Class help

Hi all, i know this may seem like the typical help me choose a class post, but i really need help. Im getting really discouraged trying to find a main.

Im torn between out law rogue and fury warrior, i have been playing both. I got my 4 piece set on my outlaw, and honestly i was hoping for the dps to pick up a bit and im abit disappointed.

Now since both fury and outlaw play style are both fast paced and i like that style im trying to find out what to do.

I do pve, mostly raid with my guild ( noraml and very small heroic) and do some keys nothing above 15.

Pvp mostly open world and bgs .

I really just dont know what to do, and its honestly discouraging me from playing.

I was wondering if fury might be a better option, or do i need to just stick with outlaw and get better gear. I just dont know where to go or what to do.

I know from reading forums for years, these post are not usually received well. And i dont wanna be that person.

But i really dont know what else to do. I do have fun on both with rotaion, so that not really the problem its everything else.

If some veterans can give some insight it would be a huge help, thank you so much in advance.

Ill post on the rogue forums too, so you might see this post again over there. I just really need some help.

Outlaw has a bad community perception right now. It’s not well received, even though it does fine in the content that you would do.

Fury on the other hand is in a good spot, especially in M+, and so outside of a guild group, you’d have an easier time getting into groups as Fury.

Fury also doesn’t have a hard cap limit on its AoE like Outlaw, which is part of Outlaws current problem

But if I’m being honest, Outlaw > Fury in terms of fun (subjective I know). But for your content, either one is fine. But Fury will have an easier time for sure

Thank you very much for your honest reply. Much appreciated

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