Class Set Feedback: Mage

In this thread, we’re gathering focused feedback on the Mage class set, coming in Eternity’s End.

Please note that initially in the PTR, class sets are a work in progress and will undergo substantial design changes in the near future. We’ll let you know the details of those changes as they are developed, both here in this thread and in our Development Notes thread.

Thank you for testing Eternity’s End with us!


Frost mage set is very weak compared to most other classes, arcane mage 4 piece set is literally a dps loss in many situations, and all of the covenant legendaries for mage are horrible, if not completely non-functional on single target. Show mage a little love please ty :slight_smile:


i sincerely hope the arcane 4pc gets reworked. for kyrian it sucks.


fire mage set, killed it. Seems fun, fire is a whole lotta fun with instant casts and thats what this tier set promotes. I personally have come to love the way SKB works in raid. Issue really is all of the covenant legendaries for the class are lacking and they dont really work with how the class wants to play

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Current Frost Tier Set Bonus:

  • 2-Set - Frost Storm - While Icy Veins is active your spells have a 25% chance to call down a Comet Storm on your target enemy. This effect cannot occur more than once every 30 sec.

  • 4-Set - Frost Storm- Enemies hit by Comet Storm take 2% increased damage from your Frost Spells, up to 10% for 8 sec.

The biggest problem with the Frost tier set bonus is that it doesn’t in any way interact with the spec. There is literally no incentive to take Comet Storm over Splitting Ice, even if it would apply the increased damage debuff on the target. You will also only get 2 or 3 Comet Storms off before Icy Veins drops. It’s just incredibly underwhelming.

Maybe change the 2-Set Comet Storm proc to a Frozen Orb instead? That at least synergizes with the rest of the kit. It would also pair very well with Freezing Winds.

Could also consider changing the 4-Set to something like the old Ebonchill artifact power that allowed the mage to hold 3 Fingers of Frost charges instead of the damage buff? This would at least help mitigate some of the proc munching, although the entire rotation really needs to be addressed to solve that problem completely.

I’m in no way saying this is the best option, just my contribution to the topic.


If you guys are dead-set on having comet storm proc off of the set bonus for Frost, maybe reduce the ICD from 30 secs to 5 and just reduce the damage to 1/5th of the regular comet storm to compensate, this way the 4-set bonus will be more worthwhile. This will allow for the 4-set bonus to be active longer, but our damage isn’t looking like it’s going to be over the top considering how weak the mage covenant legendries are for Frost.


Not just weak. But I feel like compared to the Fire and Arcane set bonuses, the Frost set bonuses are rather dull and uninteractive at a gameplay level, in addition to being weaker numerically.

Using Comet Storm in the bonuses sounds like a fun and interesting change up. But it’s implementation in terms of % proc chance and 30 sec cooldown really hamper the “Fun factor” of the proc.

Also the 4 piece bonus for Frost doesn’t really change the gameplay of the set. Perhaps buffs to Comet Storm itself could prompt some interesting gameplay but as is, the bonuses are underwhelming both at a numerical and gameplay level.


We still don’t actually know if CmS talent will interact with the 4-piece, or if only CmS’s proc’d by the 2p will activate the bonus. My money is on talented CmS not working, but we’ll see when it comes up.


As I said, even if, the tier set bonus is still underwhelming. :slightly_smiling_face:

Arcane: A good tier set but the instant ToTM should occur after you cast it not before. If it is before then you will be forced to cast ToTM during rune as opposed to having it be an instant cast during rune.

Fire: Very strong, good change to playstyle and will likely feel fun. 2% max hp dmg per second is too high however when we will potentially have around 50% combust uptime next tier (we already have 30%+ and we will likely run kindling next tier on top of the tier set letting us get more skb combusts off). This will make the set unusable on fights like Nerzhul especially on prog where you enter heavy healing checks (last 30% of nerzhul its very common for people to bleed out) where casting combust will kill you.

Reduce the ICD on the 2pc and it will be a decent set, if you also make it not consume winter’s chill and act like frozen orb and blizzard in that they benefit from the debuff but dont consume it that will make both the talent and the set piece much better. As it stands having a 30s ICD and a 25% chance to proc is a weird choice, either make it 100% every 30s (underwhelming) or 25% every 15ish seconds. The winter’s chill change is almost necessary for this set to not mess up your base rotation and to make a dead talent potentially viable in single target as its damage is currently incredibly lacking and never worth in a situation where you lose empowered ice lances to cast it.


