Class Changes in Visions of N’Zoth

For me, Subtlety is simming approx 6% lower than Sin on a 5min single target patchwerk fight. I have nearly ideal azerite for it too. Additionally, because most of Subs damage comes from direct damage sources, it’s punished hard for being off the boss. I would love to see a ~8% boost to sub to bring it inline with Sin and maybe give it an edge on patchwerk fights, but not do as well if you need to leave the boss for mechanics. I look forward to seeing what coming for shadowlands though, I’m excited for a tweak back to pre-legion sub.

Can we stop nerfing the one available DPS spec to my main, in an expansion that heavily penalizes rerolling, just because your encounter team can’t muster the creativity to make boss fights that aren’t “here’s a bunch of adds that you need to cleave down but can’t stack up?”

Either that, or give us an interrupt that isn’t on a 30/45 second cooldown so people want to take us to M+, thanks.


Greetings, Faelan here!

I would like to provide some Feedback focused on classes such as Warrior and Death Knight in regards to their playability and the paste of it. From a Lore perspective and from player Feedback, specializations such as Fury Warrior and Frost Death Knight should not be so fast. I think the implementation of slower but stronger rotation (less but stronger hits) will suit these Specs/Classes better. You would think that the “fast pasted / lots of hits per min classes” by default should be Monk, Rogue, Feral Druid and not Death Knights and or Warriors.

Moving on to Hunters, currently Activision Blizzard have at least 4 shooter games. Additionally, in almost every single game they have there are some shooter classes or characters (excluding Hearthstone). Having said that, for me it is not only disappointing but ridiculous that almost on 2020, hunters still grab the Fire Weapons like sticks. I might not be an expert on programming not characters modeling or designing, but running around with your rifle or pistol like if it were a sword is simply a major design flaw and I don’t even play Hunter that much! These visual changes are important specially if blizzard wants to appeal to new players with the Shadowlands Expansion.

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please consider granting rallying cry some leech or perhaps healing based on the warrior damage similar to vampiric embrace

the cooldown works fine in raids but in PvP the additional health is more of a trap and often results in you just dying when the buff drops off. i am 2200 in 2s and have yet to have the ability save my life but have had it kill me and my partners numerous times; this is a problem.

party members gaining back health based on the warrior’s damage wouldn’t change how the ability is used in PvE and would finally make it a viable button to press in PvP. this also turns the warrior’s cooldown into a defensive cooldown that the warrior must stay in the heat of battle to take advantage of and i think that is very thematic to the rest of our toolkit

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I havent played retail wow in 12 years. I’ve played a warlock my entire wow career. I feel you guys have no idea what do with the class, especially the affliction talent spread. This is a affliction nerf, for very little valid reasoning. We are the dot class, its what we do. And warlocks are just broken in pvp, I rarely see another one in battlegrounds.


I’ve added the following to the OP:

  • Monk
    • Mistweaver
      • Rising Mist healing increased 33% …
  • Paladin
    • Holy
      • Glimmer of Light (Azerite Trait) healing reduced 12% …
  • Priest
    • Discipline
      • Purge the Wicked damage reduced 10%.
      • Power Word:Solace damage reduced 10%.
      • Shadow Word: Pain damage reduced 9%.

In the case of Rising Mist, we’re now testing a 33% healing increase, and we were previously testing a 66% healing increase.

With Shadow Word: Pain, we were already testing this change for Shadow only, and we’ve now added the change to Discipline.

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Is this change to Glimmer healing on top of the 8 target cap or replacing it? With the target cap this additional nerf really hurts the spec.

Edit: I know I’m biased as a holy paladin, but the target cap was already a big nerf to our burst window.

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Hey fam, glimmer needs both these nerfs. Even with the target cap, glimmer was pulling like 120k-140k on the ptr. So don’t worry, paladin will still be required for 8.3

please consider tossing some leech onto rally

it would turn it into a fun button to press in all content instead of just maybe saving a low HP raid member

We love to see 0 hunter patch notes once again :slight_smile:


reconsider the mistweaver change. monks were not outperforming anyone on the ptr even with the rising mist change.


100% disappointed you did not fix Resto Druid’s domination in M+ with their hots and top dps for healers and their bag of tools.

