Class Balance Needs to Happen

I can’t stress enough how big of mistake it is to not make changes to class / spec imbalance.

You guys should really listen to your community and make some of the changes that we’ve been asking for. People are so excited for the changes that you are making… but the changes that people are the most vocal about, you’re not changing.

We want dual spec… we want guild banks… we want a lower cap on respec costs… and SPEC VIABILITY.

It took you guys way too long to fix the black lotus problem. And people are praising you for fixing it now. It’s laughable. This was brought up to you before the original classic was launched. Exactly how you decided to fix it is what we suggested from the very beginning.

Season of Mastery is about mixing it up and trying things differently than the way we had it for classic. Do all the changes, and next season take out the ones that didn’t work. Your mumble jumble that you wrote above sounds like utter laziness to me.

There are so many people not playing this because their class or their spec is unviable.

Fix it. And stop justifying everything that you don’t change to “we want to stay true to our design philosophy“… and then you go and change things that are easy to implement.

I understand that you’re weary of listening to the community because they got you to a point where you decided to create a catastrophe that is now World of Warcraft.

However, you also have to have trust and know that your community knows the mistakes that were made and is trying to implement the best decisions that you’ve made as a company. Please reconsider.


You keep saying “we” want this. Do you mind me showing me the statistics of players who “want” what you claim? I’m just curious


I agree with OP. but I do understand we dont know for sure so they would need to bring out a poll or something.

I have a feeling all of this is on a company roadmap.

Keep Classics classic for the purists, and now we have this as the next test, to see what works, what makes people happy.

It is highly unlikely they will start adjusting now. It’s a social experiment. A test. Part of it is to see how the players like it, the other is to watch the technical aspect of the mechanics changed.

And I do see the logic behind it. They will need more data from the release to see how unchanged classes deal with mechanics. Tweaking both will cause more mess and headache. Its easier to feel comfortable with one, then start moving towards the other.

Now, if they will start adjusting classes mid season? Who knows. More than likely they’re planning these changes over years, and seeing what people like for the overall health of the WoW genre.


I’m apart of the “we” group that wants memes buffed.


They already buffed meme specs, it’s called TBC. go play that


Memes were buffed in tbc


Your logic falls apart really quick…

  • Fast Leveling :ballot_box_with_check:
  • PVP Rank 14 in 6 weeks :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Raiding Difficulty :ballot_box_with_check:
  • Bots Nerfed :ballot_box_with_check:

…they’re tuning nearly every other facet of Vanilla in SoM.

Raid tuning affects classes, meme specs were actually nerfed harder than melee were. Memes should be buffed because they do 50% less damage than the top dps classes, so there is a lot of play between buffing and over buffing them.



It’s not happening.


What, in your opinion, are the meme specs? List them all.

It doesn’t matter, Blizzard said they aren’t balancing classes.


I know, I’m just asking him because people seem to have this very vague ideology of memes in general. And almost nobody’s description matches exactly. My point is people want selfish buffs to “their” memes. Not understanding what a meme actually is and why

So why can’t i play a Beast Mastery hunter in raid then? It sucks and only MM is viable.
You seem to only care about “meme specs” when it’s on a hybrid class

It’s not a social experiment. It’s literally just a rushed mode to counteract the loss of subs and to steal some of the ff14 subs right before their release (ff14 has since been delayed). They might do class balance in another season but only because they will have a year to develop it instead of just a couple months.

Because Blizzard isn’t balancing classes :slight_smile:

You must have me confused with someone else because that is not the case at all.

General Consensus For Meta Specs:

  • Fury Warrior
  • Prot Warrior
  • Combat Rogue
  • Mage
  • Lock
  • MM Hunter
  • Resto Sham
  • Holy Pally
  • Holy Priest
  • Bear Tank

Meme Specs

  • Everything else

I personnaly dont want any significant class changes. I would like to see a nerf to sap/poly pvp duration and no preparation for 2x blind, but those are pvp changes.

If they do low respect cost or dual spec with some kind of cooldown then it will probably kill meme spec representation in raids, cause those people will have to come as the “good pve” spec, so non meme. Low respect cost/dual spec is a good change for PVP though.

Id say mana is the biggest issue for meme spec so i wouldnt be against some very small tweaks like reducing mana costs or a mechanic to regen mana. Just enough so they can get through the encounter. Buffing their dps would be a big no for me though.


Not sure how you’d get stats on this. If you poll active players, you leave out the players who left the game over the problem (anecdotally, I know a ton of people who quit for this exact reason). From a player perspective, those who already play a class that is naturally competitive in mythic+, the need for class balance isn’t as acute. But from Blizzard’s perspective, the lack of class balance has compounding problems in the game. People want variety, but they don’t want to be the reason their team isn’t making the timer, or whatever, so they can either switch to one of the same classes that there’s already a glut of (Demon Hunter, anyone?), or they can abandon the game. Or they can get carried, but that only goes so far as people continue pushing higher keys under the Mythic+ system. So the best evidence is inferential–WoW is losing players at a rate never seen before, and they’re facing record low populations at a time when they should be seeing record highs (they were losing players during lockdown). Obviously, there are more problems with the game than the lack of class balance, but this is a big issue, and one that player polls would fail to capture because it would omit those players who already quit, and those players who don’t see the direct effect of a lack of balance but aren’t aware of the indirect consequences this has on the game overall. It’s a pretty crucial component to a game that’s built on competitive, group content.

When they tuned the difficulty of the raids it did buff and nerf classes. Until we see how classes perform in the new iterations of the raids we won’t know who needs buffs and nerfs.

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Sorry but I refuse class changes.
When you have that people will leave because then they will feel it’s fake and its not their original class anymore. And it’s a polished fake version.
You want to be really careful. If you want to make a change. Only add a new change that the majority of people will be fine with. Maybe make a large poll. But if they do then it won’t stop players from asking for more. And after many years the game will turn into retail. So no I think if people want to play with balances. Play a different expansion that suits their class.

Blizzard should focus on releasing wotlk and paladins would love it more. What happens when they rebalance classic? Are people going to ask blizzard to rebalance wotlk or cata or mop or legion too? Then they will all be clones of each other and no different.

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