I’ve mostly only played fire since, well, forever, so I can only speak about the one spec, but honestly, the bonuses I’ve seen so far look… lame.

2 piece> 2 more seconds of combustion??? You mean the 2 seconds you took away at the beginning of Shadowlands? Yeah, I remember. Giving us something back that you took away in the first place is not exciting at all. And then, is Rune of Power going to be 14 seconds now as well, like it also used to be…

4 piece> Combustion now damages you, compared to BFA when it literally healed you, and the reduced cool down on Fire Blast is just Memory of Lucid Dreams again.

So basically, the best idea Blizzard could come up with after years of no tier sets is to un-nerf combustion and recycle BFA content? lol, pathetic…

And don’t even get me started on how the set actually looks, because it’s awful from the previews I’ve seen.

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Mirroring a lot of what’s been said here, Comet Storm plays absolutely no role in current day PvE frost, either increasing the strength/frequency of the bonuses, changing it to something that works within our kit like Frozen Orb (Summoning Frozen Orb and enemies hit by frozen orb take X% Increased Dmg, up to Y%), or scrapping it and reworking it altogether in a way that makes sense with current frost would be nice.
Modern frost is all about that icy veins uptime, so it could be some sort of initial intellect or dmg amp during icy veins, increasing intellect every X seconds icy veins is active.
Basically anything that plays off of Frostbolt/Ice Lance/Flurry, Icy Veins/Frozen Orb as opposed to Comet Storm/Cone of Cold.


This would also be a good route to go, but would need the stacks to persist through multiple icy veins. Currently with Slick Ice the frostbolt buff which decreases cast time and increases damage is reset when you cast a new icy veins.

(just general feedback, not aimed at you OP)

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[frost tier set]
The biggest problem, imo, is that comet storm is awful because it can MISS. why can a spell that you don’t manually aim MISS?


The current frost teir set just seems weird. would love to see something that really hammers down on what we are already doing. Maybe more interaction with iv or iL.


To preface, I have a lot of experience with end game raiding as Frost mage specifically, so I don’t have a ton of feedback regarding Fire/Arcane.

That said, I’m a bit worried about the way that the Frost set looks, largely because of how clunky comet storm interacts with our kit. Since it can consume Winter’s Chill that we apply with flurry procs, it’s entirely possible for us to be losing out on our classes designed procs due to the proc of the tier set, which would feel terrible. I also don’t feel necessarily excited about the tier set in general, as it doesn’t seem on face value to have a very interactive component to it. The damage amplification is interesting, and may influence some form of proc saving to a very minor degree, but aside from that there isn’t a lot to it that we’ll be able to play around with. Ideally, I’d like to see the set redesigned into something that we can interact with in a more meaningful way, and at the very least, adjusted to have less anti-synergy with our kit in the form of Winter’s Chill consumption.

In general, I am really happy to be getting tier sets back, and maybe in practice the set will be more fun/interactive to play with. But just reading about it has me a bit nervous. That said, I’m still excited to see what is to come!


Please please rework the frost set. As is stands comet storm still has major issues. Firstly, comet storm has a tendency to literally just miss its target if its moving. This will be worse with random procs, unless you change how comet storm targeting works. Further, it consumes winters chill… Desperately trying to spend winters chill procs before your comet storm munches them sounds awful and compared to other tier sets will be literally awful.
Furthermore, linking the tier set bonus to icy veins makes forced down time in boss fights a huge dps hit for frost mages.
Honestly the the whole tier set for frost seems like a massive miss. Please reconsider.


The fact that Comet Storm consumes winters chill is a major issue here, losing control over your dps feels yuck and unrewarding in terms of play. Also tying down more things to IV seems to be hurting us a lot this expansion, lots of down time on boss fights really hurts us, this just makes it worse


The fire set bonus looks incredibly strong, and anytime you super charge fireblast cd the spec gets a fun adrenaline rush. Im very excited to see this set.

I am worried about 2% hp/sec causing some serious issues on sustained damage taken fights. Im guessing some leech may solve it but I’m not sure what the purpose of a negative attached to a tier set is unless its justification is ti make the tier set give more dps than other specs so it needs a negative to “balance” it…

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Frost set is bad, make it interact with how the spec plays.

Arcane set is just weird and not exactly clear how it will work with CD of touch etc, or if you expect it to be cast in AP.

Fire is ok, but rune length needs to be extended too, HP burn is too high, and can you make it clear if it will work with skb also?

The biggest problem you have is that all the mage cov legendaries are objectively bad and won’t help with dps at all in a lot of cases. Please tune accordingly.