Class Balance Changes – February 25, 2020

Where is that fire mage, bm hunter nerf and survival buff?

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If you want to nerf mage barriers, do so in arenas only. We are already squishy in 1 vs 1 and Wpvp. I know pvp is not balanced around 1 vs 1 scenarios but not all other forms of pvp shall be screwed because of arena.

Yes, it is. And Blizzard social manager still not listening our voice. Down voted.

Resto Druids, the most dominant healer in PVP -AND- Mythic+ gets buffs because they aren’t also gods in raids???

Yes, and they forget a class called Havoc. It is already in God tier in M+, raid, pvp. And it is best fit all T0 corruption gears. Perfect balance blizzard.

What’s more Havoc doesn’t get any nerfed compared to Shadow and Fire which were found potential OP in next Raid.

Where are the Rogue Class Changes. How many Outlaw rogues do you see at the top of the ladder? @Blizzard What defines a class balance for you blizzard ? if 90% of rogues are Assass in Arena , your definition of “Class Balance” is non existent. should be 33% for each spec on the PVP Ladder.

I’ve updated the OP above with three further adjustments:

  1. Windwalkers will not have their damage increased in PvP situations.
  2. For Unholy and Frost DKs, Death Strike healing is being taken down to 30% in PvP.
  3. For Blood DKs, Death Strike healing is being taken down to 19% in PvP.

I see these flat percentage increases and think that, unlike previous post-patch adjustments, there was hardly any conclusive data one way or another. As if something that is completely RNG based and would swing damage numbers 20% one way or another was thrown in the mix… hm…


BM hunter buffs when?

Yes please. I have a very hard time killing anything in PvP. Everything overpowers me.

Waiting for:

“Demon Hunter’s leech from Metamorphasis and Soul Rending talent reduced to 50% effectiveness in PvP”

“Demon Hunter’s will no longer be able to dodge abilities from behind themselves with Blur activated.”


Fixing noIL is a significant revamp that will involve fixing Flash Freeze’s Mastery interaction, and still might not even fix the issue given corruption. They were warned at the beginning of 8.3’s PTR that the Lance buff wouldn’t do what they wanted it to do, but we were ignored. It’s not going to come in a hotfix. The spec is broken at a fundamental level.

Anyway, the aura modifier values don’t matter. They could very easily bake all the current modifiers into the spells and achieve a +/- 0% aura, for absolutely no difference. It existing is a nice way to tune an entire spec without having knock-on effects like we saw in the past where they tuned only the core spells rather than the entire toolkit. That some are in the +/- 20s is absolutely meaningless.

Do you guys play your game? So bipolar on your class balancing numbers. It’s amazing.

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Only thing left is a nerf to demon hunters. Please nerf their self sustain/defensives so that they can’t just chimp out all the time with their ridiculous braindead kit.


Hey good to know you actually exist.

Now how about nerfing DH while we’re at it.


Is there nothing in the pipeline for my beloved feral specialization? :frowning:

Is there any update on the minimal amount from deathstrike? Was it reverted?

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Its funny that you buffed Death Strike by 40% in the beginning of BFA because Dks were dead in the water in PvP now you nerf it by 50%.

Patch 8.1.0
Death Knight

[Death Strike] (Rank 2) now reduces the cost of Death Strike by 10 and increases its healing by 60% (was 40%).

A Death Strike nerf WAS warranted nobody should argue that objectively but the amount done seems to be dart board style and not actually mathed out.


ETA on Rogue Class Changes? Or is Shadowlands the expansion to wait for? Please let me know so I play a different game, I can’t pvp with the spec I want. im forced to play Assassination in pvp, its less effort for more damage… Outlaw is more effort for less damage. Killing Spree is a big CD for 0 damage (and is interruptible) , Can we give Sinister Strike an MS? Also, Outlaw is probably the only spec to not have an instant AOE ability… what gives??? Blade Flurry should be replaced for Cannonball.



ARE YOU SERIOUS? I get it with destro locks, tanky cannons, buff aff lock? I get run over in pvp without a chance in H3ll. I been waiting for the day you guys bring back the ability to have rot comps but with DH’s 1 2 1 2 12 dead and these buffs to melee nerfs to casters survival its insane. I cant even understand how a AFF lock would get the Nerf. You have 8 people total playing the spec since burst is king, and melee are gods. And lets not even talk shamans, most overlooked class since cata.

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