Class Set Feedback: Demon Hunter

I think the general consensus is more ‘Venthyr for sustained single target / multi target. Night Fae for burst aoe and m+’.

That’s the balance on live, and it’d be nice to keep that balance whilst also adding a tier set that both builds actually want to use.

clearly, but alot of these replies favor a more venthyr oriented tier set. i do have a dh tank for raiding mythic, in which i play havoc on the side. never liked the venthyr gameplay. its more of a blizzard made issue, but meta jumping away from your main target to prolong a dot is just…bad gameplay. but again thats more of a blizzard made issue. i for one wouldnt like any tier set that makes venthyr meta for st and aoe

It’s already been stated an ungodly amount of times why blade dance will not work in its current state. It absolutely does not work with Venthyr, regardless of tuning.

And just because something has always been doesn’t mean it always needs to be. It doesn’t have to press a certain build. We’ve never had this many systems that have impacts on builds in any WoW experience to date. Legendaries, Covenants, soulbinds, conduits, and Domination sockets (if they aren’t straight up removed which they should be) all contribute to let the player have a numerous amount of choices. It seems weird to give us free reign over which covenant that we can choose then instantly bring a set in that pigeonholes us into one build/covenant.

I do also want to point out that this is in the warrior forum, 33 posts in. Class Set Feedback: Warrior - #33 by Kaivax

Things can change.

We’re not necessarily favoring a Venthyr based set - Eye beam is one of the couple shared abilities that could be used between all builds currently. That, and it’s very clearly our top performing single target spec. It’s likely correct that it would push a venthyr/cycle build a bit harder, but it wouldnt be basically dead for Night Fae.

My personal suggestion was a throw glaive set as a neutral ground - something that isn’t being used but can be used by each build. It would even potentially open up other legendaries to use. Outside of TG, you have Immolation aura, Chaos Strike, Eye Beam, and Fel rush. If we remove eye beam as that favors Venthyr, we still have 4ish workable alternatives that should make everyone happy.

And to the people offering suggested changes to still utilize blade dance – Why are we even still offering suggestions based on the “every 5th cast” piece? Do we not agree that it feels terrible and should be thrown out? At best it offers a slight increase every 25 seconds. at worst you may not get a proc for minutes at a time, effectively making the 4pc a 0 dps gain on shorter fights (mainly looking at m+ for this). I don’t know how anyone can defend that.

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Not exactly.

The issue is we don’t want a tier set that would push a certain cov to be used. Allowing the class to have a choice between venth or nf would be better. As it stands the current tier set doesn’t even synergize with venth. If you make the tier set eye beam related chances are it would lean toward venth and kill off nf as a cov to use.

As it stands venth is ahead of nf without using the tier set and with nf using the tier set due to dbl leggo. The nf leggo is garbage.

They have so much they need to fix to make it work which we probably won’t see cause its end of an xpac.

WoW Amazing communication by blizzard DH Dev. Thank you.

In a future PTR build we’ll be making the following changes to Demon Hunter set bonuses, with the goal of making them exciting to a broader array of combinations of talent/legendary/covenant powers. We heard the feedback that the prior Havoc bonus was limiting your build diversity, and wanted to address that so that everyone’s excited about their tier set. As a result, Havoc’s 4pc has been completely replaced and 2pc updated, and Vengeance is being changed as we’d previously discussed.

• 2PC: Increases Blade Dance and Chaos Strike damage by 20%. This bonus also applies to Death Sweep and Annihilation while in Metamorphosis.
• 4PC: Metamorphosis duration is increased by 6 sec. Every 60 Fury you consume reduces the cooldown of Metamorphosis by 1 sec.

• 4PC: Consuming a Lesser Soul Fragment reduces the remaining cooldown of your Immolation Aura or Fel Devastation by 1 sec.

While these numeric values are still subject to change, we’re looking forward to getting this bonus in your hands.


Recommendation: Please have the Fury usage based on the original value for the attack, not the actual used following talents, conduits, or refunds. The First Blood talent for example reduces the Fury usage by 20 for Blade Dance, making it somewhat of a penalty.


Thank you. A million and a half times, thank you. This is a far more interesting and powerful set than it was before. Apologies from the bottom of my heart for all the salt, my faith is restored.


needs to be 1.5 secs tbh

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Thanks Blizz, much better and sorry for the salt


Very interesting; appreciate you and the team being willing to iterate on our tier set! I’m looking forward to trying this out when it’s available on the PTR.


sooooo good havoc 4pc. needs to be tuned up. Being in meta is fun!!! maybe add a eyebeam cdr to it as well or have it affect demonic as well.

We don’t need additional eyebeam cdr, then you just push venthyr more.

they can always nerf venthyr and buff blazing slaughter

Much better design, still somewhat boring on the 2pc but at least its strong now and relatively talent/covenant agnostic. 4pc i like the meta CDR, the extra 6 seconds on meta seems kind of pointless, i’d prefer just much heavier meta CDR and no duration extension. Getting meta down to 2-2.5 minute cd would be great, consuming 60 fury for a measly one second is going to be nearly insignificant.

Though numbers tuning can obviously come with testing, the idea behind these set bonuses is solid now.


im affraid with out eyebeam CDR the set pushes the CoH build which leaves us no pressing blade dance on ST and once again leaves us only spaming Annihilate and eyebeam on ST which is no good

I would suggest removing the dmg bonus of annihilation from the 2pc and just buffing the dmg bonus of blade dance to 40%

No, stop, don’t, cease, desist, incorrect…


Awesome change to Havoc…

Why did you decide to destroy Vengeance? Youre literally incentivized not to press Immolation Aura with this change… Guess its time to gear a different tank for 9.2

Great improvement, thank you for listening to the community feedback and making tangible changes to the tier set. Much more excited about 9.2 now.

I’ve always hated Havoc’s major CD being 4 minutes so this is a nice change to our tier set. Little bit boring but that’s ok for this tier, there’s always next tier for something more exciting.

The Veng tier set change seems like a bad change though. Having a bonus that reduces the CD of one OR another ability will more times than not lead people to not use the worse ability at all in favor of reducing the better ability’s CD (I worded this sentence weird but you get my point). In this case, it’ll be better to not use immolation aura at all for the guaranteed fel dev CDR. This was also seen this expansion with the Razelikh’s Defilement legendary where we wouldn’t use our sigils in order to get more elysian decree CDR, although this wasn’t so bad as legendaries were a choice + case specific. But when you only have one tier set bonus, it feels pretty bad.
If you keep this form of the 4pc bonus, either change it to CDR one ability or to affect both abilities at half the reduction. e.g. both immo aura + fel dev by 0.5 seconds each.