tidal waves buff.


oof profile didnt update in time i promise i dont play paladin :rofl:

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Resto feedback
The 2 set on paper brings back an ability we haven’t been using too much this expansion which is interesting. The 4 set though feels completely dead in the water it might provide some benefit in niche scenarios like mythic + but feels super lacklustre in comparison to other healer set bonuses. Would be great to see a set similar to hfc or antorus come back in some way for our 4 set adding another layer to our gameplay.

An inconsistent reduction on a spell that is primarily used at set/specific times just fails to hit the mark, almost encouraging resto shamans to not use the 4 set, it’d leave a sour taste to cap off what’s been a fairly consistent expansion for resto shamans as a whole.


Resto feedback:
the 4pc CD reduction on spirit link is lackluster since it is typically used at specific times or phases of a fight. seeing that the 2pc is geared towards buffing chain heal and having a synergy between CL and riptide, how about casting riptide give a % chance to make the next chain heal or chain lightning instant-cast? still has a mana cost but would make using chain heal a little more useful, and instant-cast chain lightning would be a nice benefit for M+ content.

Resto Feedback:

The 2 set piece I believe is an excellent choice. Incentivizing the player to weave into their rotation a spell they don’t use often is a fantastic idea. There’s talents, conduits, pvp talents and legendries that all interact with that spell so it makes it even more interesting.

The 4 set piece seems like a no go. It’s one thing to have an incentive to weave in a spell you don’t often use but if you’re going to have to spam that spell exclusively to make sure your raid cooldown comes off cooldown in time so your raid doesn’t wipe sounds terrible. If your raid needs your SLT every 2:23 and you get unlucky with mechanics or because it’s designed on RNG, crits, and you don’t get enough crits you could possibly wipe the raid. You could say just set it as a 3min to be safe but that brings up back around to why have this as a 4 piece bonus?

I don’t think RNG cdr on any raid cooldown is a good idea. Even if this was Healing Tide Totem you’re doing to run into the same problems. I don’t have a great idea what a better bonus would be but as it stands I would rather only equip the 2 piece bonus and just never use the 4 piece. I think the idea was well intentioned idea but it would be more acceptable if it were just “slt’s cooldown is now 2:30” or something you can guarantee.

Let’s start with restoration!(Healed mythic Soulrender, Remnant, Painsmith, Gofo, Fatescribe)
(2-Set) Chain Heal’s critical hit chance is increased by 30% on all targets it hits when cast on a target affected by your Riptide.
Very cool as currently the play style doesn’t have any emphasis on hitting chain heal in any meaningful way.
(4-Set) Chain Heal critical hits reduce the remaining cooldown of Spirit Link Totem by 2 sec. This is problematic for reasons stated above mine but just to reiterate. The RNG that is baked into this bonus will most likely still lead to holding your Spirit Link for the important incoming damage phase. Will do absolutely nothing to reward restoration shamans for using the 4 set. It is all based on the raid. Maybe you’ll make the fights timings line up more to benefit the resto shaman here but that seems unlikely.

Elemental!(My main Spec since mythic Sludgefist.)
(2-Set) While your Storm Elemental or Fire Elemental is active, your Lava Burst deals 20% additional damage and you gain Lava Surge every 8 sec.
Very cool 2 set when you’re taking the single target talents so it’s nice to have more single target damage as that’s where we’re currently lacking compared to the greater dps community(our AOE is pretty nuts though). It is anti synergistic when you take the Storm Elemental talent, this talent prefers you to cast ONLY Lightning Bolt to gain stacks that increase the cast speed of your Lightning Bolt, the faster you get to 20 stacks the better and this DIRECTLY opposes that playstyle.
(4-Set) Casting Lava Burst extends the duration of your Storm Elemental and Fire Elemental by 1.5 sec. If your Storm Elemental or Fire Elemental is not active, spending Maelstrom has a 20% chance to reduce its remaining cooldown by 10 sec instead.
The first part of this bonus is similarly great for single target and anti synergistic for AOE. The second part of the bonus is quite nice for both. Getting CDR on the the biggest cooldown we currently have will always be nice. Maybe instead of a 20% chance it could be based on how much maelstrom spent? More of a guaranteed CDR instead.

Enhance!(Mained 7/10 Mythic CN)
(2-Set) Spending Maelstrom Weapon has a 3% chance per stack to summon a Feral Spirit for 9 sec.
Seems like this will just be a general buff to the enhance playstyle. One issue is having to deal with the amount of guardians you can spawn(totems, pets etc). Being capped at 6, you already have Windfury down, potentially Earth Elemental for a defensive. There are situational totems as well that can add to this list. So something should be done to address this.
(4-Set) Your Feral Spirits’ attacks have a 20% chance to trigger Stormbringer, resetting the cooldown of your Stormstrike.
This has huge synergy with the 2 piece. Allowing for other talents to shine. Enhance will most likely revert back to a Stormstrike based talent set up/spam. It could have a great affect on current rotation priorities in it’s current state.

