Class Play-style question

I know this question is probably asked a lot, however, I’ve been doing research for a while now and still can’t make up my mind.

I’m looking for my main to level for shadowlands and I’m stuck between hunter, shaman, or warlock.

They all have something I love and I don’t have the time to level all of them even with the 100% exp boost right now.

Important: I’m not looking for ‘X class is better than Y class’ as that’s subject to change each patch whereas I’m looking for specific play styles that each class has which therefore equates to certain strengths and weaknesses.

Pvp > Pve = transmog/gear/crafting legendaries

  • Warlock
    • I love the strengths in PvP with the sustain and control
    • Crits!
    • I like the versatility with the different pets. (succubus = seduces, void walker = tank, etc)
    • Cool class changes in shadowlands with demonic circle, etc
  • Hunter
    • I love the dps playstyle of constant, damage
    • Crits! Not as big as warlock but still there
    • My favorite class changes with the execute and hunters mark
    • Survival spec sounds fun as do traps mechanic
    • Collecting pets is something I’d enjoy as well as a versatile in combat (like warlock)
    • Not as survivable as warlock in PvP from what I know. But I feel like some azerite traits and pets can make up for that
  • Shaman
    • Lightning (This is my class fantasy), however, the class mechanic are my least favorite of the three
    • Crits! Rng based though in enchancement
    • My least favorite class changes with the totems
    • Honestly, I doubt I’m going to go shaman, I kept in in there cause I like chain lightning. However, If I remember correctly some items and azerite traits can give other classes a “chain lightning” like proc even though it’s probably not BIS.

If you read though all of that I really appreciate it.
I hope your comments can help my get over my indecision as I want to start leveling.


While it has been said there’s going to be no huge change in playstyles, it may be best to wait until testing, where you can get a clearer idea in each class :+1:


As far as looking at it from a pvp perspective goes, I would lean most toward the warlock. I can’t remember a time when at least one of the 3 specs available to it wasn’t considered “A” tier or higher.

If healing appeals to you, Shaman wouldn’t be a bad option either as even on patches and seasons when it’s considered bottom tier in the pvp ranks, it still brings a lot of utility to the comp in the form of totems and a killer 12 second interrupt.

That being said, we don’t even have alpha yet, let alone beta and final class changes. I would recommend holding off your final decision until the 9.0 pre-patch drops. In the meantime, level what you can of the 3 classes to get used to them and see what they can do, and save your included 120 boost that comes with Shadowlands to use on what you finally decide when the time comes.


I would make level 110 trial characters of all three classes if you own BFA. Then you will know what you like in terms of playstyle. They start you with a short tutorial and a dummy on the boat. Then a 15 minute battle scenario. Bring the icy veins class guide rotation and talents and test all the specs. This will give you much more insight than research. I made about 7 trial characters before leveling them.

If you only want ranged dps, i would skip shaman because then you’ll only have one spec. The more specs the better for variety, longetivity, and nerf protection.