Class Set Feedback: Death Knight

Really sucks to hear about the proposed frost 2pc being unlikely to make it. Would love if the current 2pc is changed to anything else. While the current one is balanced numbers wise, its extremely boring and has no feel to it.

Is there a chance that a couple of the frost conduits could be looked at similar to the buffs unholy received this week to their conduits? Unleashed frenzy only works on frost strike and not RP spent, making it useless during breath, the cooldown reduction on ERW from accelerated cold is completely redundant, and eradicating blow is very weak/undertuned.

Given the proposed 2pc that a lot of us were very excited for is likely to be scrapped, having these conduits possibly looked at would be a nice consolation.

Thanks for the frequent updates and for keeping us in the loop with what is going on.


very dispointed about the news for frost DK. I was excited about the changes of yesterday for unholy DK. I thought you would release similar changes for frost dk in days. But now you gave the worst news,"a lot more difficult to implement ".

At beginning, I was very happy becasue I thought finnaly there is someone, who knew what frost DKs needed. The promised bonus has good links with Murderous effeciency in the talent and Koltira’s Favor. We really need good links between talents, spells, conduits and legends. However, apparently you knew what is needed but “it is a lot more difficult to implement”…

For a long time, you guys kept ignoring we complain about Glacial Advance in talent. We needed you to have a glance at it and can you guys expplain why this spell is in talent and not given and why it needs cd. If you have tried to play frost Dk, you would notice during cd of Breath of Sindagosa, we can only use Frost Strike to consume runic power, which is for a single target. We need one spell to consume runic power to AOE as Epidemic of Unholy, which is exactly Glacial Advance. But it is in the talent and it needs more than 5s to CD. 4-set bonus gives it "free " by comsuming Killing Machine, so we really need to trigger Killing Machine more. Then the promised new 2-set bonus gave us hope. But now “it is a lot more difficult to implement” because it is not your priority.

I do not even want to start the complain about the 2-h design for Frost Dk. Now you guys just kind of give up re-designing bonus for Frost DK because “it’s been hard to prioritize solving it over focusing our efforts and dev time on more critical elements of the patch”. I guess the reason is that there are few Frost Dk players, but have you ever thought about why?


What do you mean it’s not a priority? A flat stat increase is a good enough set bonus for you? Especially considering the problems frost dks have - the lack of aoe outside BoS, lack of synergy between conduits and talents, the fact that GA is not baseline already. If that is your standard then I really am out of words.


Disappointed about the frost dk bonus probably not changing, but I get it.


I think the dev is saying that it’s not a priority compared to other patch features which also are taking important time and QA.

The dev has said in his post that he does think that the proposed Frost 2-set is better than the 8% crit one, but the team might just not have the resources (available time until the release date set by management, and QA staff) to make it happen.

It’s also an important patch where, for the first time, they are trying to ship 3 bosses from the raid without any public testing at all, allowing many raiders to just go blind on them, and everybody learning the fight at the same time. That was an announcement that was met with immense joy and hype in several communities, but in order to make it happen, they need a lot from their internal QA (quality assurance) team.

Let’s also not forget that many teams within Blizzard, like devs and QA are understaffed and underpaid… they are workers that need support. A company with profits like Blizzard should be able to pay its workers better and field more teams, but just because we think that we shouldn’t take it out on the devs that are communicating to us the state of things

(let’s not forget that in 2019 Blizzard laid off an enormous amount of QA personnel)


Thanks for the information. I just thought they should have tried to solve this frost DK problem a long time ago when they had the time and resources. They didn’t have to wait till the last patch to tackle a fundamental problem like this.


Thanks for the update Scarizard! Really appreciate the transparency. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for Frost 2 set rework though! :slight_smile:


Maybe with a tier set bonus that procs Glacial Advance, it’s a good opportunity to update the visual effect of Glacial Advance.

Currently it looks very dated and there are many spells in the game that have a more pleasant look

Even the one from this image https:// i. imgur .com/5h6zFv9 .jpg could maybe work, even in a downsized/reduced version, but there are countless alternatives that could be suggested to update how it looks

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Since the tier bonus are unlikely to change, my only hope is that you guys tune both frost and unholy’s number right so that dps dks can be competitive. Because right now on ptr, among several specs I tested, both dk specs are doing pathetic damage. A lot of specs are doing 12k to 14k dps easily and maintaining that high ouput. So numbers, it’s my only hope. If dks goes live like this. I’m gonna be benched again for the whole tier and watch other classes and specs have all the fun.


Was really looking forward to the 2 set…
8% base crit seems very bland.

Maybe we could see frostwhelps/icy citadel added to icecap? At least then we get a talent that has been dead all tier to play with?

Just a thought.

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Thank you for the open and forthright communication, I look forward to more in the future. We (as death knights) may not have gotten everything we wanted, but this dialogue something that helps us feel seen.


It’s a feature not a bug :wink:

I hope this isn’t too impactful on it’s power in M+ i’ve been very excited to see how it will play out and if it’s reduced to irrelevance by too low a proc chance i would be a sad panda.


Imo just tie the unholy 2 piece to Wounds. It would also give an interesting synergy with infected claws during cleave windows when specced into that talent which unholy could use.

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So I had a thought about the unholy dk 2 piece. Is there a reason it doesn’t count Scourge Strikes from cleaving with dnd?
Particularly now that the devs are leaning towards making it only count when wounds are burst.
This could allow other talents such as Infected Claws to potentially become better in multi-target fights, such as the Prototype Pantheon, or first boss in Mists dungeon. It could give unholy dks a bit of a boost in multi-target fights, if they are willing to manage wounds properly. I think this would be a cool addition.

Well, the design intent was to lean into single target. He doesn’t want it to be a huge AOE increase. Thats why it works the way it does.

Sorry if I come across as jaded, but to us Frost DKs, having a fun and interesting set bonus is quite a critical part of the patch. Why are we always the DK spec that gets left behind and neglected? Last time we were projected to be decent we got nerfed into oblivion the day before patch.

Please rethink this or do literally anything to give us a balance and interesting 2-set.


Man, Frost DK’s complain about passives…so what should we give them? A passive effect on 45 sec CD(if you pvp) lulz

I won’t sugar coat it, the 2pc is trash, uninteresting & seems like it was a oops we forgot to create a set for you, heres…something.

Unholy looking good at least!!


For real. I just dont get it. I love Frost DK, but its hard to justify to my friends why I run it in Mythic+ when Unholy is just so much better.


It wouldnt be an aoe increase it would be all funneled into ST. And why being okay at something else and having an extra synergy is a bad thing? Clarify that to me.

The problem with the new change is that Scourge Strike/Clawing Shadows aren’t used nearly as much in PvP as in PvE. The majority of wound bursting in PvP happens from Apocalypse + Necromancer’s Bargain. Also, in PvP, Soul Reaper is dispellable, and having it’s secondary effect proc when a target is below 35% is not that likely.

Shorter duration Virulent Plague, < 30sec CD Apocalypse, and of course heavy use of Chains of Ice, means runes in PvP are used for more things than just Scourge Strike.

However, if the set bonus proc’d from bursting wounds then Apocalypse (remember it’s effectively a less than 30sec CD in PvP) would proc it with 1 extra ScS and apply a Soul Reaper during a go and actually be useful.

If the Unholy 2 piece proc’d from wounds burst from Apocalypse, and ScS/CS, then that could make it more valuable in PvP, while still keeping its single target focus in PvE.

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