Class Set Feedback: Druid

Buff Druid

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PLEASE rework change the resto druid set bonus.
or make swiftmend not cost a HoT


Resto Druid

to quote Jaydaa

If we’re going to stick with a Swiftmend-centric tier bonus, then rehabilitating the baseline Swiftmend should be the first priority. Allow Swiftmend to be cast on any target so we don’t feel punished or delayed with our strong single-target heal. When cast on a target with a HoT, have Swiftmend consume the HoT at full value to directly improve the throughput of the Swiftmend. This will remove the HoT-agnostic nature of the spell and hopefully replace the sense of loss with one of incentive.

For the tier bonuses themselves, the replication distance should be larger than 8yds if it’s not already. It doesn’t have to be across the room, but some leeway is always nice.

While a flat healing increase and instant replication of Swiftmend is nice and probably more easily balanced, it feels a bit removed from the spec thematically. A scenario where the HoTs are replicated instead at some duration or strength would feel more interactive and a natural part of the spec whose identity is blanketing their allies in healing.


Swiftmend is one of our most underwhelming buttons to press, and having it require a HoT on a target to press it feels really slow and the cooldown is somewhat long. I feel it would be more flavorful if the 4pc replicated and spread hots instead of consuming and spreading just healing.


Balance set seems nice. I worry about how it will continue to force Venthyr as our only viable covenant option though. A lot of people were looking forward to playing Night Fae again. Some balancing would be great. Also the 4 set will actually hinder us potentaly in M+ on large pulls without some sort of Starfall rework.

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Hey there druids,

Both the 2-piece and 4-piece bonuses for Restoration will be changed for a future build. Thank you for your feedback and we’ll continue to watch the ongoing conversations!


Cheers mate


So many thank you’s from the Dreamgrove!!!



Thank you!

Thanks a lot ! <3

This is great news! When deciding, think about making bonuses that tie in multiple abilities instead of two bonuses focused on one ability. Think combos, or ways to change rotations or making you have to decide which ability to use next. Casting swiftmend will increase the healing of your next wild growth, or make it instant or causes your next life bloom to tick twice as fast.

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it’s nice to actually see blue post responses again.

Looking forward to the change! I was disappointed with the tier set as it really does nothing in m+ and really wont provide much healing in raid, we are great hps healers giving we have no DRs but you still wont see us in prog mythic. As a restro druid main who pushes content we are in dire need of a dps increase for m+.

Well, burst healing is not what druid do. Druids are there to heal more slowly over time. That’s what the class is. Druids do fair damage if played correctly.

or just not using swiftmend at all…

For m+/raid/pvp i think dps takes a big part in the class viability as a healer! Having something that interact with dots and hots could be cool! Or mastery could have a impact on dots… just find a way to promote catweaving!!!

This is the best news I could hope for. Please improve the set bonus to help improve the class fantasy. Nothing about swiftmend is fun.

Feral Druid tier 2pc is not working with Convoke or the Apex legendary. It took a while for you to fix the interaction with Apex and Soul of the Forest (Please don’t let that happen this time around). Savage Roar doesn’t effect the 2pc either.

The 4pc doesn’t scale with our mastery and it also cannot crit?


Feral 2 set is currently not working with Apex legendary and Convoke.

4 set is also not scaling with mastery.

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Also taking a closer look at tier all the druid pieces have haste on them. 4 of them being very haste heavy. Please consider adding crit/mastery for at least ONE piece. As a Feral main this stats on these pieces are pretty worthless to me. You need to support all 4 specs when allocating stats to tier.