Class Changes in Visions of N’Zoth

It’s the entire reason I switched. I was so sure I wouldn’t be healing on my druid, I didn’t bother to get the healing mage tower appearance. I much prefer shaman healing.

But droods best in slot for invites.

Affliction still in lame state blizzard, when are you going to give us real fixes to the spec? Does making affliction garbage this whole BFA made the game better in any way?


I read as much of this as I could to make sure I wasn’t repeating other things or at least saying something from a different perspective.

To the people who play: I saw one rogue simply as for buffs for sub and then get reamed because “2/3rds of your spec are top percentile, rogues need a nerf.” What happened to favored playstyle? Should Unholy DKs roll frost because Unholy’s bad? Should Survival go BM or MM because melee hunters can’t be viable? You could almost say each spec is it’s own class in the current content as they’re suppose to be doing something different but not be absolutely unable to do something else (Raiding, dungeoning, and pvp should be “viable” for each spec, but each spec should have the advantage in different areas.)

To devs.: With that being said, You made your statement, sub’s getting changed in 9.0. That doesn’t mean it should stay unplayable, that doesn’t mean the people who like it’s current gameplay wouldn’t like to still play it while it’s around. Honestly, just because you say you’re gonna change sub doesn’t mean people like it (Personally, I prefer the shadowy teleportation, because it’s reminiscent of the shadow dancer archetype from DnD) so…some love would be appreciated. A 5 percent buff, a revert of The First Dance back to it’s crit buff form. Secret Technique having an eviscerate component.

My shadowy ninja isn’t happy that she’s being beat in BURST DAMAGE by the poison totting assassin that’s suppose to be good in SUSTAIN DAMAGE


give rallying cry some leech so it is a cry that inspires allies to fight on and regain health

a rallying cry of sorts

Can warlocks get a demon overhaul? In demo spec we still have the same imp since Vanilla/BC :slight_smile:

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We’ve added this change to the PTR:

  • Priest
    • Discipline
      • Penance healing increased by 15%.

this is hilariously random, doesn’t really do anything anywhere, but alright I guess :laughing:


weird change but if you want disc to do less damage for a patch just make contrition optimal for hps


You guys are just plain lazy leaving sub how it is


So no fixes to the specs and classes that Preach has already documented that are way behind?




Another bunch of huge percentage based changes and undoubtedly the Shaman class once again DODGES and sits on the pedestal of balanced and fun classes to play.


Should be happy that they left us alone for the most part… nothing good ever happens when they try to ‘help’ shamans


Can you put scatter on disorient?

You are totally fine for raids. You are the most extreme OP healing class for M+ there ever was and blizzard is ONLY docking you minor dps, you still have the single best tool kit and utility and the easiest healing/dps rotation on the move. You need many many more nerfs, a ton!

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When the hell are you guys going to address the holy paladin male blood elf casting animation where the book is at their knees? It’s been two months!

Patiently waiting for those Hunter patch notes Ion.

Are you kidding? Druids are at the BOTTOM for raids.
This coming from a priest? C’mon!

give rallying cry leech or warrior based healing please

would take a PvP talent that turns rallying cry into a war version of vampiric embrace as well. just make it useful in arenas and against % based dmg please

bladestorm should grant fury WW stacks

Blizzard- Looks at a pile of information easily showing under performing classes in specific environment.
Blizzard - Looks the other way and plays buff or nerf the tail on the donkey.