Class Changes in Visions of N’Zoth

No feral buffs still? Feral is basically non existent blizz plz halp

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Probably relieved. Most changes don’t seem to be good nowadays. Poor Disc Priests…

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The state of Arcane has been terrible since they changed how Arcane Missiles and Arcane Explosion works in the alpha for BfA, they were changes none of us asked for for we were beyond happy with how they worked.

And why was Mark of Aluneth taken away from us? You were changing up how it worked early on in the alpha only to prune it from us after years of players telling Blizzard that we don’t like pruning and want our abilities back.
Arcane is the absolute last spec in the game that should ever be losing rotational abilities, the spec is so barren at this point and the talents we do have that add rotational abilities are all so weak and outclassed by passive talents or flat out boring talents in their rows that there’s no real reason to ever take them.

I just do not understand why Blizzard have stated that they aren’t going to make changes to specs other than buffs and nerfs until 9.0, how specs play has been the number 1 complained about issue players have with BfA since the expansion launched.


I agree with you in saying that taking poisons out of a specific spec for rouges just makes them feel thematically weird and out of place. That being said, outlaw rouges, yeah their single target is not very gear, but they are very easy to play and also have extremely good aoe damage.

Please address PvP. Priests, among other classes, are outright terrible right now and we’ve had nothing to address the arena meta. The meta has been unfun, and trash from the get-go in season one when this nonsensical behavior began.

Just because something is good in pve doesn’t mean it’s good in pvp. You all have to know that. Further, fix the bug involving the enchant. Yes, that has to be a bug. There’s no way the easiest enchant to get in arena is also the only character specific award in the entire list of awards. You mean it’s intended that all previous 2400 enchants are fully account wide and capable of being used, but you refuse to adjust a meta or give classes equal time in the sun so people can shine and then on top of it make the easiest enchant at 2100 on the most deflated ladder the only character specific award? Meanwhile people can use the tabard at 2400, and all of the elite mogs across all classes that share that armor type and on both factions?

Address pvp. It needs to be addressed. Fix class balance, fix the reward structure, make the 2.1 enchant account bound proper as every single other enchant has been in the entirety of this game’s existence and address that half of your player base. Please.

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I’ve updated the OP. Now–

  • Mistweaver
    • Rising Mist healing increased 30% 66%, and now extends Heal-over-time effects by 3 4 seconds (was 2 seconds).

disc outdated
glimmer overrated
long have we waited
fistweaver activated

memes asides im just glad to see more attention on rising mist


So basically you are nerfing BrM for no reason. Ok…

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Rising mist was so much fun to play around with during pre-patch. Will be interesting to see if it makes a comeback with these buffs.

Actually it is a needed nerf, brewmasters scale insanely well already and if left unchecked they will be gods and in a complete tier of their own for tanking. They needed to be brought down a peg, they are already best tank for raiding and one of the tops for m+. In next patch with all the extra stats that we are going to be getting, brewmasters will be taking much less damage than any other tank in a lot of situations along with being the smoothest damage intake by far.

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Please do some balancing to uhdk. They need the changes really badly, they aren’t able to compete in any situation unless we are talking about stacked aoe bursts.

They need to be buffed again in ST, talents need to be balanced. There are 6 talents in the talent tree that just never have performed anywhere close to their alternatives and thus have never been used this whole expansion.


NO ONE will ever take that talent because that healing spec is dependent on a very nitch play style.

we don’t have the dps for the talent to be valuable (C&S essence is also nitch play, so it does not help) and we have way too many things on gcd for people to use that talent. you could increase it to 100% and it still will not be used.

So you help like 1% of the monk players while for this entire xpac we have sucked in raids and m+ because our HPS and DPS is too low.


Yes and no, as someone that plays BrM and BDK it was fine at the well geared end of things to do this nerf, but it’s devastating at lower levels or lower gear levels. Like most things there was probably a similar but related nerf that wouldn’t destroy survivability for lesser geared Brewmasters.

Please remove shimmer. Thanks.

Demonology locks - give them something. worst spec in raids and the worst class in dungeons. the best spec is demo for dungeons yet still the worst class only thing worse in dungeons that a demonology lock is a destruction lock and worse than that is an aff lock. demo needs some love.


So you take the only fun part of AFF, being able to get some cool DB out, and ruin it. This is the 3rd or 4th nerf of this skill/spec since launch and it isn’t even close to being #1 on anything. While also ignoring the other two specs, who also need a good bit of help. I do not feel, anyone at Blizz players their own game anymore. This, on top of the RNG banaza that is Corrupted gear…which by the way, that is worse than TF could ever be. You’re killing your own game with these crazy decisions…No one wants these changes, nobody. What are you doing Blizzard…seriously… WAKE UP


i was hoping the unevenness of the 3 rogue specs would be fixed in 8.3 for PvE. Subtlety is substantially behind both Outlaw and Assassination in raiding and M+. Not even close. Subtlety needs buffs.


This is one of the worst things you could do to balance mages, taking this away would destroy mages in arenas. They will be damn near unplayable

It really blows my mind how you can fix a talent by buffing it almost 100% as if that isn’t a giant sign that you guys screwed up since the expansion release over a year ago. How can you guys possibly let talents and builds get so jacked that something needs a 100% buff to be viable?


Shadow Priest is already pathetic in 1v1 world pvp situations and in arena 2’s. The DoT/chorus nerfs are gonna also hurt heals from Vampiric Touch and Embrace.
Can’t atonement, Powerword: shield, or shadowmend be buffed without hurting the raiding balance blizzard envisions?
I was just doing a mythic 8+ with a Demon hunter with blue weapons (385), 405 azerite pieces, and sad trinkets blowing up the dps chart. Shadow could never do that. Not even close.

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