Overall I appreciate where they’re going with all of the sets, least of all would be the restoration 4 set bonus as it just doesn’t really have any place in the raid. Wouldn’t be surprised to see people skip the 4 piece if it stays as is.

I hope this helps and and I’m even more hopeful that there are some changes.


Hi all,

We’re planning to take the Restoration bonus back into the workshop and change it up for a future build. We want it to encourage you to Chain Heal sometimes and be rewarded for doing so, but the current 2-piece bonus is a little more passive than we think it could be. Many people have expressed dislike of the 4-piece bonus, so we’re going to change that up more substantially. Thanks for the feedback, and looking forward to seeing your thoughts on its coming iteration when we have more details.


awesome. i just wanted to say thank you for reading and responding so quickly to the feedback. i’m looking forward to seeing the next iteration!

edit: oops, forgot to switch to my resto shaman. i promise i play one.

was just going to post my thoughts but its pretty much what people been saying.

Thanks for listening

The Enhance Tier set needs to be redesigned, or we need Alpha Wolf.

We should have gotten a flame shock spread mechanic of some sort.

But if you guys are hell bent on us using wolf build (which idk why cause its boring af) then give us alpha wolfe back!


chain heal is so lame, especially for arena since you guys will likely not disable these sets there. just gonna pigeon hole shams into running the chain heal pvp talent when there’s so many other better and fun choices .

make it something else please.

There’s a massive concern with Enhancement shaman’s 2 piece quickly reaching the 6 “totem” limit (guardians including Earth Elemental+Feral Spirit wolves).

If that’s the case, it’s severely, mechanically flawed. Although this was most easily replicable in Torghast with the random totem dropping power, it would undoubtedly infect other areas of the game. This means either older “totems” (wolves often) despawning, or worst case scenario it sometimes makes your most recently cast totem fail to spawn (as in, the crucial moment you needed that specific utility).

This issue is doubled down in situations with high MSW generation, particularly M+ due to frequent higher target counts… which is also content where you make prolific use of higher impact casts of utility/earth elemental. Although I can only guess that in PvP their MSW generation is lower than spamming rotationals on an AoE pack, the idea that a Grounding Totem could be cast on cooldown and not show up to the party because of random wolf luck sounds awkward.

Really any other design that does not involve “totems” (guardians) spawning would be far better, all numbers and covenant imbalances and whatever other grievances aside.

Although it’ll be tested soon enough, if the intent is that these wolves are completely separate from this mechanic in some way (not being classified as totems), that would be comforting to know.


As others have said, the Enhancement set needs something more.

  1. Totem/Guardian cap needs to be upped or removed. I believe Wordup did some preliminary sims and it doesn’t seem like we’ll get more than 6 wolves ever, but it’s just the chance that it could happen. We need to not be capped (especially if we have other totems down, WFT and earth elemental).

  2. Wolves are a very lackluster cooldown and still do meh damage. Their damage was buffed when 9.0 came out, but it still feels like a very weak cooldown compared to other classes.

  3. This only helps single target. Other classes get something that help some of their less used damage areas, but we’re just getting more of what we already are “good” at. Which is single target boss damage. Please, give us Alpha Wolf. This way it helps out single target and is actually useful during cleave. Alpha Wolf would make it so we aren’t just single target damage dealers.

I also believe you should have given us some sort of Flame Shock spread to make Fire Nova and Necrolord useful, but … that seems to not be in the cards for us.

  1. The 4 set bonus revolves around reducing a CD that is assigned every X minutes to match raid damage. Reducing the CD is meaningless and feels bad.

  2. The entire set bonus is not usable in pvp as you do not cast chain heal at all in competitive pvp

Nice! Glad to hear it. Thanks for listening to feedback!

Please make the bonus revolve around a skill we actually use in all forms of content (m+ and pvp) and not just raids. Making the set revolve around chain heal makes it pretty dead for dungeons where we never use that spell.

Resto Shaman (focussing on cutting edge raiding)

2 set - I think this is a good idea and has great synergy with a couple lego sets. (primal tidal core / elemental conduit / spirit walkers), could make it extremely strong… however does not have any meaningful synergy with any conduits (nature’s focus is extremely underwhelming). If that conduit could be buffed or changed in some way it could be good

4 set - healing CD’s that vary in cooldown rate each pull are horrible to assign for high end raiding. Obviously would love for this to be changed, my thoughts would be to build on the chain heal playstyle… (not sure if it would be too strong but something like "if chain heal crits on the jumps the healing reduction is ignored. Basically allows people to play wellspring or ascendance and will get something close to high tide).