100% disappointed that you did not fix MW healing and dps issues. NO ONE will take Rising Mists, you need to know the community and the horrible dps that comes along side a RM build. There is also no short CD aoe heal, EF is just too much of a hot for a horribly dangerous situation raid wide. LC is also on such a long CD that is it pointless except maybe 1 time a fight.

You have so much work to do.


In my unbiased opinion, rdruid needs a buff

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More heavyhanded generic Disc nerfs for raids that will put them even more in the gutter for mythic+ if there’s nothing else to compensate. Can priests get some love for mythic+ one of these days? Both specs uility/survivability/mobility for mythic+ is very weak. Being the weakest or close to weakest healer in all 3 of those aspects for mythic+ is just gamebreaking for this class.

Survivability is garbage, low hp, cloth, 1 personal cd with no damage mitigation, no immunity, no cheatdeath type passive or passive mitigation in group pve (you ain’t getting meleed for focused will). Can not talent into a bit better survivability because priests ONLY mobility at all is on the same tier thus becomes the default choice.

Utility is among the worst of any class in mythic+. Mass dispel has only a few niche uses and is not at all close to being remotely required or gamechanging, grip is almost never used unless you play with bads, offensive dispel is occassionally okay but usually covered by other popular specs like Havoc, CC is weak, no interrupt or knockback, no brez, no taunt, no soothe, no stealth for skip/rezes yadayada. Druids just make Priests look utterly worthless.

And add holy in for weak damage, their aoe is pathetic, holy nova spam costs so many globals for utterly pathetic damage while R druids and H pal spend 1 global to do great aoe damage. Let me put this in perspective, the cast of sunfire direct damage does almost the same damage as holy nova and every TICK of sunfire (with at least 1 high noon trait) does like 70% of a holy nova cast each… a single cast of sunfire does what like 8x times as much as much damage as single cast of Holy Nova? And druids have multiple dots/aoes on top of that… How is such “balance” allowed??? Disc aoe is similarly bad but at least they have a trait to buff it, and can stack that at the cost of hps. Holy ST damage is also quite weak and requires chain casting dps aka not healing for extending periods of time, while druids got hots and dots rolling all the time doing both at once.

No wonder high tier players like Dratnos rank Holy as the worst healer in mythic+ and Disc not far ahead of that. And with 8.3 heavily nerfing Disc… they’ll end up down with Holy Priests. They already struggled a bit with the healing requirements (especially with mob death affixes) and their overall dungeon DPS wasn’t even above Hpal/RDruid despite Disc dpsheal style. 8.3 further nerfs is RIP. Both Priest specs will be completely unwanted in higher mythic+ even more so than currently (Holy Priest at 1.4% representation at 20+, Disc 6.5%… resto druid 70% lmao). Can we get some mythic+ balance one of these days? Healer balance is completely broken in half of your end game content and all you do is slam down raid nerfs which just make the mythic+ healer balance even more absurd since Resto Druids don’t get touched while the specs already way below them in mythic+ get slammed as a side effect of raid nerfs.


Lol more Disc nerfs. Because screw everybody who doesn’t mythic raid and likes them right Blizzard?

Balancing them for esports like that without compensation for other forms of content is an actual joke.


Mythic raiding is not the only content in the game!

You do realize what these changes do for PvP and mythic+ right? rDruids are getting buffed and you keep nerfing every other healer that can compete in the name of mythic raids.


Resto Druids are not getting buffed.


Their sunfire damage is not being nerfed, only balance’s. They can take balance trait high noon to help with damage, which is a buff.

Obviously that isn’t the only reason why resto is so good. But this, compared to nerfing some healers like paladins and dumptering others like priest puts them in a better spot compared to others.


If you want to talk healer damage then I believe we need to buff it for these healers since that’s the metric that has been determining prog spots for healer specs, this is unless Blizzard decides to balance mythic Ny’alotha around healing checks and not damage checks.

I’d personally like it if Blizzard would buff more things like Holy Fire damage so specs like HPriest can see use in prog again.

Honestly, given the mess-ups since Legion, I’m inclined to believe no news is good news when it comes to Hunter.