Clarity please on Water Strider

I agree. The damned thing is called a “Water Strider”. That is, it strides on water. Not because it has some slotted item equipped but because of its innate ability which is the same as the small critter variety. Why take away a Water Strider’s ability to walk on water? Are they doing it with all the water strider creatures as well?

He wants us not to use it all the time? Fine, give us that option for other mounts to have the same ability because players do love choice. But doing this to the Strider that so many of us worked so hard for is a real slap in the face. I earned this mount back in MoP when it was a grind and my efforts have been rewarded with a nerf.

I’m quite annoyed at this act. Certainly it isn’t a gamer breaker, it’s not huge in the scale of things. But it’s just so damned stupidly mean.


Be funny to go out to Jade Forest, or many MoP zones, and see the NPC’s slogging through the water, instead of walking on it.

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So much hubris.
So little knowledge.


And if im just passing through TN to go south?

But ok…

Every Island Expidition
Tiragarde Sound
Stormsong Valley
Blasted Lands (in the south)
Swamp of Sorrows
Redridge Mountains
Loch Modan
Dustwallow Marsh
UnGoro Crater
Stranglethorn Vale
Arathi Highlands
Eversong Woods

And before you start saying that some of these don’t meet your qualification for “large body of water”, well, my criteria is different. I don’t want even a river to slow my speed. And the constant back and forth nature of questing requires that you cross the same rivers and lakes multiple times.

On top of that many of the places I named are on the coast where a water strider is very useful (especially places like tanaris or drustvar where you can travel across the water on the coast to get from place to place or where you might fight yourself questing).


Man you’re really stretching.

Is it unlimited usage? (unknown/unverified at this point)
Do all of your existing characters receive one? (unknown/unverified at this point)
Do all of your future-made characters receive one? (unknown/unverified at this point)

If any of the above criteria aren’t met, then Kaviax’s statement of

is inaccurate.


My original criteria was sub-60 zones. Flight renders water-walking irrelevant. BfA zones are acceptable WWs at the moment, since we are flight-less there.

I was thinking the same thing. Why is he so against others wanting a better option (which many others have voiced) when the entire situation doesn’t have any effect on him or his game playing? It’s not like a majority are saying do not add this mechanic at all, but treat the strider like the golem. I mean he’s all okay with the golem getting special treatment and frankly that is more of a “lazy crutch” than the strider. Heck, even flying can be called a “lazy crutch”.

Information on this has been posted/tubed/commented on by people that attended the summit. T&E specifically I know spoke about this. When it goes live you will get a free pair of water walking gear if you already have the strider. Thereafter you will be able to buy a new pair (if you should need them) at a much discounted price from the anglers.

We all await some blue text confirming this of course, and as it has not even hit the PTR is subject to change.

Also…condescension toward/about the CS reps is unwarranted and unbecoming.

and all level 1-59 are ‘flightless’ anywhere else.

Yes B…er, Taienna, they are. But none of those zones are so water-heavy that the lack of WW makes them unplayable.

You do realize that all of the Cata-revamped 1-59 zones predate the introduction of the strider by 1 expansion, yes? If you want WW 1-59 as a luxury, then you can pay for it. Or craft it, or however they plan to distribute em.

what I know is what I WORKED for is being STOLEN and RESOLD to me with new packaging.
Doesnt really matter if some here choose to pretend its ok. Its not.

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fact is this company knows nothing about gaming anymore.
Blizzard is dead. Activision killed it.


every zone i mentioned is either a zone for levels 20-59 or is a no fly zone at the moment.

so what’s the problem?


Even if those conditions were all met, there would still be the question:
and for how long?

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I never said they are unplayable w/o water walking. Obviously all the 1-59 levels are playable w/o water walking because they were created before the strider mount existed.

but the strider mount makes moving around in them FAR easier.

and as for “pay for it”. I did. I earned the strider mount in pandaria. i already put in the time and earned that mount specifically to make leveling easier.

sooooo, what’s your point again?



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Simple answer

Goal post moved ------>


the HELL does that have to do with this?! I can damn well assure you that when I farmed all the crap needed for the strider it was account wide. As blizzard intended. To now take away for no good reason.


Are you actually serious right now? You are telling me it is perfectly acceptable to change something in the game that I have been doing for a long long long while now for free, and to keep doing said thing I need to pay?

When I earned the strider, mounts were account wide. So I farmed it with the full knowledge that is how it was going to be used.

Far out Vixie, I have liked a lot of your posts before but I completely disagree with you on this and I am quite shocked at your response actually .
Blizzard should never allow something to be a certain way for years to then take away later and only continue to allow if paid for.

And I don’t care if it was to cost 1 copper, if it was free before and that is why I earned/farmed the strider, then it should continue to be free now.