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(Jdpp) #11

I am a bit of a survivalist irl and enjoy fishing and hunting with a recurve so I am drawn to a hunter.

Marks hunter with leatherworking, fishing & cooking. I just wish blizz gave us a way to make our own arrows. I like the self reliance feel of it.

(Manzo) #12

Question: Do you roleplay with other people? This isn’t something that most social roleplayers even pay attention to.

This sentiment is that of someone whose idea of roleplay is the game. And in that, you have always been the hero. You’re up and comer, and from 1 to 60, that story has always been that you become a hero, and then, as expansions go on, you become the savior of Azeroth.

Who kills Hogger? You do. Who takes the head of Edwin Van Cleef and stops the Defias threat? You do. Who finds Mankrik’s wife? You do. There isn’t anyone else in most of these zones who actually does anything, according to how these quests are written. It’s entirely a single player story, that happens to be connected to a lot of other people who engage in their own single player stories.

The narrative from Vanilla onwards is that you did all of the quests - you helped kill Ragnaros and Nefarian and Hakkar - regardless if you actually did so in-game or not. WoW simply assumes you did, or at least helped.

Eventually, all those victories add up, and you can’t be considered “just one of the soldiers” with that many accomplishments.


I like to use the talent system to kind of forge my own RP identity and play-style.

Though I generally pick a class dependent on if I enjoy playing it or not.

(Sabetha) #14

I tend to prefer playing support in RPGs, which draws me to any of the hybrid classes.

I like mixing both martial combat and magic, which is why I was originally drawn to the Paladin class. Magic, melee, and support. I did kind of wish back in the day they were a bit more of a traditional Paladin and less of just a Cleric, but Vanilla is Vanilla and all =P

Though this time around I want to play something different, and I’m thinking I like the duality of the Priest dabbling in both light and dark magic.


I’ve always been drawn to Forsaken on the whole and Affliction Warlocks specifically. Given the Forsaken’s tie to the Shadow it’s a natural, or un-natural?, pairing. Plus, it opens up a lot of RP opportunity with the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow and such.


That’s where the game always gets a little weird for me. On the one hand, you’ve done all of these heroic things and are viewed as a savior. On the other, some random nobody is asking you to do a meaningless errand. It’s easy enough to RP around, but at the same time it can also make for interesting comedic opportunities.

S1: “Hey, you know that guy/girl you just send off to take care of your garden?”

S2: “Yeah. What about him/her?”

S1: “He/She was the one who killed former Prince Arthas and saved us all and you just asked them to pick turnips and kill moles.”

S2: “I’ll be damned. Oh well. It wasn’t like those turnips were going to pick themselves.”


Or even better… it’s like the player character has well over 7 million karma.

“Wow! You saved the world from Arthas AND you’re ridding my turnip patch of the rodents infesting it? You are truly a remarkable individual. No job too small. Thank you so much!”

(Morehwine) #18

I have, but not in a long time.

Up until a certain expansion, and I can’t remember which exact one they changed it, the kills were credited to “a group of adventurers”, which is fine with me and exactly what I mean by preferring to see my character as part of the larger story rather than THE hero.

You’re not the first person to tell me that I’m WRONG for feeling the way I do. I remember back in WoD, I mentioned that I still personally and privately RP’d that I was still a ragamuffin. I even had some dude condescendingly explain to me about how D&D works, and tried to tell me that Blizzard is the DM here and that I was going against the rules, and how I needed to find a real D&D game so I could have the freedom I wanted. It was the goofiest thing. What I RP in my head while playing WoW is of no concern to anyone.

In vanilla, all of us are up-and-comers. Varian Wrynn gets credit for killing Onyxia. “Adventurers” of different vague stripes get credit for killing other dungeon and raid bosses.

(Sabetha) #19

For most players I imagine it’s more like

NPC: “So I have this garden…”
Player sees loot they’ll get for doing whatever they want
Player: “I’m in. Who needs murdering?”


Oh definitely. I was just looking at it from the NPC’s point of view.

(Sabetha) #21

For the NPC I imagine it’s “I pray the next world ending threat doesn’t learn this ultimate power to manipulate these heroes”.

If the Burning Legion offered us a free legendary, Azeroth would have been conquered in an afternoon.


Legion is somehow too honest to do that. lol.

“Go do this quest for me.”

“What’s in it for me?”

“You get to live.”


“That’s it.”

“That’s it? No legendary? No welfare epics? Not even a new toy to play with for five minutes before I get bored?”

“No. Take it or leave it.”

fifteen minutes later, another quester finds the quest giver lying dead and not having respawned yet

(Sidearm) #23

I enjoy how professions fit into the personal lore and general vibe of a character. Tauren as herbalist. Forsaken and alchemy. Etc.

(Manzo) #24

It was a narrative that was changing from Vanilla onwards. It was a group of adventurers who killed Rags, and heroes who killed Illidan - BC introduced NPC reactions based on reputation (by Exalted, certain factions basically worshipped you). First quests in Wrath had NPCs calling you heroes who are too good to stand in line with anyone else.


NPC: “Moles.”

Player: “Somebody named Moles, somebody with moles or is this a mole bearers eradication campaign?”

NPC: “You misunderstand me. I need you to kill moles as in the little ground animals.”

Player: “Do I still get paid the same”

NPC: “Of course”

Player: “Well, it’s a little odd if you ask me. But if you’re payin’, I’m slayin’. Moles, get ready to meet your maker”.

(Morehwine) #26

I don’t know why you’re continuing to argue with me. I’m aware of it. I think the story team got carried away with it at some point. It’s starting to be a little over the top in Wrath, yeah, but for me that’s not the breaking point.

It’s funny because the last time I RP’d in a group, it was during MoP. It was a guild storyline that took the expansion into account, but we also allowed for individual character development that didn’t follow the game. Our toons might go run dungeons or raids or quest, but that had zero to do with the guild’s storyline, or the individual stories of the characters (unless the players decided to include something.) This was what that other guy couldn’t understand: how on earth could an RP’r deviate from the set story handed down by Blizzard.

I don’t think I’m going to have much else to say to about this so I’m going to let you have the last word.

(Ghannagh) #27

This right here, that’s almost entirely the reason I like Horde more in Classic as opposed to Current, it’s almost ironic how in the current canon orcs are slowly losing touch with the shamanistic past. Still, very nice tastes.

Rarely can you go wrong with the classic wilderness man, especially in Classic where most of the zones are described as being untamed and wild with very few settlements to go around.

What a novel concept, playing what you enjoy, I think more people ought to do that.

There is something to be said about the Paladin’s lore of being not just priests in armor but rather accomplished warriors and tacticians, it’s a damn shame that paladins seem to only fit the “Deus vult” crusader memes nowadays. Still though, very cool. And good luck with the priest route this time, a lot of interesting stuff there, albeit you have to wear a dress.

Yeah, I feel like most people tend to shy away from the more morally ambiguous characters these days, everyone wants to be hero and all that, it’s nice to know that atleast some people still give some love to the spooky boy’s lore.

This actually has me very torn, I always wanna run a hunter with leather working for the aesthetic of a rough beast hunter who slays the likes of dragons and cobbles his gear together from enemies he slays, though at the same I know engineering is considerably better. You are right though, I wish more people took professions into account.


It’s so easy to add things to an RP that can explain away just about anything. If I wanted my Forsaken rogue to go off and do his own thing for a bit, he was going to visit the graves of his family. Any new loot he came back with was a result of hardships he’d encountered along the way.

It seems some people have a need for a more rigid structure in their story telling. People can look at Classic as the story or they can choose to see it as a canvas or a book with most of the pages still blank. I strongly suspect you’ve seen RP groups good enough that the over arcing story at times becomes more of a back drop than the feature. It makes for fun story telling.

(Ghannagh) #29

(Oh goodness I missed one) That’s actually really cool, not just because of the warlock aspect but I so rarely see people genuinely wanting to RP gnomes as anything more than comic relief, it’s good to know that some people are willing to step up and take the pink haired hero’s seriously.


This is pretty much how it’s done, yeah. In my earliest RP days though, I came up with the excuse that yeah other people had already done these quests but somehow these mobs and such just would NOT go away so the problem persisted. Kind of like in real life, right?

Well, eventually I adopted the philosophy of mentally pretending my character was the one who did these quests while when RP’ing with others, he factually was not. Kind of like I mentally shifted between two different universes.